Washed by the Sea

Washed by the Sea

A Poem by Katie Flores

I no longer wish for the sun, nor the rain to come save me.


Bring the waves to the shore, for this house has gone to the sea.

 Waves are splashing to my face, rinsing away the sin and the dirt. 

The grime and muck are being washed away.

Every time this is being brought to my face. I move away, listening to the birds and seagulls, I listen to the music that the sea is singing to me, lulling me into the peace that I wish to stay.

I no longer wish for the sun, nor the rain to come to save me. 

I have been washed by the sea.

 My time has been cut short by the yearning of a dull heart.

 A twisting knife, sharpening the pain for no reason, but to make me feel.

 I have been washed by the sea, but the sand sticks to what has not been dried.

 I have been made unclean, standing stagnant, wait for the high tide. I cannot un-wish my selfishness, nor un-wish this pain. 

© 2012 Katie Flores

Author's Note

Katie Flores
Its a free flow write.... what do you think?

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How often do the people close to us lie to spare us pain? How often do we lie to ourselves to be free from pain? Sometimes, we can't bear to accept the greater truth about our seemingly-imperfect life.
We could appear to be good at times when we are in grief. I think this is the great paradox of our condition that the we have sought to explain and understand. Unfortunately, however, until we found absolute understanding within ourselves we needed some way of coping, of protecting ourselves from the unjustness or pain emanating both from within and from the world at large. A meaningful piece that really made me think.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Katie Flores

8 Years Ago

thanks for your review Maryanne :)
Mary Ann M.

8 Years Ago

You're welcome!

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Added on November 5, 2012
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Katie Flores
Katie Flores

I see pine, not palm trees, i see forest and dirt, not sand and beaches, CA

i am starting to find myself. for the longest time i thought i could only be one thing, but im starting to realize... i can't. And well there's not much else to say... I am a pretty plain person, a.. more..