Chapter five: Learning curve

Chapter five: Learning curve

A Chapter by Thatonedawg

Chapter five of SE. Hope someone is enjoying this somewhere.... Edited and improved, or at least I'd say so! Enjoy whoever stumbles across this!


Chapter 5: Learning curve



Arising early, I feel like my hunger awoke me more than anything. It was five in the morning according to my clock, but I refused to sleep. Hell even if Hiromasa wasn't awake, I would rather fly around for fun! It was quite cold this morning so instead of my half coat, with the short sleeves, I wore my winter jacket. It was denim, it had fake fur lining, and a broken zipper. One of my other fake fathers gave it to me, but he wasn't a very nice guy... Still it is a nice jacket! Flying out of the porch window I left it unlocked in the hopes I could come back extra late. God I wish I had some money, I'm starving! Flying actually hurt a little bit, which made it less fun to do. Smelling the fresh dew on the tall pine tress I felt invigorated as I shot by, displacing the gathered water. Now that I think about it, my sense of smell has become more acute since I learned about my powers, as well as my hearing capabilities! Cool! With a small front flip I dispersed a lot of speed and landed in the woods near his house, though I aimed for his front yard. Walking and hopping over some bushes my sore body carried me to fence, which I jumped lazily. Moving up the steps my knuckles clacked the door three times and I heard motion within. Quickly the door was unlatched, unlocked, and unchained before being opened.


"Heya Vyon!" Hina greeted me in a loud whisper, peeking her head out before opening the door. "Hiro isn't up yet so..." She trailed off as I had began speaking.

"Hello Hina do yo... wait, what? Really?" My face shrunk with disbelief and I lifted an eyebrow confused.

"Yeah!" She giggled a bit. "Come on in!" She waved me in with a big smile.


Entering the strange home I was actually much happier seeing it this time. The wood floors and old wallpaper gave it a retro look. It was comforting in a way, I could imagine what it looked like before. Quickly I moved to my backpack, which was on the couch, and checked my phone. I had a few missed calls and a few new texts, but I planned on seeing the guys later so I wasn't worried. They have gone longer without hearing from me, but damn it feels nice to know people care. My eyes widened as a delicious smell moved through the air! Bacon! Looking to Hina she returned to the kitchen, half her body vanishing behind the island. A small whimper came from my closed mouth, as I felt it quiver slightly at the sight of her cooking. As if the angels asked for me, Hina turned around and set a plate on the counter.

"Eat up!" She smiled closing her eyes for a second.

"Oh no please! You eat this... I can make something for myself if that would be alright? I don't want to take your food... you made it!" Stumbling over word after word, I pushed the plate a tiny distance toward her, but she only chuckled.


"Oh please, that was for Hiro." She said turning back to push some eggs and sausage around. "Go on Vyon!" She said pushing it an equally small distance back toward me, which made her giggle.


"Thank you!" I replied eagerly taking up the fork and knife.


She returned to her cooking, humming a small tune and tending to all four pans of glorious food! My god! There was so much! Eggs, bacon, toast (both buttered and jammed), sausage, and hash browns! My god I think I may cry! After completely destroying that plate of food Hina offered me more, which like a dog begging for scraps, I accepted graciously. She ate her food while I enjoyed the leftovers, not plated for Hiromasa. Instantly a love grew for Hina, nothing like Lyra of course, but anyone, male or female, who cooks for me is a good friend!


"My, my, you’re early!" Hiromasa said raspy, his booming voice a lot hoarser than normal.

Turning around I saw him in a purple robe that was barely tied closed. It really removed the whole mystic master image, seeing Hiromasa in slippers, boxers, and a t-shirt. He had an empty coffee mug in his hand and he rubbed his chin a few times, as his flashy violet eyes adjusted to the morning light. A big smile came across my face, but I hid it by biting my lower lip.

"Good morning Hirmoasa." I responded with a lift of my arm.


"Mornin' Hiro." Hina muttered as she flipped through the newspaper.


"So Vyon, are you prepared to train your a*s off today?" Hiromasa's sluggish voice proved he had just awoke and he probably didn't think the question through very well.


"Yeah totally! I have been practicing flying, or at least I did a little last night!" My voice began to excitedly shout, but he piped me down with a groan and a wave of his hand.


"Alright... Yeah, I'm excited too!" He replied groggy and bleary eyed, sipping his coffee with a single hand, the other leaning him on the counter.

I couldn't help but laugh a little to myself. Considering what they... we do, I am surprised he has any energy at all. Hina is so perky though, how the hell does that work? Hiromasa began to eat breakfast at the island instead of the table as Hina and I did. After four cups of coffee I understood how Hiromasa gets through his day. He was working on his fifth when he turned to me with a small smile. Sliding off the stool, he retired to his room at the end of the halls right side. After a few moments he returned in a more typical outfit and shoes.

"Let's go." He said pointing both pointer fingers at the door.


Following him outside I watched him finish his coffee and set the cup on the railing of the porch. Trotting down the stairs, I followed closely toward the center of the lawn. Without hesitation, he turned to me and landed a solid palm strike to my chest! Now I am a tough guy, regardless of how thin I am, but that hit sent me back further than it should’ve. Landing in the dirt on the other side of his yard I rolled forward to my feet and got up with a ferocious quickness. He had taken up a fighting stance, a strange one, but I was unsure what to do.

"What the hell was that old man?" I asked dusting myself off, annoyed with his blind side.


As he appeared before me, I arched my back in fear, narrowly avoiding his punch. Ducking down, I watched his foot sweep up and around, attempting to hit me in the head! Rolling backward, he planted his foot in a strong stomp right where I just was crouching. What the hell is this? As I stood he attacked with a small flurry of quick punches. I managed to avoid many of them, but two got through regardless. They were love taps, but I still felt them pretty good, which made me angry. Shuffling around he tried to kick me again, laughing as he missed. I darted in as he put his leg down and punched him in the side with all my might. At first the solid blow against his ribs felt effective, but he shrugged it off like nothing. With a whipping spin, he moved around me and hit my skull with the back of his fist. Flying forward from the impact, I hit the grass and slid a short distance on my face, before turning over.

"Okay... what did I do wrong?" My voice was strained by pain, but I still managed to get sarcasm through.

"Oh, nothing at all!" Hiromasa chuckled spreading his arms to the side before returning to his unique stance. "This is training! You need to learn how to fight!" He playfully danced around me throwing little punches as he did. "Come on, get up!" He laughed jumping back a short distance, however he traveled much further.


"Alright... fine!" Shouting this back at him caused a strange sense of rivalry in me.


Removing my jacket, I tossed it aside and watched it flutter open before hitting the ground. Putting my hair up quickly I prepared to fight. He appeared from a blotch of flame to my left and I leapt away, seeing his leg slice upward through the air. Counter attacking I threw two punches, but only landed one. Though I was much less skilled with my legs, I attempted to kick him like a fireman would kick down a door. My leg sailed passed him and planted hard on the ground. I used this strange stance to kick off the ground and vanish across the yard. Hiromasa's fist disappeared from view, as he swung at nothing but air and fire. Launching toward him I swung a wide hook punch, but my arm hit his and he deflected me effortlessly. Hiromasa unleashed three heavy handed punches, which I only managed to push one away. His other two strikes landed against the side of my head and my right shoulder. As disorienting as being hit was, I managed to keep going as he attempted to kick me again. The form and technique of his snapping leg, broke my offensive attitude. Using both arms to defend against his leg, I was able to guard myself, but not for very long. Before Hiro even put his leg down he recoiled and kicked straight outward to the side, toppling me to the ground. Rolling over my back, all four limbs hit the ground and pushed me back up into standing position.


"You've got good drive." Hiromasa said bouncing in place like a boxer. "But your form needs work!" He finished dropping into a low kung fu stance.


Returning to my feet, I got ready as he continued circling me. This is not what I had expected today, getting my a*s kicked around some strangers lawn. Yet... I was having fun! He wasn't hitting me that hard, just enough to sting and keep me alerted. In my mind I was still a bit upset at him for attacking me out of nowhere, but another part of me understood this procedure. My heart was somewhat envious of his incredible accuracy and power, but I knew I could not match that. Shooting my hand out as he got close, I managed to keep him away by attacking only when he advanced. This only worked for a short while because he quickly began teleporting around and striking. I could tell he was holding back... just something about the way he smiled and occasionally made silly karate noises. He appeared next to me and threw a long straight side kick, but missed since I leaned my head back and stepped to the left. Using the technique I saw from him, I swung my leg around and snapped it open as the momentum carried me forward. Slamming my leg into his gut he coughed and stumbled back, but quickly recovered by grabbing my leg. With one quick motion he stepped forward and slung me to the ground, as I attempted to lash out again. Crashing hard on the grass he looked down toward me and smirked holding out a hand to help me stand, but I just sat up.

"Can't I learn a cool power now or something?" My whimpering voice and my fake frown paired together made him laugh heartily.

"Not yet..." Hiro lifted his arm and checked his wrist watch. "Got about fiffteen more minutes of a*s whoopin' to endure!" Hiromasa laughed again, but I grunted angrily.

Rising to my feet quickly I put my fists up and looked at him with a scowl. A short chuckle escaped his lips and he bent both knees and leaned away, making his hands like claws. This isn't fair! I get beat up at home and I can't fight back... Now I'm getting kicked around here, where I hoped to escape all that. Well at least I can take out some frustration! Hiromasa appeared throwing an over telegraphed hook punch and I was there to take advantage of this time. With the few seconds he used to bring his arm back, I landed a quick upper cut into his gut. When his now uncoordinated punch swatted by I juked it and landed a jab right to his jaw! Damn, I feel bad... My hands burst open as I saw a bit of blood on my knuckles! Looking up with empathy in my eyes, it quickly turned to shock. Before my eyes fully returned to Hiro he had slugged me across the jaw and then backhanded me as he unwound from the punch. The shock of getting hit in the face was intense, considering it was directly next to my eye. Tumbling to the ground I managed to land on my feet and rise as he approached. Throwing a few weak strikes I tried to keep him away as I cleared my dazed head. Whipping a roundhouse kick toward me he barely missed and stopped with perfect timing. From the simple standing position, he retracted his leg, then shot it straight to the side, crashing it into my chest. The impact sent me sailing for a few seconds, but luckily the grass was soft. Hitting flat on my back I slid, yet again, away from him groaning. A small beeping began to go off and I sat up looking over as Hiromasa he tapped his watch, turning it off.

"Alright, not bad Vyon!" Hiromasa replied returning his gaze to me. "Hope I didn't hurt you that much." He stated this almost like a question as he held his hand out once more.


"Nah, I'm good!" Acting nonchalant I grabbed his arm and used his sturdy frame to lift myself.

"Good to hear!" A sincere smile was given to back up his words. "Now I want to start teaching you about the split soul today." His voice grew more structured as he began to walk across his yard, signaling for me to follow. "Honestly, you should never try to fight a Fuzen unarmed." Hiromasa lightly swatted me in the chest, as he said this in a type of friendly warning tone.


"Hell yeah! Split soul is that... weapon thing, right?" Though I lacked poise in my way of speaking, Hiromasa didn't seem to judge me.

"Yes, Vyon." Hiro chuckled lightly patting me on the back. "Each sin splitter has a weapon thing." He patronized me playfully. "It isn't an easy thing to pull off right away, so don't expect to get it today." As he stated this his aura slowly lit around him.

"Still, I'll try my hardest!" Exhilaration poured out through my words, as I also created a veil of flame around my body.

"I bet you will." Hiromasa replied in a funny encouraging way.


Stepping away from me he signaled for me to stay back. Watching closely I saw and felt his energy begin to focus. Funny how quickly I attuned to that feeling... Using both hands Hiromasa compressed a large amount of fire against his chest. His hands struggled to move any further, as the exploding ball of purple fire constantly seemed within an inch of escape. With a faint grunt, his hands met and this sphere of fire burst into sparkling ash. Dust and grass blew away furiously as purple light formed within his grasp, growing upward and downward in a rod shape. This shining violet column crackled with electricity and distorted as he held it steady in front of him. As it shifted around he released a small shout and pushed the rod of chaotic energy forward causing it to shatter like otherworldly glass made of light. What he held in his hands caused my jaw to drop open and my eyes to widen to the point of stinging...


Within his grasp was a spear unlike any I have ever seen. The pole was a dark colored wood and the base had a large metal knob, with a brass cuff decorating the edge of it. A few inches below the blade was a thick crosspiece that appeared to be made of stone and had a squared shape. This mantle below the spears point was somewhat reminiscent of a warhammer you’d see in Norse mythology. Speaking of the point, it was more liked a blade! The best way to describe its shape would be a flattened shovel head... of course it was perfectly constructed in shape and width! It was only a few inches taller than he was and the shaft had a grip fashioned from grooves worn into the wood. Seeing the sunlight glint off the blade, then fade upon hitting the gray stone below the tip, fervor filled me thoroughly, till an amazed sound slipped from my lips. Words could not form in my brain, causing me to simply gaze, astonished and speechless... This power was more than I could have dreamed for! Beyond anything I could have ever expected or wished... My eyes slowly shifted from the ornate broad spear to Hiromasa's smirking face.


"This is my split soul, Vyon. It is my ancestral power given physical form." He broke the silence holding the spear out toward me.

My mouth shifted from shock to happy as I eagerly grabbed the weapon with both hands. It was heavy and I had to balance it on the ground just to hold it with both hands! Examining it further I saw that this weapon was glowing, it radiated a thin aura of purple light! Examining it closely, I saw intricate thorned vines etched into the corners of the hammer portion, which matched the decorations around the knob on the bottom. The blade was almost gleaming white and the razor edge was actually quite wide when turned sideways.


"We all can do this?" Muttering these words half to myself, I scanned the weapon once more and gasped as it vanished in a flash of violet light.


"Yes, it is your main weapon against Fuzen threats." Hiromasa replied sharply. "No two split souls are exactly alike. So don't get comfortable with the idea of a spear." A chuckle followed the end of this statement.

"No way..." Rubbing my head I pondered this idea. "Alright lets do it! How do I start?" Unable to control myself, my amped up mind led me to jump in place.

"Wait, you need to remain calm. Just... chill." He said this uncertainly, like he doesn't use that word in this context very often.

"Ok, ok... ok." I shook myself out a bit to relax.


"I am going to repeat. This isn't easy when you first try! Flying and teleporting are one thing, but this is way different." Hiromasa paced a bit saying this.

"I don't quit easy!" Replying smugly, I grinned widely at Hiro.

"Start by clearing your mind completely, easy to do I'm sure..." His short laugh stopped my meditation and I looked at him squarely. "Alright being serious now. Try to focus as much spiritual essence as you can into your heart." His stern voice recaptured the moment.


Shutting my eyes I took a few deep breaths, feeling the power circulating around within me. The outside sounds, smells, and feelings began to drop away, as I only listened to my breathing. Within my steadfast concentration, I felt the deep rooted pressure rise and spread across my body. Fighting to contain it, my inner fire scattered and I exhaled loudly, causing my aura to fluctuate. Hiromasa nodded a few times to show praise and to get my attention.


"Alright, now when you have a lot of energy compiled, try to pull it from within yourself." Hiromasa pushed his hands out, slowly closing them into fists. "Try to physically grasp your other soul, Vyon."


“Uhh, alright…” I kept my response short due to overwhelming eagerness.


Centering my thoughts, I began the process of channeling my spiritual fire toward the center of my chest. Images of a bombastic, miniature sun burning around my heart formed in my mind, as the warmth of spiritual energy flooded my senses. Once I was prepared to act, the very thought of bringing this much power forth left me winded and I nearly collapsed. Whoa, damn, I’m exhausted! I feel like... I just ran a marathon or something! That one act was so depleting, it left me drained of practically all my vitality! My knees were weak and I had to gasp to recover my breathing, as a minor delirium set in.


Alright focus Vyon, you got this! I shook out and took a few deep breaths to clear the growing headache. Restraining my unpredictable second soul, I tried to synchronize it to the rhythm of my heartbeat. The steady thumping pushed surges of enigmatic force through my body, causing every inch of me to pulse with the pumping of my heart. Once I felt appropriately prepared, I tried to pull the power forward, through my flesh and out into the real world. This action was like going through an entire day of hard labor, in one moment. I was left feeling like hours had passed and limitless stamina had been spent. Falling to my knee’s, I gagged on my dry throat, as sweat poured from my face and I slumped over. Hiro offered some basic advice, but nothing that helped exponentially. This process was repeated five or six times, until I simply couldn't continue trying. Every ounce of my effort had been wasted. What am I doing wrong? There has to be something I’m just not getting...

"This feels hopeless..." I muttered breathlessly after failing yet again.


"Hey!" Hiromasa snapped jovially. "I said it would be hard, don't quit on me so easily!" Repeating similar words to mine, he gave me more encouraging than I deserved.


"Yeah, sorry... Can I have some water please?" Releasing the main thought on my mind I smiled with pleading eyes.


"Sure!" Hina cried flying from her seat on the porch.


"Vyon, you don't have to ask..." Hiromasa stated in a strange almost shocked voice. "You're my student! I know it sounds pretty weird, but I'm here for you, kid." Hiromasa was sincere, but shortly after saying this a smirk appeared and we both laughed a little.


"You're right, that's really weird." I replied with a smirk. "Like weirder than some of this magic hero stuff!" Laughing harder after this, Hiromasa only smiled.

"Here ya go Vyon!" Hina handed a glass of ice water toward me.


"Thank you so much!" Rushing my words, I downed the water as quick as my body would allow.


"No problem! May I say, good work man!" Hina playfully punched my aching arms, but I just laughed.


"Thanks!" A short laugh followed this, but then I remembered something incredibly important! "Thanks for breakfast too!" I wanted to hug her, but I instead returned a small jab to her shoulder.

"Oh nothing to mention at all! It's really exciting having a new face around here to be honest!" Hina was exuberant as she said this.

"Yeah I can't lie boy this has been sort of fun..." Hiromasa said smiling and patting me on the shoulder.

"Well of course... you just beat me up!" Raising my tone to a comedic height I got them both to laugh.


"I get to do that tomorrow!" Hina replied to my comment eagerly raising a fist and standing on one foot.

"Wha-what? I..." No words came to mind, I really don't want to fight a girl...


"You'll take that a*s kicking when you come to it. Now, finish your water and try again!" Hiromasa was very blunt at first, which made Hina laugh, but he finished on a more demanding tone.


Hina took the glass, but stayed. "Shall I expect you for breakfast tomorrow?" She asked with a cat like smile.


Words could not do justice to the joy I felt at that moment. "Yes. Yes, please." I replied very humbly.


"Great, I'll refill this and put it on the porch. Good luck Vyon!" Hina replied simply as she vanished toward the house in a burst of green flames.


Hiromasa tapped his foot awaiting my continued effort, but I was still lost in the joys of free food! When you live like I do, for as long as I have, anyone offering a free meal is a god send. Many of my friends and there families have gifted this to me, but as I aged I didn't dare ask out of shame. Shaking my head I refocused on the task at hand! The flowing feeling of warmth inside my very being is becoming second nature and the sight of being ablaze makes me feel empowered not frightened.


My efforts had only heightened, yet failure appeared around every corner. Everytime I faltered a small wave of discouragement swept over me, but seeing Hiro’s awaiting stare spiked my confidence. During the next ten or so failures, I must’ve drank enough water to effect his utilities bill! Charging more and more power within myself I centered it on my chest and held both hands against my chest similar to Hiromasa had done. Feeling a resistance between my hands I opened my eyes to find a small sphere of highly concentrated light, roughly the size of an apple. Disappointed, I allowed myself to lose grip and with a small sigh I looked up at Hiromasa.

"Did you feel that resistance? Was it hard to push your hands together?" Hiromasa asked swiftly when my gaze met his.


"Yeah... should I try to grab the little spark?" Light confusion set in as he never told me to do that.

"Yeah, but be careful. Don't hurt yourself." Hiro replied, pacing around me slowly.


Careful of what? This time was different, I channeled the energy quickly, formulated it, but failed to "grasp" it. Calling my power is easy now, It’s as simple as sharpening my focus and letting it spread over me. Yet when I tried to focus it into my chest, where it originated, I felt as if it just died off and sunk back into my soul. After several more tries I managed to force a sphere of golden flame from my chest. I felt it dragging sparks of power from my heart, through my bones, into my flesh, then out of my skin. Holding a basketball sized ball of flame now, I smiled and began forcing my hands together. To my amazement it was near impossible to move my body at all! With a rising growl, I clenched my fingers and compressed this orb as best I could. As if my hands were opposing magnets, I felt them shift and waver unevenly. It was soon a struggle just to contain the little piece of my souls inferno. Suddenly, I felt it disperse with a blinding burst of force, which sent me to the ground. It was hard to clear my vision as I kicked around on the ground, whining in pain. It felt like both my eyes had been gouged out with blowtorches and my arms had been crushed by a steamroller! Rolling onto my back I groaned loudly and wiped my tear spewing eyes.

"Damn, I felt like I had it!" I shouted to Hiro, my face darting around blinded.

"You were doing great kid! Just gotta try until you get it!" Hiromasa seemed very pleased, but I think he was just being nice.

This went on for a while. Me attempting to create a split soul and failing many times to even conjure the orb containing it. Several cups of water later I felt like this was going nowhere, but Hiromasa insisted I continue. This sucks... it's so tiring and I can hardly seem to do it! It is understandable that this should take practice, but seeing him do it effortlessly was almost insulting at this point! Trying as hard as I could to bring my hands together, I felt my fingers searing and my thumbs felt like they were going to break off. With another blast of light I was sent backward into a seated position with a shout of frustration, as I toppled over myself.


"Don't worry Vyon! It took me a while to get my split soul too!" Hina cried from the porch as I sat there grumbling.

"Yeah relax kid. Why don't you head home for now." Hiromasa put his arm down to help me up. "Practice when your alone, but get some rest." With a pat on my shoulder I felt a signal light go off in my head.


My friends! I have to go see them! I... can't tell them any of this though... "Alright! I promise tomorrow, we'll have a real fight!" I put up one fist and took a sort of karate stance.

Hiro laughed and put a hand to his stomach. "We'll see boy, we'll see..." He replied skeptical, but with hope.

"Bye, Vyon! See ya tomorrow!" Hina called to me from outside, as I went in to get my bag.

"Hiromasa... I sort have a problem." I said as I returned to the yard and walked passed him. "You see, I have to go to school, how do I learn about being a sin splitter and make it to class?" The question was sour in my mouth, I hate school.


"You haven't been going to school!" He exclaimed. "Go to school! Come here after, they are both important." This was paired with his hands raising in shock.

"What? Did you think, I went at night or something?" I muttered in regret, well there goes my breakfast...


"Didn't think about it at all really. Just make sure you go!" He muttered his response dismissively. "Hina get ready, we have work to do." Hiromasa shot his attention to her and she leapt from her chair.

"Have a good day Vyon! See ya tomorrow!" Hina replied again, before she rushed inside.

"Don’t push yourself to hard Vyon, but keep trying. You'll get it!" Hiro replied with confident caution.


"Okay, thanks! Goodbye Hina!" After replying to Hiromasa, I called into the house.

Igniting myself, I took to the skies with barely any effort. You cannot imagine how liberating it feels to be able to go anywhere you want ever! ANYWHERE! Anyone who walks now receives all of my sympathy, as I refuse to walk anywhere, ever again! After a short flight I landed on a tall building near downtown and set my bag on the gravel rooftop. Flipping open my phone I listened to the newest message that Lyra had just left.


"Howdy stranger! Would love to know where you are! Call me you jerk!" Listening I could hear Zen and Max bickering in the background.


Hearing the voices made me want to be there. God I want to show them! I want to fly Lyra everywhere, so she is never in danger! Zen would definitely find a way to have fun with this, maybe even Max too! Well no use thinking about it since it wont happen, better go find them! Slipping my phone in my pocket, I leapt from the roof and flailed through the air as I fell. Seeing a widening street below I let out a small scream before bursting into flames and arching into the sky like a rocket! Dashing swiftly to the sides, I dodged streetlights, antennas, and entire buildings as my speed lessened. I have found it better to simply slow down, rather than attempt a dead stop. Landing atop a rusted water tower, I peered through the roof of the factory, but saw now one within. Flying low as I headed toward the park, I spotted them near a liquor store with a few bags in hand. With a rather loud boom I slammed the ground with both feet and stumbled to a stop. Still not perfect, but getting better!


"Hey guys! Hey!" I called running after them after making sure the coast was clear to decloak.

"Vyon!" Lyra cried rushing toward me, Zenex tailing.

"Where the hell have you been?" Maxwell and Zenex asked in unison, then looked at each other in a funny way.

"School wasn't the same without ya." Shio stated as his greeting, for he was the last to make it to me.

Lyra threw herself onto me and made an aggravated grunt. "You suck dude!" She shoved me away playfully.


"What?" I replied innocently, shrugging my shoulders in defense.

"You ditched two days in a row and didn't tell your friends?" Lyra replied, putting her hands on her hips.

"Yeah man where ya been?" Zenex asked waving one hand slightly as he spoke.


"Honestly, been feeling kind of sick of school." The faces they gave were priceless, ranging from upset to enthralled. "But I'll go for you guys!" I added with fake dissapointment, which made them laugh.

"Wait, no! Ditch all you want, just tell me!" Zen replied seeming to be really upset, but his smile blew the jokes cover.


"So what ya been up to the last few days?" Lyra asked as we all continued walking together.


"Oh you know same old stuff... Killing time... being invisible..." The tiny joke made them laugh, but I knew the deeper meaning.

"Well, I missed you!" Lyra replied hanging off one arm off around my neck.


The conversation ranged from what I was doing, to a fight that happened at school while I was away. Figures... only fun stuff happens when I'm gone! They were headed to the park, which was fine by me since it was close to my apartment. It is kind of funny, I was just saying that I would never walk again, but I would for my friends. It is severely different then walking alone where a monster could snatch you or loneliness can creep into my thoughts. Listening to Zen talk about the fight in class was hard in a way... I had so much on my mind. Split souls, and sin auras, Fuzen, and fighting evil! It was hard to show shock and enthusiasm when he told me the cops had to come to our school.


Maintaining my cover, I simply mentioned how often the cops are at our school! Everyone laughed, but Zen continued to insist this fight was particularily brutal, even after we reached the park. Finally getting to relax was incredible! My entire body ached and I felt so drained I could have slept instantly. Lyra shared her chips with me graciously and I thanked her by taking as few as possible. While Maxwell was trying to explain a recent breakthrough in space travel my mind was suddenly overwhelmed by a searing pain. Clutching my forehead, my gaze shot around the park and locked onto... a fuzen. It was hard to make it out in the dying light, but I was certain the slinking figure was one of those demons. Returning my gaze to Max, I realized he had asked me a question, but I was totally lost!

"You alright Vyon? You got a headache man?" Zenex asked, as I scanned the concerned faces.

"Yeah, outta nowehere!" I replied grunting lightly and appologizing to Max.

Glancing over there I couldn’t find the creature. Something told me I was the reason it fled... the power I now weild. Is that why they targeted me before? Listening to the continuing conversations, I felt a swell of pride being the watch dog of my friendly family! Soon the night grew darker and my thoughts shifted toward two things. One, my friends would have to walk home unprotected, and two... I would have to go home... As Lyra rose and stretched out, her voice peeping up, I jumped to my feet ignoring the aching. I will tail them and make sure they get home safe! Wait, they have made it this far... am I being paranoid? No, now that I know... I have to protect them! The crowd dispursed and Zenex and Shio had the shortest walk, so I followed Lyra and Maxwell. Hiro wasn't kidding, they really cant see me! Even when I laughed, neither even flinched! Though I was afraid of being spotted, it was really fun. Just floating by above my friends listening to them talk randomly. Intellectual stuff too, damn Lyra's smart! After discussing a type of magnet induction, whatever that is, they parted with a small hug and I was torn. Darting my gaze between the two of them I felt obligated to both my friends...


"Sorry Max..." I muttered under my breath as I followed Lyra.


Maxwell is a guy after all... I mean that has to matter, right? My hopes went out for his safe arrival and that he would be awaiting me at the street corner tomorrow. Turning over in the air I set my gaze upon Lyra. She walked with a quickened pace and I was grateful for this, I needed to get home! Once I knew she was home free, I muttered a goodbye to her and then flew upward toward home. An idea struck me and I stopped flying to just hang in the air. Closing my eyes, I focused on already being home then leapt forward. Feeling the burst of power surge me forward, I opened my eyes to find myself roughly halfway there, not bad! Rotating my body, I kicked downward and landed inside the complex with a muffled thud. Though the flight home tired the hell out of me... I was getting good at this! Quickly rushing down the path and up to the door I gulped as I reached the top step and was forced to knock.

"Get in here. Now!" My fake father spoke calmly at first, but then shouted his last word.

Stepping inside I saw my fake mother sitting around the coffee table, a glass of wine heavily stained with use. "The school called today..." Fake mom said as she eyed me with sinister intent.

"Let me just try to explain-." My meek words were cut off by a strong slap to the back of my head.


Bowing forward, I clutched my skull to null the pain. "Don't interrupt her!" My fake father shouted.

"Why aren't you going to school?" My fake mother tore these words through her teeth.

"I did!" My response caused scoffs from them both. "Listen, I was late to my first class so my teacher marked me absent. That gets carried to the office, I was there all day I swear!" Though I hate lying, it was easy with these people.


"I don't believe that s**t. You're f*****g lying!" My fake father shouted crossing the room in a storm of movement to grab ahold of my neck.

"If you are not there tomorrow or if I get any phone calls... you will never step foot out of this house again. Do you understand me?" My fake mother took a sinister warning tone.

"Yeah..." I replied sighing, having been drug closer to her.

"Go away." She replied waving her hand and scrunching her face.


"Don't come out of your room tonight, either!" My fake father shouted as I was shoved down the hall, another slap gracing the side of my head.


You know, I don't need this s**t... Not going to school a few days shouldn’t create this level of anger! They show nothing toward me, but hatred and anger. Yet I am supposed to depend on them and turn to them with my problems? They were good people for a while, but they seem to have just got sick of me... How f*****g sad is that? Sighing, I pulled out my cellphone and began texting my friends. I just wanted to know if they were all alright. Tossing the phone on my bed, I stood and took a deep breath. As I released it I felt powerful waves of illuminating force rise through my body until I burst into golden flame. Watching these fires encircle my body, I smiled allowing the warmth to coat my aching body and repair the minor wounds I had sustained today. Hopefully my fake parents don't hear anything or come in unannounced, because I am not stopping until I pass out or get my split soul. Unfortunately for me, the coin would land on unconsciousness...

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So your grammar has improved quite a bit in this chapter. I love the chapter and I am very excited to see what his split soul weapon is. I am also a fan on how much depth of a character you have made him to be. Hiro is very funny and Hina is adorable. I can clearly see all the characters in my head and that speaks volumes to you as a writer. The only suggestion I have is to chop some of the really large paragraphs down to two or three a the reader has a break and won't lose where they are. If it is a huge paragraph then the reader may end up skipping lines or worse not actually reading it and having to go back. Anyway, great chapter!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Wait, my grammar improved? That is incredible! Maybe just this chapter... Idk! Thank you! I really d.. read more
Brittanie Bardwell

8 Years Ago

You should defiantly keep the same details and just turn the large paragraph into two paragraphs. Ke.. read more

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Sacramento, CA

I have been writing for a long time. My father was a writer and he always encouraged me to do so as well. Sadly he never read any of my work or even cared for that matter. I just need to know that som.. more..