Am I the Only One Who Thinks About...

Am I the Only One Who Thinks About...

A Chapter by Brian Aguiar

Part Six of "Tales from the Alternate Universe"


Oftentimes, I find myself pondering strange matters that I’m not sure many others think about. It happens all the time, but I have a pretty active mind, so most of the time I forget them long before I get a chance to jot them down. This is a rare moment, because I was able to snare one before it drifted away to the realm of thoughts forgotten. Imagine how big and bountiful that database must be…. 

Where was I…? Phew. I almost lost my original thought for a moment there. Picture that treasure trove. Anyway, I was just thinking about the likelihood that there are some stories out there that people tell, really interesting ones, that I’m unwittingly in as some monstrous, mysterious, or mythical figure. I could be in none, or hundreds, and there’s just no way of me ever knowing. 

Maybe I’m an evil villain in someone’s story. Maybe I unknowingly caused a car crash, or I said something that was the most offensive or hurtful thing anyone’s said to the individual telling the story, or maybe I was innocently walking home late one night, and someone turned back, saw me, and thought I was stalking them. Then again, maybe I’m a hero to someone.  Maybe I was just some random guy in someone’s story who spoke to them at a bar one night, and blindly said something that changed their life for the better. Maybe I’ve saved a life, or told the funniest joke that someone’s ever heard that one time at that place. 

There’s even a chance that there’s a character in a book, show, or movie that was based on me. I’ll never know, and I hate that notion - because somewhere out there, there’s a person who has been the random individual in more stories than anyone else, and that would be an awesome recognition for that person to have. But, alas, like so many other things… It’ll never be known.

© 2020 Brian Aguiar

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Added on May 23, 2020
Last Updated on May 23, 2020
Tags: comedy, dark comedy, funny, laugh, joke


Brian Aguiar
Brian Aguiar

Providence, RI

High School English Teacher, Providence, RI. Aspiring novelist, author of "How I Met the Love of My Life Online... after failing fifty times" Visit more..