--- "Oh God, no!" ---

--- "Oh God, no!" ---

A Poem by Creepy Swine Guy

I fear that the audio clip of what went on in that school will haunt me forever ... and I wasn't even THERE. I wish I'd never heard it.

--- "Oh God, no!" ---

A shattering bolt out of the placid
nothingness of … just another day.

The reaper has come, to work, to school,
or to the mall. Wearing the blank face of an
angry co-worker, a deranged stranger, or
that quiet, brooding fellow student.

Over the din of fleeing feet, falling desks,
falling chairs, and the horrified screams of,
“Oh God, no!” from those who know they
are next to die, come the ear-splitting,
core-rattling blasts of instant death.

But it does not end when the shooting stops,
the bodies are cleared, or the blood is wiped up.
The dead and injured are only the first wave.
People die, but those terrible sounds do not.
Those sounds are demons who live forever
in the tortured minds and souls of survivors.

And then, there is the echo of tragedy.

Parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends,
waking up day after day, sometimes with
a smile, but only for that first moment, only
until the echo of tragedy hits them again,
morning after morning after morning.

Someone they love is dead and it's still
real, and it will be real forever.

© 2018 Creepy Swine Guy

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Listening is the hardest part. There are so many phone calls stored in my brain. Scared folks. Sad ones. Their only lifeline at the moment was the voice on the other end of the phone. Listening is hard.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Creepy Swine Guy

2 Years Ago

This sounds like a poem ... "The voice on the other end of the line"
i feel the sunken soul of your poem ..well done ..what can one say ...this is one that denies critique .. the words pour out and you wrote ... the closing so filled with empathy and where the focus needs to remain in this horrible aftermath ... on the families :(

Posted 2 Years Ago

Creepy Swine Guy

2 Years Ago

I'm to the point where it's one of my first thoughts every day ... "Please, not today. Not today."
Einstein Noodle

2 Years Ago

yes...i join in your prayer whole heartedly my friend ... it seems no easy answer ... mental illness.. read more
I, um, uh, wow "...speechless"

Posted 2 Years Ago

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