The Christening

The Christening

A Chapter by The Golden Pen


hen Princess Rose was seven months old, King Anthony and Queen Anne held a Christening ceremony for her.  The princess was christened at Carlisle Cathedral---- The very Cathedral where her parents were married ten summers ago by the same Reverend that married them, Reverend Holins. They dressed Princess Rose in a silky white gown embroidered with pearls.   A crown of white roses served as a tiara. And so on a crisp autumn day, the little princess was christened.

     The king and queen thought hard upon naming this child.  It was quite difficult for she was endowed with so much beauty.  ‘Let’s see, Dear,’ said the king, ‘Angelica! That’s a nice name! Let’s call her Angelica!’ For indeed the princess was a tiny angel.   ‘Nay!’ said the queen, ‘Look at her lips and cheeks...truly they are quite crimson...we shall name her Rose.’ ‘Rose?  Ah, yes!  That’s a lovely name, my Dear!’ said the king.  ‘Rose it shall be then!’  The child looked upon her parents, smiled and gave off a delightful giggle. She filled the whole cathedral with joy and laughter.  ‘Why, Heavens! She is a merry child!’ said Reverend Holins.

The queen, looking suddenly upon the great Statue of the Virgin Queen exclaimed, ‘Mary!  I shall call her name....Princess Mary Rose!’  And so from thence forward the child was named Princess Mary Rose.   On that sunny autumn afternoon in mid November, when the leaves were dressed in gowns of deep amber, red and brown and the breeze rustled softly through the trees, the tiny princess was christened Princess Mary Rose of Carlisle. 


A great feast was organized in one of the most beautiful rooms of the palace.  Everyone in the entire kingdom from the peasants to the gentry to the aristocracy was invited.  They dined on pheasant, mashed potatoes, quail stew, fish, oysters, roasted pork, lamb, rabbit, and turkey.   For dessert there was a grand christening cake with the words, Princess Mary Rose in pink icing along with dishes of custard, boiled puddings, cakes and minced  pies. The musicians played well into the dawn and the palace was alive with the sounds of laughter, music and merriment.  The king hired puppeteers for the children and a Jester to entertain the adults.


 Princess Mary Rose grew up into a beautiful young girl.  She went about the castle singing like the nightingales and filled the castle with so much sunshine that the castle glowed with a golden sheen that was visible throughout the entire kingdom.

 Many times the princess would lock herself in her room inventing all sorts of stories she could later read to her little cousins and the other children in the castle.   She had the king’s toy maker create a giant puppet theatre with all sorts of puppets and props.  She used this puppet stage along with all sorts of props for storytelling.  Everyone loved to listen to the young princess and her wonderful stories.  Truly she had a great imagination.    Also, as she got older she amazed her parents with her dancing.  She would twirl and twirl her tiny feet and move her body in all manner of graceful moves.

The king was so delighted upon her inner and outer beauty that he decided that she would be the Heir to the throne upon his death.  So beautiful grew Princess Mary Rose with each passing day that all the young princes grew fond of her and their fathers vowed to have their sons betrothed to this royal belle.






© 2010 The Golden Pen

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