It's big..

It's big..

A Chapter by DannyE

Also easy enough to get lost. It's not easy to find my way around here, but, I've been here a long time. I should know by now.

Walking around the TARDIS. It's not as easy as I thought. But, this is quite a huge place, and, really really easy to not know your way around. Or, mine, for that matter, seeing as there was nobody else around. Why? Because, the Doctor took me on board, for some reason.
There may have been more than twenty doors on each wall, each corridor, and would I hell be caught trying to count the rooms. Nobody would. Nobody sane, anyway. But it's quite hard, knowing that, because I'm here now and on the verge of going insane myself. But, for the sake of the Doctor, I can do it. If it means going even a little insane, it's worth it. He shows me the stars; shows me what his life is like; the dangerous in the adventures we have.. they're always so good. Always something memorable, something I'll take with me to the grave. If that ever happens, I'm not sure.
Aanyway, yes, this is a big place. I'm currently following some sort of foods smell, and it seems to be coming from the kitchen. Well, one of the thirty odd kitchens we have in here. It's not a bad one either, the only reason I'm cautious around him in a kitchen, is because normally he sets it on fire, either that or just decides to blow something up. Did I ever mention the time he broke his ankle in the kitchen? Don't ask, I don't know either. It was a pretty unusual thing to happen. In a kitchen, anyway. It's not as bad as half of his accidents, well, not that I know of.
I've been here for around.. two months. Even though it feels like it, there is never any time in a time machine. There's no day, no night, no hours. But time seems to drag on if you're not doing something exciting, because it's a waste, just sitting around in a time machine. There is so, so many adventures to go on, all waiting for you out there. It's quite good, wherever we go. One thing that's never left out is the amount of danger we get in.. don't forget the running, we always end up running for miles (if that is what the planet calls them.), but I'm just getting used to it. Keeps us fit, too.
Standing against this wall won't do anything, I thought to myself, quickly pushing off of the wall and continuing down the corridor I was currently in. Stopping close to one of the doors, I cautiously held the door handle, and opened it, just to reveal.. nothing. I guess that was an emergency exit for the TARDIS. In case of the Doctor cooking. That's my thought, anyway. Maybe Sexy put it there for that, as well.
'Doctor?' I said, stepping back and shutting the door, my voice echoing slightly through the corridor, it seemed empty. And quiet. Too quiet for my liking. 'DOCTOR!' I shouted, getting more than slightly frustrated, I'd been looking for hours now. Well, it felt like hours, I wasn't too sure, as I mentioned, we're in a time machine, it could have been milliseconds for all I know.
I was expecting some sort of reply, or some sort of AAGH, but, no. Nothing. With not hearing anything, I gave up on this corridor, he obviously wasn't down in this section. How many more were there to go? I was quite intrigued to how many rooms he could actually fit into this place. The first time I came here I always was as to how he fitted this all in here.
Now, I moved on back to the console room, just to find who? The Doctor. Sitting there, on his console room's couch, eating some sort of.. souffle. Well, it wasn't burnt, that was probably an advantage this time, for him. I figured he must've been proud, sitting there like that and eating it at the same time. We normally had to throw his cooking out of the doors, because it was that bad. Not when I cooked though, mine was fine but he described it as all 'humaney' and 'not right', which wasn't very fair. Maybe, just maybe the next time I'll call his creations too 'time lordy' or something.
Getting back to the point, I slowly and quietly moved up to the console, on the other side of where he sat, and looked around to him, he hadn't noticed me yet. Well. How obvious. He was too.. gloated about what he had just managed to cook. Or he had bought it. Later, I would go and check the kitchen to see whether he'd bought it, or actually managed it this time.

Hold on, I had just been a corridor away! He was ignoring me when I called him! I would soon enough get him back for that. I'd just have to think of something. How rude of him, ignoring me! I'm only a vulnerable human being, and I could've been in any situation. Then again, it's his time machine. He would know if something was up. Or would he?
'BOO!' I shouted, looking over at him for his reaction, when really, he just jumped ever so slightly and put the plate down, turning his head to me. I frowned. 'You're no fun these days.'
"Hah. You don't get it," he shrugged at me, "I've been having all the fun in the kitchen and you couldn't be bothered to come and find me."
I shook my head, coming round to the same side of the console, but crossing my arms and frowning even more at him, huffing slightly. He just sat there, both his legs on the couch, looking up at me with raised brows. Even though he had none, practically.
'I tried,' I sighed, running a hand through my hair. 'I tried finding you. How many corridors do you have in here? There's more than ninety rooms in every corridor!'
He jumped at the slight exclamation, and sat up properly, accidentally kicking the plate over, but he was quite lucky it was plastic. He seemed to like them. But he leant down as quick as he had, and picked his red fork up, quickly dusting what there wasn't, dirt, off of it.
"Favorite fork," he smiled up at me, but the smile faded seeing my emotion, it was mixed angry, and frustrated. "I'm sorry, listen, I'll bring you with me next time, just so you can watch me so I don't hurt myself. Adult supervision," he mimicked what she had explained to him the last time he cut himself while (trying) to cook. He even did the finger quotes. Now, now he was getting cheeky.
I just decided to walk around to the other side of the console, sitting in his spinny chair and turning it to face the doors, huffing from him. And he called me childish.

© 2012 DannyE

Author's Note

Any grammar problems you see? I'm continuing this soon, don't worry!

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Added on September 5, 2012
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