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8 - Two for One

8 - Two for One

A Chapter by Tertia

Chapter 8

‘Creepin’ ‘round this place’
‘I’m afraid of my own sha-dow’
‘I am scared, so scared,’ Lucas sang loudly, his voice as velvety as chocolate with a hard gritty edge of a splash of whiskey.

The bathroom door rattled. ‘Shut up,’ a frantic voice hollered.


What’s that noise?’ she yelled.

‘It’s an old blues number my dad used to pl..,’

‘Don't sing, it’s rubbish,’ she shouted against the noise of running water. He carried on singing to himself. Without making a sound she looked through the door left ajar at clouds of steam, splashes of water and a blurry silhouette behind the shower curtain. She moved at an angle and caught a glimpse of leg and the flat of his hairy stomach. Her eyes widened as they caught something lower down, half hidden by soap suds. The water stopped and he got out and she moved back more, but on hearing him singing to himself was drawn in again. He dried himself with a yellow and brown towel and looked up at the door, sensing being watched.

‘Still here? Are you watching me?’ he asked in a serious tone, not looking in any particular direction, rubbing water out of his eyes.

‘No, course not,’ she said defensively. ‘I’ve seen it all before anyway,’

‘Is this what you wanted to see?’ he said dropping the towel to the floor. He stood facing her with his hands by his sides, looking straight.

‘Not especially, no,’ she said, but smiling she opened the door wide to take in the view presented. He had a pronounced chest, making his upper body look big and a flat torso, his arms and legs were muscular, he was in good shape and was unashamed of himself.

‘Remember the pact we made,’ he said as he came out putting the towel around his waist.

‘Yes,’ she said, for the first time feeling uncertain in his presence. What was going on? Now that they had become closer he was beginning to dominate.

He stood over her, close to her, looking down at her. ‘Tomorrow night is games night,’

‘I know Lucas, so?’ she said not giving him eye contact, feeling agitated.

‘Thought you might’ve forgotten that’s all,’

‘I haven’t, forgotten,’ she felt herself getting hot in the face. Was she going red? she never went red.

‘Or might not want to,’

‘No, I do,’ she said firmly, heading down the stairs, glancing up at his wet hair and clean chest. He wasn’t good looking, but he had a face you could easily get used to she thought.

‘Good,’ he said.

She stopped and turned and saw a different Lucas, he had grown in confidence, he was more sure of himself. ‘I’ve something to tell you later,’


‘I’ll tell you later,’ making her voice into a bored sing song.

‘I hope it’s good news,’ he smiled.

‘It may be,’ she said over her shoulder. She went to her room, locked the door, turned the TV on loud and lay on her bed. She shut her eyes and tried to blank out her mind, but soon figments came. They were shapeless things at first, but then took on the forms of things that might be and then the definite forms of people. Heads emerged, arms and legs extended and there was her mother, standing, arms folded, looking stern and strong, her father too, he was laughing and eating and lastly the boy from back home in Devon when she was still at school.

‘Go...go away,’ she said and they all blew backwards into vapours. Lucas came in clearly to where they had been, taking their place, just as she’d just seen him, her heart picked up a beat, he was smiling and unassuming, her breathing became faster and deeper, he gently took her hand and her mind swirled in heady confusion as they floated up in the air like two angels. It was like that for a few brief seconds until Ports lurked behind them and choosing his moment, deftly pushed Lucas away. He fell and fizzled into nothing. Ports was direct and brusque and didn’t waste any time, he was soon caressing and kissing her. That was how he was with her and she remembered all the time they had together was like that, that year, that was two years ago now. Davs appeared briefly too and joined their embrace, the three of them together. But as quick as they had appeared, suddenly they seemed distant, faint and unreal. She wanted to keep it all real and without looking she scrabbled to open the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet to get the thing Lotts had given her. Her hand scrabbled and scratched around over paper and an old hair dryer that didn’t work.


She knocked on his door.

‘Yes?’ an angry reply came.

‘Daddy’s given me some money,’ she said through the wooden panel that was decorated with stains, biro marks and scratches.

‘Daddy?!’ he exclaimed, his voice high. She heard him moving about.

‘Yes, Daddy,’


‘Yes, money,’

‘Right, very nice,’

‘To spend on a meal out somewhere,’

‘Don’t worry about me, I’m painting,’

‘They’ve got a two for one deal at Spoons. Coming?’

The door opened. He stood there with paint on his open shirt and a palette in his left hand. He unashamedly looked her over. She was different somehow. ‘You look nice. I’ll be ready in five,’

At the pub eatery they sat in a plush velvet alcove by the window waiting to be served. ‘People think we’re a couple,’ she said her eyes flitting from the street to the other alcoves and the serving area.

‘Well, we’re not,’

‘An old married couple,’

‘Funny, you’re very funny,’ he said looking her over for any signs of humour, but her face didn’t showed none, it was hard like porcelain. She had dressed up and was wearing make-up, she looked sophisticated, not like him, he felt like a kid. He looked at the menu, £11 for two courses and on a Monday it was two for the price of one. There were signs everywhere that matched the menu, advertising the deals for every day of the week. Tuesday was steak night, Wednesday was happy hour ‘5 till 7’, Thursday was cocktail night and Friday was 10% off your bill. Saturday was late opening and Sunday a full roast dinner and carvery. ‘I like this place,’

‘Hmm,’ she nodded not taking her eyes off the menu, reading every square inch of it. The waitress came over, said nothing and stood resting on one leg. She glowered at Lucas.

‘Whitebait and Gammon steak please,’ Daggs said, handing her the menu.

‘And you, Sir,’

‘Goats cheese and Gammon Steak, no pineapple,’ he said. She scribbled a couple of letters on a notepad.

‘Drinks,’ she said. She was a stocky woman and looked surly, almost aggressive.

‘I’ll get these. What do you want, Daggs?’

‘Glass of house red, please,’ she said.

‘And a bottle of bud please,’ the waitress nodded, put a slip on the table and whisked off.

‘Thank you,’ he said to Daggs.

‘Thank my dad,’

‘I will, what’s he like?’ he tried to imagine an older make version of her, but found it virtually impossible.

‘You’ll see him on Friday,’


‘He’s funny, he’s a bit of a clown,’

‘What does he do?’

‘Don’t know exactly,’ she laughed, ‘but he’s head of Finland. For his company that is,’

‘That’s a big old patch,’ Lucas assumed she had been transferred some money by her parents for the meal, but how did they know what she was spending it on? ‘How do...’

But she’d read his mind. ‘They can see my account, so they can check I’m OK. So if it goes on drugs or cider they’ll know,’

‘That’s an invasion of you know,’ he said, she shrugged. The waitress slammed down the bud and wine in the middle of them. His bottle fizzed and he drank the top off to stop it spilling.

‘Privacy,’ she added giving the waitress a sideways look. ‘But with this we’re going beneath the radar, they don’t know I’m feeding you,’

‘Yes, that’s it,’ he said. There was an awkward silence while they waited. ‘What next? it’s only Sunday,’ why had he said that, he’d just blurted it out without thinking.

‘It’s Monday you moron,’

‘Are you su..,’ he asked his words trailing off, then he remembered the meal deal. ‘Of course it’s Monday, the meal deal, that’s why we’re here,’

‘Yeah, well said, you’ve nailed it,’ she said shaking her head. ‘I told you we’re like a married couple. We don’t know what to say to each other and then when we do we argue,’ Lucas said nothing, keeping his head down, pretending to read the menu.

‘What’d you mean, what’s next?’ she said.

‘Me and you, where’s it all heading?’ he was smiling, half laughing.

‘There is no me and you,’ she said rubbing the side of her shoe against his socked ankle. She stared at him wide-eyed, her eye brows slowly rising.

© 2021 Tertia

Author's Note

In the next chapter games night takes a new turn

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i liked this chapter,things seem to get faster

Posted 2 Months Ago

The relationship between Lucas and Daggs seems to be ramping up here, but there is still an awkward space between them. The impression is that Lucas wants to take it to another level, but Daggs is conflicted. It's as though she is attracted to him but something is holding her back. The story is moving along nicely and the feeling is that the relationship is going to become more deep soon.

Posted 2 Months Ago

this one, tertia, like the other ones, is terrific good!
and suspense keeps killing me.... in a good sense.
i wish i could know what come next for Dags and Lucas/Vers.
will they end up together? or new surprises come?
[you're strengths here are the suspense, the images and descriptions, the memories of ur main characters but also the narrative thread of their present conflicts/struggles, and your own literary style, tertia, which is very direct one, an unadorned but very direct and humane narrative style then you're quiet far away from flowery, far-fetched style and language. those all can become, more than strengths, pretty good literary resources if you keep exploiting/squeezing them so well]
-i am sure that for dags and vers (lucas) there's still a huge horizon ahead with many more surprises awaiting them. sincerely, from Amber.

Posted 2 Months Ago

The interactions between these two come across as being volatile . . . one minute lovey-dovey & the next minute a little hostile. This chapter, in general seems to convey that these two are playing a sword fight as they speak to each other. The flashback was a little confusing, had to read twice before I realized it was a flashback. I do not buy into this line: "‘I’ve something to tell you later,’ " -- either a guy would not bring on trouble by making such an inane announcement or she would hound him to tell her immediately. This interaction does not feel authentic to me. But overall, your writing is highly authentic & that's why something like a cliche or a quasi-rebuff doesn't jive with your usual level of being real (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Months Ago

I'm amazed with your perseverance. Keep striking while the iron is hot.

Posted 2 Months Ago

I like the shower scene here, you tried to create some erotica, that I liked. Also with the progression of the story you really showed how Lucas became confident enough to stand and confront Daggs, though in a nice manner!
You portrayed the dinner scene nicely and elaborately... And I liked her words where she said that they were like married couple as they didn't know what to say, thus argued all the time.. Nice humour

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Thank you that was my intention
I am reading backwards here having only completed the first three chapters. Shower scene is a muted form of CFNM which means "clothed female naked male" among those who search for specialized pornography. In that genre the male is submissive because of his nudity. This chapter turns than on its heels - reverses the assumption.
I assume the "thing that Lotts has given her to be a "ladies bedside companion" aka a d***o.
In my reading of your work so far I see a good many thoughts and images becoming "vapors." It could be overdone.

Posted 2 Months Ago

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