The Lonely Letters - 2

The Lonely Letters - 2

A Chapter by thebaldsensei


I watched it rained today. Drew my curtains, opened the windows and watched the rain. It fell light and swung into a full out storm. Much like the situation around me. Light, with a hint of recovery; yet surged into a deluge of worry and anxiety.

I don't sleep that well. When I was in therapy, the first thing we dealt with was my sleep pattern. And with that in check, it felt like things were better. I put on weight, I was working well, I even seemed sociable. Seemed sociable. Sure, I spoke to people but it was all surface.


I wish I was like that. Just droplets of moisture, to appear for a while; wet the ground and disappear when the sun came round the clouds. At times, life is like that. We are here, like the lifespan of mist. Never truly formed, just floating between existence of solids and vapour. What are we, truly? 

What is life? That's a thought for another page.


I need to close the windows, draw back the curtains and turn off my lamp. I need to sleep. 

© 2020 thebaldsensei

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Added on August 2, 2020
Last Updated on August 2, 2020