Chapter two: Watching

Chapter two: Watching

A Chapter by Thatonedawg

This is a much smaller chapter. Sorry if this isn't worth reading because of the length or how bad I am.


Chapter 2: Watching



I stared out over the lifeless city that was dead, save a few small lights. There was a heavy chill in the air, wind whipped by ceaselessly, forcing me to close my cloak. I looked at master who silently sipped his coffee, remaining unaffected by the cold. I could feel the hate emanating from the cities inhabitants, like an invisible glacier had developed over the buildings. An endless supply of ire raged inside each and every person regardless of how kind or peaceful they appeared to be. I heard master make an enjoying noise, then toss the cup off the roof. We both watched it vanish into the shadows below. I looked up at him and he gave me a dopey grin, trying to cheer me up.


“Sorry to burden you with questions but shouldn’t we be a tad bit more concerned?” I asked looking back down at the distant city lights.


“Concerned or worried?” He replied in a comically questioning tone.


I sighed softly at his playful voice. “Whether we are worried or concerned he is in danger.” I said sternly but he only chuckled.


“My dear if we worry now, wouldn’t that just give our opponent the upper hand?” He asked and I looked down knowing that worrying is exactly what they needed.


“So when do we approach the boy?” I asked after a few seconds of thinking.


“When the time comes I will figure out how to show the child. I’m sure he will have a lot of questions by then.” He said laughing softly but I could only sigh.


“Should we check on him?” I asked crossing my arms to keep the cold from getting to me.


“Sure if you want. But I don’t think he is in immediate danger.” Master said looking down at the street then back up to me.


“Your probably right.” I replied slowly as he turned and faced me.


“Bye bye now.” He said falling backward off the building and sailing several stories before vanishing into the dark below.


“Wait!” I called then groaned. “Hate it when he does that.” I mumbled before leaping off the building myself.


I sliced over the city with the wind biting at every part of my body. I was seriously tired from a long day of “work”, but the cold air helped me stay awake. I watched as master soared through the air effortlessly and with little variation to his trajectory. The city lights blurred below me as I sharpened my focus and began increasing my speed. We flew over the tall buildings and toward the smaller homes across the city, arching downward once we cleared the skyscrapers. I saw the household drawing closer and I soon felt the immense hatred that encased the small two bedroom apartment. We circled the place once or twice before slowing to a stop at one of the windows. Peering in, I heard a puzzled sound come from master.


“Interesting.” He muttered softly to himself as he examined the sleeping boy.


“What is it?” I asked looking from the window to his face and back again.


“Nothing really. Just funny he’s unaware of the power he has.” He replied not looking away from the dim window.


“Not as much as me right?” I asked concerned, but trying to sound joking.


“Oh dear don’t be like that.” He said looking down at me with a friendly smile.


He may have said, “don’t be like that” but what he meant was “I don’t want to tell you”. He seemed so interested in something about this kid. What could he sense that I couldn’t? I scoffed to myself, as I floated away from the window unsure what to think of the young man. He and I would eventually meet but until then I have much more pressing matters.


“Lets go.” I said nudging him with my elbow. “We got another big day tomorrow.” We both sailed off into the night toward our home.

© 2017 Thatonedawg

Author's Note

Please do not judge the length or my grammar errors. I am not a very good writer...
Edited this chapter as well, hopefully it is a little better.

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This blew it up into a whole new perspective. In a way it's good this chapter was short cause it doesn't give much away and kept me intrigued and curious.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you so very much! I really cannot even begin to express how happy this has made me! Hardly any.. read more
Okay, so chapter two not as great one but that's alright. The biggest fault is if you are going to write in a first person manner, you have to keep with the same character. I was so confused until the end who was talking or even if this was the same story. I get now they were looking at Vyon, but it wasn't easy at first to read that. My only other issue I have with both chapters I've noticed is your lack of confidence. You have a really interesting story with great characters here. That makes you a great writer. You don't have to be great with grammar and spelling. That is stuff that can be learned. :) Anyways, off to chapter three-

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you very much and I will keep that to heart when I do future "mysterious" chapters. As for con.. read more

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I have been writing for a long time. My father was a writer and he always encouraged me to do so as well. Sadly he never read any of my work or even cared for that matter. I just need to know that som.. more..