Compatible Two

Compatible Two

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

This is pretty much a YazzyxNeah chap... no this is completely a YxN chap. But it will be shorter because of that.

Compatible Two

"Let me go you witch!" hissed Neah struggling in his ropes, "When my father hears about this-!"
"Is that supposed to make me want to let you go?" asked Yasmine, Neah grumbled under his breath though Yasmine could not see his face she grinned; his expression was probably priceless. After the sudden blackout Neah had tried to make a run for it... till Yasmine sat on him and tied him up, "You've got to stay with me till I find my friends. Then we'll decide what to do with you."
"Why can't we wait till the back-out's over at least?" whined Neah.
"No! You'll try and run away again and I'll be all by myself in the dark!" huffed Yasmine planting her foot on his head and tightening the ropes around his arms.
"Ow! owowowowOOOW-! YOU INSANE WOMAN!" screeched Neah.
"Stop being such a baby." reprimanded Yasmine, "I am not stupid; All the дкцма running around, the alarms blaring, that rumble we felt in the building earlier... and then some creature practically bashes down my door and then expects me to let it go? Hell no."
"You b***h..." snarled Neah.
"Watch your potty mouth f****r!" Yasmine pouted and began dragging Neah through the halls again. The she stopped suddenly, "Where are we?"
"How the hell should I know? I am a guy; I've never been to the top floors before." said Neah grumpily. 
"Hey! It's harder to recognize landmarks when you can't see anything!" huffed Yasmine defensively.
"Oh, really?" said Neah in mock surprise, "Well maybe we should have f*****g waited for the lights to turn back on."
"Well-! Just- Shut up fool! You don't know nothing!" said Yasmine feeling her cheeks heat up. 
"Yasmine? what are you doing up young lady-?!" came a stern voice calling from several rooms over... Yasmine supposed she should have tried to be quieter...
"S**T! TEACHER ALERT! MOVE YOUR A*S NOW!" it'd probably still be a good idea to be quieter Yasmine mused to her self as she threw herself and Neah through the nearest door and- there was no room... it was a pit... they were "falLLIIIIIIIING!!!!!"
They only when they landed in a pile of trash with a *FWOOSH* did Yasmine realize that she must have thrown them down the garbage shoot.
"Ew! Ew! eweweweweweeeeeeeewwwww!!!!" cringed Yasmine climbing on top of Neah who at least wasn't a pile of nasty rotting things... Although he was cussing enough that one might be deceived.
"F*****g untie me already!" demanded Neah at last.
"Okay..." said Yasmine in a small voice. It had all been very fun so far, but now Yasmine was starting to get genuinely scared. Once Neah was free he attempted to shover her off but she clutched tightly to his shirt and kept him down. Trying to keep from hyervetalating (especially in this air. ew...) Yasmine leaned her forehead against his chest and breathed slowly out through mouth. She could feel his heart beating just as quickly as her own... though she noticed that it had faltered slightly as she drew closer (though she had no knowledge of boys and what that might potentially mean) Strangely, it comforted her. 
She wasn't alone in this mess.
"Hey..." said Neah tentatively sounding awkward as he picked something out of the garbage. Whatever his though was though Yasmine never found out because with a rusty creak of hinges the garbage hold suddenly propelled them into a steep shoot. For one scary moment Yasmine lost her hold on Neah and she thought she would be forever lost in the almost suffocating movement of the garbage. Then suddenly he was there again,grabbing hold of her with a suffocating force that somehow gave her hope. And then their journey came to an abrupt halt as the were flushed finally into a mountain of garbage. Yasmine had a brief moment of relief which quickly turned to terror as they were buried. She panicked as she realized she was too weak to move away the crushing weight pressing heavier and heavier from all around her.
"Oi! Witch girl, quick take my hand!" hissed Neah. Yasmine completely forgot to be offended and simply did as she was told. Burning heat bloomed between their hands and rose in temperature until it reached an almost painful level.
"And... Forward..." muttered Neah shoving their joined hands upward. Flames blasted forth and incinerated a path out of the junk. 
"Come on, quick before it collapses again!" urged Neah.
"I-I can't! I am stuck!" cried Yasmine. Neah looked back at her and let her hand from his. The pathway began to crumble and he glanced at it before gritting his teeth. 
"Troublesome girl..." muttered Neah dropping down and wrapping his arms around her waist and heaving her out. He then scooped her up properly before she could try and stand and ran with her. The two of the prolapsed outside in a smelly meson the squeeshy fungi that was the only thing that would grow in this light-less world. Speaking of light...
"Why... can I see you?" breathed Yasmine wide-eyed. Neah froze as well and the two of them simotainously looked to the sky. It wasn't light (at least no one who had ever seen daylight would call it light)  The sky was a DARK grey color. But for the two teens who had lived in a world with a pitch black sky their whole life it was as if the world was ending.
"My father... is going to be so pissed..." said Neah weakly.
"I don't ... get it... any of it... why is this happening? whats wrong with the sky? what was that thing we did with the fire? and who is your father?" asked Yasmine hugging her self. This was too much. Too much change in too little time. Neah looked scared beyond his wits but he grabbed her arms and gent ally lifted her to her feet.
"Let's wash off. Come on..." he said avoiding her eyes. He led her far around the land fill and out to the lake. Across the water they saw the outline of the castle. As they watched as light returned to a window at the bottom of the castle and spread back through the entire fortress.
"What was that? is that the maintenance room down there?" asked Yasmine. 
"...No. That's where the dorms are." said Neah softly.
"But why-?"
"Let's wash your hair." interrupted Neah pulling her into the water, "Kneel down."
"Isn't this water cursed?" said Yasmine in alarm cringing against Neah.
"Up until this afternoon yeah." agreed Neah.
"I-I'll try to explain... but its hard... normally I wouldn't tell anybody this stuff, especially an insane girl like you-"
"hey!" huffed Yasmine.
"-But the two of us are in this together now so I don't think it can be avoided." sighed Neah.
"... I am not sure I want to be in anything together with you after that garbage..." muttered Yasmine as she knelt down and allowed Neah to wash the grime out of her hair and off her back. His fingers felt tingly on her skin but Yasmine chalked it us to how f*****g cold it was.
"Dummy, not like that." chuckled Neah inspire of himself, Yasmine huffed at the insult and stuck out her tong, "come on little witch, how am I supposed to explain anything if you keep side tracking me?"
"Meaner, I told you before that my name is Yasmine." sulked Yasmine determined to be mad at him forever more no matter what he told her.
"What?!" snapped Yasmine.
"Just trying it out. Is it spelled with a "j" or a "y"?"
"Why would it be spelled with a "y"?" said Yasmine trying to designee her surprise... no one assumed that it started with a "y" ... though it did.
"The origin of the name started with a 'y'... it was only once the name was translated into other languages did people start spelling it with a 'j'. In Prussia (a land that used to exist before the Great Fall) the name was supposed to represent a small delicate white flower those who bore the name were thought to be carriers of beauty, love, and unity." said Neah with a distant look on his face.
"Beauty? Love? Looks like I was inaccurately named then... though it is with a 'y'." joked Yasmine trying to lighten the strange mood that suddenly permeated the air.
"I think... it suits you perfectly." said Neah softly and Yasmine felt his finger tips brush against her cheek softly.
"OOOOkay...!" Yasmine said her face burning... damn looks like she couldn't even manage to stay mad at him for a whole minute, "You are definitely trying to get out of telling me what you know!"
"Perhaps I was. But I wasn't lying." said Neah intensely, Yasmine couldn't seem to hold his gaze... she swore there were little insects trying to eat out her insides as she scrubbed the trash off the rest of her... Neah was taking a ally long time on her hair... he should have been done five times over by now... "You, Yasmine, are a witch. Or rather I suppose the proper name is "Elfling" but that is what your race is most commonly remembered by. The water was cursed by witches because they were trying to prevent the rise of the Earl. My father... the Millennium Earl, hates witches. He always ranted to me how they would use the lure of their фйиосеисз to seduce young men into their power and then use them as puppets to control the world." said Neah.
"YOUR DAD IS THE MILLENNIUM EARL?!" exclaimed Yasmine practically shattering his eardrums.
"Yes," said Neah not looking happy about this fact.
"I tottaly -accidentally - kidnapped the Millennium-f*****g-Earls son... s**t... I am sooo screwed." breathed Yasmine.
"Anyway, a witch-er... elfling, can only use their power when linked to a man. Most didn't in the past in fact.They wouldn't even realize that they were witches until they married sometimes (which is the reason for the strict no-contact between men and woman now) However once they found a compatible that is who they had to use for the rest of their life. So when my father decided to take the world out of the control of the Elfling and their King, he first got rid of their compatible partners, their ежояsiст's, and left them completely vulnerable to be taken out. But there were certain artifacts that enhanced the Elflings power- no thats not the right way of phrasing it; it gave them the power to control the elements/foundations that made up the world. This power was encased in five knifes and one sword (that could control the five)." said Neah holding up the thing he had scooped out of the garbage earlier.
"Is that-?!" exclaimed Yasmine twisting to see faint glowing blade better.
"It's one of the knifes. I though I recognized the symbol 火 in the trash room... and judging from the result when we tapped into it's power I was correct; it is the blade of fire." said Neah handing it to her.
"That's so cool!" exclaimed Yasmine taking it into her hands and turning it in her fingers. The knife responded to her touch and caused flying sparks and dancing shadows to be cast forth. Neah stared at her with a conflicted expression.
"It's cool until you realize that it puts the two of us on the Earl's death list." said Neah quietly. Yasmine stared at him in disbelief.
"But you're the Earl's son..."
"His favorite son..." agreed Neah.
"But shouldn't he just be glad his son  has become so powerful and can help keep the country safe?!" insisted Yasmine.
"You would think that... but father does not allow for any competition... not even from me." said Neah quietly.
"Oh Neah!" said Yasmine turning and throwing her arms around him. She felt his stiffen under her grip, "You're daddy is a such HUGE meaner! don't worry, we'll just throw the knife away! I don't want the power anyway! I don't want you to get in trouble from your dad because of me!"
"He would still kill us if he knew I was your- your ежояsiст now..." said Neah in a defeated voice that was also slightly- what? nervous?
"He doesn't have to know! we'll just meet in secret!" Yasmine had not even thought about what they would do when they returned to the castle... somehow the thought of being separated from this strange boy was slightly painful... Yasmine blamed it on this new magical connection they apparently shared... that would explain the strange heat she felt within her and Neah hesitantly wrapped his arms around her. It was definitely the fire magic... yeah definitely.
"You still want to see me? I've gotten you into such a mess... we've only known each other a two days. Surely it would be better if we just went back to pretending we didn't know each other existed." said Neah sounding depressed.
"NO!" said Yasmine making Neah jump, "Maybe it's only been two day's, but that just proves that we have years and years before you are allowed to escape from being annoyed by me!"
"...Yeah." said Neah suddenly holding her tighter, "Years and years of annoyance."
"You're weird..."
Neah stared at the brown skinned girl curled into his side for warmth. They had taken refuge till their cloths dried in a little cave and then used their combined power to light a small fire (actually it took several tries, Yasmine was a little too enthusiastic about flames and they nearly blew up the place twice) and the sprawled together in front of it.
Their conversation from before was on his mind. Yasmine was absolutely right. He should throw the knife away. The Earl would forgive him without punishment if Yasmine was not around. But what she didn't know was that the Earl would know immediately that he had become an ежояsiст. The иоач not only could see the Elfling, but they reacted heavily to the presence of фйиосеисз. No she was right; the Earl would not immediately kill his favorite son... He would kill Yasmine. And then he would kill Neah for protecting Yasmine and defying him. Because protect her he would. Neah could not understand it, just a few hours earlier he had been contemplating how much he hated the girl, and now... now she had somehow become the most precious thing in his world. And even that seemed to be growing and changing into... something.

What was happening to him?

© 2013 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

Good use of government class... definitely.... Their love is progressing a little to quickly I think. I may slow it down a bit. Still, Neah is a cutie. I didn't write anymore on this actually, I just copied out what was in my notebook. More of everyone else next chap!

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best part: you shut your potty mouth you little f****r :D

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