Chapter ten: By moonlight...

Chapter ten: By moonlight...

A Chapter by Thatonedawg

Chapter 10! In the double digits for both stories now! AHAHA! As usual, thank you all readers and thank you for enjoying if you did!


Chapter 10: By moonlight...



The following month passed quickly, with my new life becoming somewhat routine. Every night was filled with fuzen encounters... Over the course of this time I have faced a variety of these vicious horrors. I would calculate my kill score to be about fifty, maybe more! During my battles I have faced some fuzen that wield weapons, both physical and biological. Some fuzen... can speak... Nothing grand, but I have heard quite a few beg for mercy or swear vengeance.


It is a disturbing fact, but they manipulate the human body with a lethal accuracy. It isn't what I expected, since the first few fuzen I encountered were slow, thank god. Animal fuzen exist and it is just as disturbing. The natural weapons of the beast in question are usually exaggerated to horrific extremes. Several humans have transformed before my eyes and the mental weathering of each one has forged my soul into steel. For some god awful reason... I have to watch... A part of me needs to know what they were, what the looked like before... Heavy fear falls on me when I realized I was coming to accept death. Not just my own lessened fear of dying, but when someone else dies, seeing life end right before me...

Hina tried to show me magic and that back fired like the Hindenburg. She told me that "fatal fire" was simple, and that the intensity of my enthusiasm would give the spell power. Apparently, I had way to much enthusiasm... The second I uttered those words... I was really on fire. The pain was equivalent to, what I imagine, being skinned alive must feel like. Part of my face, both my arms, and most of my torso was singed down to nothing, but charred bone and scrapped flesh. My clothes were entirely destroyed and Hina passed out from healing me! She made me promise to keep this a secret from Hiromasa, as I could have easily died. Regardless of this, I think it is a fun memory to look back on now!


Training under Hiromasa has been... pretty awesome! Sparring is not as difficult, once you really give it a try. The more I try however, the more I realize how skilled this guy is. Hina as well, but whenever she fights me... she doesn't use her weapon. It isn't a problem, but is more embarrassing. Hiromasa tends to force me to do things alone when we go out hunting fuzen. I oblige every time with as much effort as I can. He brings out a healthy competitive spirit within me, but I always trace it back to simply wanting him to approve of me. Still haven't quit smoking though... This job has made me ripped however! I hate being vein, but... damn I look good! My arms now have some sculpture, even before I flex!


None of my friends suspect anything, because I simply told them I had found a job. They think I am a pizza boy at night! Of all things they would believe... Regardless we are still the same tight group we always were and little has changed. They don't seem to call as much, but that hasn't changed their happiness when I see them.


The book Hiromasa gave me is now completely read through. Every useful fact, every piece of advice, and all my skills had been forged into a crude fighting style all my own. Nothing fancy, but then again, I don't get a special spear or magic rings! It is funny that I can feel at home with people unrelated to me, when I have strangers I call "family". Speaking on their behalf, I have stepped up my efforts to be elusive. You would be surprised how many warm, cushy places I can teleport into. Ever been in a mall completely alone? They usually only catch me if I come home to early and fall asleep. It is painful seeing my apartment building and the blood red plume that is produced by it. The two of them make fuzen... That is all I have to say... They aren’t good people.


Tonight was gonna be special though. We were going to watch a meteor shower, near the woods! Some nearby counties got to see an eclipse a few months back, but meteors sound way cooler to see! Shio had declined, as he was going to watch with relatives. What made this really unique is that both Maxwell and Zenex also canceled! I would get to be alone with Lyra! A part of me wanted to express my true feelings and open myself up to her. I face death every night and it has changed my out look on the time I have. I am alive for now, but Lyra or I... I may not always be.


During this month I also mentally explored the possibility of other sin splitters in the world. What do sin splitters over in jolly ol' London have to deal with? The fog must make it hard if they fight at night! How about Japan or China? The dense population and the vast buildings have to be hard on them! The hardest would have to be places like Africa or Australia, where the land is already ripe with creatures able to kill you! I would like to meet more of my kind and see the split soul variety, as well as the unique people themselves.


"Heya V!" Lyra bounced in place as I pretended to be out of breath.


"Yo!" I raised my head for a greeting, my hands were full. "I bought you this!" I handed her the second slushie I had bought.


"A'ww thank you! Hold onto it, I'm carrying the food!" She referenced the bag from quick-slop and her backpack.

We hurried through the field as it was rapidly approaching night and stopped just on the edge of the trees. The city lights were interrupting, so we tried to get as far away as we could, without obscuting our vision with trees. Eating nachos, corn dogs, and tequitos, we eagerly awaited the star fall.


I saw a flash in the sky and a star tore across the black canvas of the universe. She sat up in awe and stared wide eyed at the amazing display. Silver trails of heavenly being, began careening across the celestial platform above. The randomness of it all had me shooting my vision around, unwilling to miss a second. The moon caught my attention as it reflected in Lyra's deep ocean eyes. It was intense in size, larger than I remember seeing. Staring at the shimmering glory of the shooting stars and the radiant moon, I felt miniscule. Though I play a bigger roll than most humans, I was still nothing. After about eleven minutes of enjoyment, it began to dull. Lighter streaks graced the cosmos above, but nothing bright enough to force me to watch intently.

"Vyon?" Lyra said in the near pitch black.

"Yeah?" I replied a bit louder, the crickets and wild life are noisy.

"I just wanted to hear your voice..." She seemed to admit, but I felt a fluttering in my stomach.


Part of me snapped into place and that caused confidence to spill forth. With a few pats of my hand, I grabbed a hold of hers and though she jumped... I think she liked it. We watched as the remaining few traveling stars flew by and continued the seemingly infinite journey.

"Hey Vyon?" Lyra asked my name again.

"Yeah Lyra?" Using her name felt appropriate.

"Thank you for being my friend. Since I met you, I have only liked you more." Her sincerity made me squeeze her hand a bit harder.

The next moment happened in slow motion. Her phones light came on and that distracted me. When I focused on her again, she was closer and our lips touched before I could react! My heart was in a dead sprint and I felt every pore begin to sweat. She began kissing me and I slowly lifted my other hand to steady her. It was as if a star fell and struck me. It is only appropriate that the stars were the opening act for her! Our lips parted a few times, but that just made the return so much sweeter! We kissed for a while until she sat back and her phone light began to fade out.


"Oh s**t I gotta get home!" She cried standing up and getting her bag.

I was still lost completely in bliss. It was like flying, but through clouds of joy and peace. Warm, was the best way to describe it. She gave me a very warm feeling and once it parted, I had to struggle my aura from appearing. In that moment, I forgot about almost everything. It was like my brain gave me a chance to replace all of my previous memories with this moment. If that had truly been the case, I would have accepted the deal. The pale gray light of the moon, paired with the teal color of Lyra's cellphone screen illuminated her well. My half open eyes lovingly scanned her smooth complexion and curved physique. She stopped a second later and shook me, but I was still light years away.


"Does this mean we're going out now?" Trying to sound cool failed, my voice came out dopier than a cartoon.

"You catch on fast don't ya?" She laughed and I did as well, but softer.

"Well you did make it pretty obvious!" Shrugging and laughing only made her hit me with her bag.


"If I don't get home soon, I wont be "going out", anytime soon!" She air quoted herself and I rose instantly.

Though I couldn't fly her home, I could carry her quickly across the field. It was like a firework went off inside of me! Like a bomb of pure tenderness detonated within my body. Suddenly all of my attachment and affection had a home! Within her, my world suddenly had a deeper meaning... I have always liked Lyra, since I was a little boy, first meeting her! But now, she's mine! I can call her my girlfriend and not be lying! That thought alone was so epic, it felt like I may begin flying against my will. Her arms firmly hanging around my neck were like a scarf made from heavens clouds. Seeing the flashes of, if not equal, but similar joy in her eyes made the world feel safe again...


"Thank you, Vyon..." She said lovingly as I set her down.

Lyra kissed my cheek, then my lips. Her soft luscious mouth aligned with mine perfectly and she gently brushed her cheek against mine. I told her I loved her, not expecting anything special in return, but she replied instantly. In this short minute, where she was cuddled against my body, all was right in the world. My stomach felt as though I was free falling, a feeling that can only be subdued by her attention. She began walking away, but I could only watch slack jawed and puppy eyed.

"Keep this a secret for now, k?" She turned and began striding backward, her hands folded behind her.

"Got it!" I nodded confidently.


"Good night Vyon." She said blowing me a kiss, which I felt hit my cheek.

Watching her run into the lightly illuminated shadows, I slowly reached up and touched my now enchanted cheek. It was unavoidable and my body suddenly burst into flames! Shredding upward into the sky, I spiraled sharply, unleashing a howl of victory into the night sky! I cheered and flew around like a mad man on drugs. She loved me! I can't tell anyone, but she loves me! Wait... I can tell Hiro and Hina! I have a girlfriend! Not even a screaming session from the fake folks can ruin my night. Go ahead and hit me, I'm invincible right now!

© 2017 Thatonedawg

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Aw finally it happened! I love how touching this chapter is and how much emotions went into it. I hope she stays around a bit more and seriously cannot wait to see how she will play a role in all of this. Awesome chapter!

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you! The sub cast of this book plays a pivotal role. Thank you for your continued support. It .. read more
Brittanie Bardwell

6 Years Ago

:) I'm happy that I can continue to read your work. You really have great ideas and portray them ver.. read more

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