1 - The Pact We Made

1 - The Pact We Made

A Chapter by Tertia

Chapter 1

A sharp ringing sound came from somewhere in the house making Lucas freeze. Instinctively, he raised himself up to his full six feet, flicked his short curly brown hair and with heightened senses moved slowly out of the kitchen. His thoughts raced, had someone broken in or was it the landlord? He crept through the swing door, trying not to bash his rucksack against the walls and moved along the hall by the stairs, realising the sound was coming from the front room, he crept up to the door and there on all fours was Daggs, scrubbing the varnished floor.

She hadn’t seen him and he took advantage of the brief moments to admire her form. His widened eyes watched as her whole body shook about. Her bottom vibrated, her breasts swung and her slender, but muscular arms moved in a blur. But in the next instant something had spooked her and she spun suddenly around. She flung her thick lock of black hair up and clutched herself. ‘I didn’t know you were here,’ she gasped, looking at him, her heart thumping.

‘I thought you’d gone too,’ he replied casually.

‘Verrs, for god’s sake, you frightened the hell out of me,’ she said, slowly resuming what she was doing.

‘You gave me a shock,’

She looked at him, perhaps properly for the first time ever. He leant on the door lowering his gaze to the floor to let her eyes in. She looked at his thin gait. ‘I told you all, I don’t get a lift until Friday,’ she spoke quickly and with irritation. It was Saturday. ‘Anyway it’s nice to see someone,’

‘Thanks. I didn’t hear you say that about your lift,’ he said, remembering Ports and Davs leaving with all their stuff packed up and loudly saying good-bye to everyone, shaking hands, hugging and kissing. Daggs had had her jacket on too so he assumed she was going home as well. Lotts had quietly said her good-byes earlier that morning and there had been a special one for him. ‘I guess we’re the...,’

‘Yes, we are, Verrs, we are the lingerers,’ she said finishing his sentence.

‘Anyway, you went out the door with Ports. I thought you’d gone,’

‘No, I went to see a friend,’ Daggs said emphasising the word, friend, making it clear that person wasn’t just a friend.

‘Oh,’ he smiled, connecting to her meaning. Not knowing what to do, he looked at his watch.

‘Going somewhere?’ she said smiling broadly, in her own happy thoughts.

‘Yeah, I’m going sketching. Come...if you want,’ He had taken a Fine Art masters. He realised that this was the first time they’d ever had a conversation of more than two words (while both being sober).

‘Nah, got things to do here,’ she said quickly looking out the window at a gloomy day that seemed to be gradually brightening. Rain pitter-pattered on the window ledge, making the light grey and the small cherry tree in the front garden rock gently in the breeze.


‘But don’t forget the pact we made?’ she said in admonishing tone, like a schoolteacher.

‘No, I haven’t forgotten,’ he said smiling as he turned to go. The pact the five of them had made three years ago had involved a lot of things, at first and gradually they’d not been held to, but three things remained. Saturday was still pub night, that was easy, Tuesday games night in some shape or form and Thursday was Films night, where there was an endless amount to delve into. ‘I’ll see you later, Daggs,’

‘Yeah, have a good one,’ he heard her say and he walked out the tatty front door, along the endless row of identical houses of their street, through the suburb sprawl and on to the outskirts where the warehouses were that in turn led to the footpaths that led to the evergreen countryside.

© 2021 Tertia

Author's Note

In the next chapter Lucas goes sketching.

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I like starting a new book by you, becuz each book is better than the last. Great growing curve & you are a hard worker, when it comes to devoting to your craft. This is most notable as one of the most compelling openings I've ever read. This REALLY makes me want to read this book. This REALLY makes me feel connected to your characters already. You are the master at depicting a conversation that doesn't say much in words but says a ton in nuance (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

stay with it, there’s much more to come
The impression is that Celia and Lucas have been staying at some type of facility, possibly a detox program, and having been left behind by others, have their first sober conversation. Right away an unacknowledged sexual tension rises between them, and we get the idea that we will hear more from these characters. This first chapter does a good job of setting the stage.

Posted 5 Months Ago

amazing talent, tertia! you keep letting us hanging in same suspense and joy... "hmmm..i like it...what will come in next chapter?!" congrats comrade! you got this talent! you won it!

sincerely amber
-already reading chapter 2-

Posted 5 Months Ago

A nice start... I specifically like the lines where you described the awestruck situation of Daggs , when she found out someone noticing her closely... And then their conversation that followed... Keep going

Posted 5 Months Ago

What comes next?
Do they go out to the pub/ Call the pub off and bring in a few bottles/cans

What/where do they go

Posted 5 Months Ago

It's a start and it's got my attention! It'll be of interest to see where this goes. Any clues?

Posted 5 Months Ago

It's interesting and held my attention. You're off to a fine start. Unless I missed it, you seem to not have named the male that interacts with Daggs. Maybe you should?

Posted 5 Months Ago

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