The World Will Pass Us By

The World Will Pass Us By

A Poem by Tim Butcher

A journey of a lone soul, across the world, and across Life. Eventually coming to terms with all of Our Mortality.


The world will pass us by
A thousand years witnesses a sea of souls
Every night, the stars fly in the sky
There's only our insignificance, little to console
Yet within it all, we strive to move forward
Convinced of our magnificence, the world our steward

We will age, we will grow up
With it, we will see the world differently
Sometimes to our dismay, wishing to once again be a pup
Others, a bitter acceptance, towards the powers that be
Resignation, one could call it, consigned to our fate
Once accepted, however, doors open to things so great

The world will pass us by
A thousand years will come and pass
The stars will march on in the sky
We will be a speck in this field of grass
Yet within it all, we can taste our triumph
We can move forward, no matter how quiet

We can become so much more
To work, to cry, to feel pain, to be sore
The world will pass us by
We will say our goodbye
But we can leave so much more
Love, Legacy, and a Garden
To nurture, to protect, to adore

The world will pass us by
We will not be here in a thousand years
But the world is left better under this sky
That is our mission, our resignation
To leave the world in one, single sphere.

© 2019 Tim Butcher

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I have philosophized around the same thought-tracks.
How the time will pass and we will eventually be gone.
The importance is in what we leave behind for the future.
That will be the only proof that we had even ever existed.
Good one!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 23, 2019
Last Updated on March 23, 2019
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Tim Butcher
Tim Butcher


I am just a writer like any other, only with the aspiration to make it a living. I hope to see this aspiration come to fruition in the next few years. And I'd be glad for it. That aside, I look for.. more..

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