Dear D. Grey Man

Dear D. Grey Man

A Poem by TheEverHungryOne

Don't take this too seriously: I am bored.

Dear Every-thing-D.-Grey-Man,

Greetings. I am most peeved with you at the moment. Well, actually, there is little sanity left for me to be peeved. It has been 76 days since there was a chapter update.... not that I am counting or anything.... of course not. This would be vexing under normal circumstances. (I mean, let's face it, Soul Eater Not hasn't updated since June) However, in the last chapter, the love of my fictional-life was put under extreme danger. Not to mention all the other outrages things that have occurred. Though I will admit that the last of D. Grey Man based things have inspired me to write and draw a great deal out of sheer withdrawal. Yes, that is correct, I am a weeeee bit addicted to D. Grey Man.... Mostly Allen.... but I LOVE that story as well. Therefore, for the sake of my dwindling sanity, update... like now would be great. Since that is not very likely, I would also request that my wonderful friends write/draw me something D. Grey Man related to hold me over, for I am in the depths of despair.

Mrs. Walker

© 2012 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

Hahaha guys, first of all, don't freak out: I am not THAT addicted to DGM. I wrote this mostly out of boredom. And out of a passing wish to read something DGM related. This was very amusing to write :D
Everybody go get in touch with your over dramatic inner girl! Woot woot!
... and write/draw me something if you have time. I can also write/draw you something if I have time :D I should be much free-er now that all of my college junk is complete.
Also, I have the prologue of "Golem's Demise" up in Manga form on DA :D

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I am THAT addicted to DGM! xD I recently wrote two poems, one to Katsura and one about the 14th if you're interested. ^^
This was fun to read and made me laugh out loud! xD

Posted 9 Years Ago

IS this even a poem? Oh well deals this... :-)

Read/review a few of my writings and i'll do the same to you

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ok darling:)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Okie dokie ぺこぺこ-ちゃん!!! I'll do something for ya'!! (^_−)−☆
(I'm equity obsessed with Pandora Hearts as you are with D.Gray-Man)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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phx, AZ

I LOVE FOOD! other then that I am a Renaissance girl (aka I have a lot of hobbies all of which I do intensely) and i am Dyslexic.... so if my writing gets confusing thats why. Oh and I go to a M.. more..

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