Young Dukes

Young Dukes

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

Tyki and Neah may have just signed up for a lot more trouble than they originally planed for.


"Come on Neah, hurry up or just stay behind!" hissed Tyki.
"Easy for you to say; your a f*****g giant." snarled Neah as he struggled to clamber up behind his cousin.
"Someone fell from the window in the upper floors and now the waters suddenly start to recede after a 1,000 years. Coincidence? I think not." said Tyki as he reached down to hoist the slightly younger boy up onto the roof next to him.
"Still, this is where," Neah's voice drooped to a whisper, "women live. If we're caught I don't even want to know what they'd do to us!"
"Absolutely nothing. Remember; you're the Millennium Earl's youngest, and let's not forget, favorite son. They can't do s**t to you so calm down you little coward." said Tyki leading the way down indoors.
"I am NOT a coward!" Neah hissed, "You should know better than anybody, all the s**t we get into should prove that. I just have no idea what we're dealing with here! The Earl told me that women can be really f*****g insane!"
"As if we're not." Tyki whispered back rolling his eyes. The two golden eyed boys crept quietly through halls that were frighteningly clean and hygienic. Suddenly the door in front of them opened and two girls came out chatting loudly. Without thinking both boys dove for cover in separate near by rooms. 
"And so I was like 'you hoe, don't tell me what to do' and she was like 'Rylie, that will be a week of detention for you' I mean like what the f**k? She needs to grow up! she's teaching teenagers, what should she expect? f*****g suck ups? well if she wanted that she should have gone into politics or some other s**t besides teaching."
"Right? I know! she so..." the conversation of the two girls faded out and Tyki breathed a sigh of relief. 
"What... are... you...?" came a startled voice from behind him. Tyki jumped to his feet in surprise and spun around ready to run to find a very short girl standing shocked behind him. But there was more to be seen, visible only to his golden eyes; around the girl floated the strange illusion of butterflies. She flinched at his movement and her yes popped slightly as she tipped her head back to look at his face, "Oh god you're a giant!"
"I am not a giant," growled Tyki forgetting for moment that he was speaking to a girl, "It's not my fault you lot are all midgets." 
"What did you call me?" growled the girl, "You've got some nerve for a trespasser. Give me a good reason why I shouldn't report your a*s?"
"No one would believe you." snorted Tyki.
"They'd believe me when I bring your f*****g corpse all with me." she said balling up her fists. Tyki blinked in surprise and then burst out in laughter.
"Oh goodness, if I'd known girls were this amusing I would have snuck up here long ago." said Tyki between chuckles as he ran a hand through his hair. Stories and facts that he had learned over the years clicked into place. There was a reason the Earl's family were nick named иоач; they had the natural ability to sniff out those of Elflien decent. He smiled at the girl getting a devilish idea, he extended his hand, "I am Lord Tyki Mikk."
"Liar, no way a Lord would have such s****y manners." she said crossing her arms and eyeing him suspiciously. Tyki suppressed another smile; he didn't want to scare her off. He wanted this weird little girl for some reason and he found himself adjusting his plans accordingly. 
"So I have been informed. Yet it is true. Actually I am here to investigate a strange occurrence." Said Tyki casually. The girls gaze immediately sharpened. Tyki's mind scrambled. Elflien had all but died out, but he had heard that none the less they provided an unimaginable amount of power to those who possessed them.
"...what sort of occurrence?" she said slowly trying to sound indifferent. This time Tyki really did grin; she was hooked.
"A girl seems to have fallen out of a window up here and caused quite a disturbance in the witch water." said Tyki smoothly; sometimes the truth was the most convenient means of deception. 
"Some one fell out of a window?! no way! how on earth would- oh gods it was Rachel wasn't it? F**k I bet it is, who else would fall out of a window?!" said the girl pacing. Tyki watched her with no little fascination. She suddenly rounded on him.
"My name is Siana de Berg." she said Tyki nodded in comprehension, the de Berg's were another old family of high standing. This couldn't be any more perfect, "tell me all you know about what happened to my friend."
"No body was found, we think she may be still hanging around somewhere. Possibly in the boys floors." Tyki decided not to mention the fact that they though she might have some witch blood in her which was his and Neah's reason for searching the upstairs for clues about her... and to see if there were any more like her. He had been right to check.
"Please let me go down there to look for her! you said you were a Lord right? surely you could get me permission! She might be hurt! I know her well, I might be able to find her!" Tyki inwardly rejoiced, not only had he found his own personal source of power, but she had personal connections to the one who had caused the receding waters. He was never going to let this one go.
"I wish could, but there is only one way and there is no way you'd go for it." sighed Tyki melodramatically. She stared at him hard.
"Oh just tell me already. It's obvious that you're dying to, so skip the act." she said bluntly.
"Well, I could take you down to the lower levels if..." Tyki smiled looking hungrily at her, "You agree to be matched to me."
"W-what?!" spluttered the girl her hard expression slipping in shock. Well, thought Tyki smugly, she didn't see that one coming.
Honestly Tyki didn't care about the Elflien's response. He had already decided this little Tease would be his. And as nephew to the Millennium Earl he was sure he'd get his way.
"HOLLY F**K THE ALIEN'S ARE ATTACKING!" screamed a dark skinned girl named Yasmine as the boy tumbled head over heals into her room. He had only him to widen his pretty gold eyes before Yasmine brought her bedside lamp down on his head. The boy crumpled to the ground and Yasmine proceeded to scream and run around the room in pointless panic. No one heard her because the teachers had long since decided to sound-proof her room saying that she might break their eardrums otherwise; Yasmine was not known for her volume control. In any event the panicking girls rampage was stopped quite suddenly when she tripped and feel on her face. Immediately she drew herself into a ball and Ninja rolled (a technique she and Rachel had read about in their secret perusals of the forbidden books about things before the Great Fall) underneath her bed. 
"What. Is. It." Yasmine hissed to no one in particular as she watched the unmoving form of the boy suspiciously. Eventually she snuck back out and cautiously poked it. Then poked it again. The poked it a million times for good measure.
"It's more satisfying when their conscious." Yasmine decided out loud. She turned him over and stared at his face and the curious stars scarred on his forehead.
"So pretty..." she murmured leaning her face close to his to get a better look. So engrossed was she that she didn't see the boy's eyelashes flutter and than open slowly. Then he caught sight of her.
"AHHHHHH!" Neah screamed.
"KYAAAAAAA!!!" Yasmine screamed.
"OUCH!" yelled Neah covering his ears and wincing.
"YOU B*****D! I HATE YOU ALREADY!" Yasmine screamed at him.
"What the HELL is wrong with you!?" shouted Neah shoving her away, "The Earl was right; women are freaking insane! You hit me with a LAMP!"
"Quite the F**K down!"
"AGH!" groaned Neah in exasperation throwing himself on the ground, "I give up..."
"Hey..." said Yasmine watching him lay motionless for a moment, then her eyes brightened suddenly, "hey! heyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyhe-"
"You're fun to mess with." snickered Yasmine, "what's your name?"
"Earl Neah Walker."
"Maya talker?"
"No, Neah Walker."
"Oooh, Nia Volker!"
"NO! it's NEAH! N-E-A-H! NEAH!"
" need to get your panties in a bunch... Neara"
"This could actually be quite fun." grinned Yasmine evilly.
"Just... kill me..." moaned Neah in defeat.

© 2013 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

So I decided to make Neah a bit more young and immature.
This was really funny to write. Arrogant, spoiled иоач. They've no idea what's in store for them. I feel like both couples would start out hating each others guts and trying to take advantage of each other when they first met. Oh well, back to Sarah and I in next chapter.

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Hahaha! XD This chapter was soooo funny!! Loved it! ^-^

Posted 10 Years Ago

TYKKIIIIIIIIII!!! is all I have to say :D but god, what a giant. She should stop eating so much :/

Posted 10 Years Ago

F*****G LOVE IT SO FAR!!!!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I LOVE FOOD! other then that I am a Renaissance girl (aka I have a lot of hobbies all of which I do intensely) and i am Dyslexic.... so if my writing gets confusing thats why. Oh and I go to a M.. more..

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne