Love'Ya LongTime

Love'Ya LongTime

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

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Love'Ya LongTime

"Mommy! mommy! guess what! guess what!" squealed Zander running through the back door with his twin Seph hot on his heals.
"You're hungry?" guessed Rachel mildly as she set her youngest son Ray up in his highchair. Well they said to guess, and in this household it was always a safe guess.
"Yes!" said both twins excitedly momentarily forgetting what they were going to tell her at the prospect of food.
"Faim!(hungry)" yelled Ray as well smacking his spoon on the table excitedly and boning up and down in his chair. Hungry one of the first words all her children had learned... first in sign language and then vocally... Rachel half sighed and half laughed at her children. 
She had first taught them sign because babies could learn that so much faster then actual speech and it lowered the frustration levels considerably. Then each child had been given a language that she would speak to only them in, then they spoke english when they were talking to everyone including the extended family, and then of course they were living in Japan currently so they picked up on that too. Her children were slower to learn speech because of this (though they could sign so it was okay) but once they did they had quite impressive vocabularies. 
"садиться." Rachel instructed Zander who tried to fallow her back to the kitchen, pointing back to the table where his brothers were already seated.
""а мать." said Zander meekly running back to the table while Rachel brought out a tray of little sandwiches and fruit. 
"كيف تجدك؟" asked Rachel with concern pressing her hand to Seph's forehead. Her little Seph had always been a bit sickly, as was common with twins (one twin getting more nutrients when they were developing then the other causing one to be stronger), he was a little pale from running around outside though thankfully he didn't have a temperature.
"أنا الأم غرامة" said Seph sweetly.
"But mommy mommy! you didn't really guess what we can to tell you!" said Seph with his little one track mind.
"What were we going to tell me?" asked Rachel smiling and giving in as she began the process of feeding Ray without letting him get his little over eager self covered head to toe in his snack.
"Did you know-"
"-that life-"
"-is like a packet of chewing gum?" the twins said. Rachel blinked rather rapidly before continuing to feed Ray.
"I did not know that," said Rachel mildly, "Do tell me, why is life like a packet of chewing gum?"
"No idea," said Zander.
"But Natsu's dad was out in the yard and told us-" Seph continued his twins thought process.
"-and Natsu says his dad is always right." concluded Zander.
"Except when he says something different the Aunty Yazzy, then she's right." whispered Seph seriously.
"Hmmm..." said Rachel not bothering to correct them. She glanced at her watch and then out the window, "Are you two all the way packed for tonight? Elcie and Natsu will be here soon for your sleepover."
"Yes." said Zander with a straight face while Seph ducked his head shame faced. 
"на самом деле? ™ы хотели бы показать мне с™ой ​​чемодан Zander Уайлдером-Walker?(really? would you like to show me your suitcase Zander Wilder-Walker?)" said Rachel with her hands on her hips with a mock stern face.
"Я только что ™спомнил то, что я забыл ™зять! сохранить с™ой ​​чемодан за последние! (I just remembered something I forgot to pack! save my suitcase for last!)" said Zander hurriedly grabbing three sandwiches before dashing up the stairs on his stubby little legs. Rachel's eyes twinkled mischievously already knowing that her dramatic little son had not even begun to pack his things. 
"وكنت Seph؟ رأيت بعض الأشياء كنت بالفعل من الباب (and you Seph? I saw some of you things already by the door.)" Rachel asked.
"انتهيت تقريبا. أردت أن أحضر كتابا ... ولكن لم أستطع اتخاذ قرار واحد أردت أن أحضر لذلك حاولت أن تجلب لهم جميعا ... لكنها لن تناسب في حقيبتي.(I am almost done. I wanted to bring a book...  but I couldn't decide which one I wanted to bring so I tried to bring them all... but they wouldn't fit in my bag.)" said Seph tearfully.
"مجرد اختيار اثنين من حبي (just pick two my love)" laughed Rachel ushering the child upstairs as well before returning to clean Ray up and set him down on the floor with some blocks. Suddenly his little brown and white head looked up and the small baby began to squeal and kick his legs excitedly. 
"Hello, how is my little Ray of sunshine?" grinned Allen scooping the flailing baby up and giving him a kiss. 
"Ray gets a greeting but not me?" Rachel teased leaning against the doorframe looking fondly at her husband, "I am wounded forever more."
"That is tragic, isn't it Ray?" said Allen solemnly, though his eyes danced with humor, "Pardon me little one, I must properly greet your mother."
With that he set the Ray back down with his blocks and stepped over him to his wife whom he scooped right off her feet and kissed her deeply. Rachel relaxed comfortably in his arms and twined her fingers in his white locks and pressed herself close.
"Sheesh Allen, didn't know you had it in you. Keep going like that and we'll have another Wilder-Walker on our hands." drawled Neah from the doorway causing the two to jump apart.
"Don't be a troll Neah, they were having a moment." said Yasmine smacking her husband over the head, "Though if we are on the subject, I adore Nephews but I wouldn't mind a Niece or two."
"Yazzy... just. No." sighed Rachel rubbing her forehead while Allen spluttered slightly, "If you want another girl in the family so much you and Neah can always-"
"Oh god Rachel! Don't give him ideas!" said Yasmine covering her face.
"Ah Rachel, clever as always. Looks like it will be you guy's turn to host a sleepover next." Neah leered.
"Where is Gaara, Elcie and Natsu?" asked Allen quickly in hopes of changing to slightly less embarrassing subject. 
"Ah, Toothless is keeping them entertained in the backyard so we thought we'd take the chance to grab the littles." grinned Yasmine recovering.
"Speaking of which they should be down stairs by now..." commented Rachel looking around. Right on queue a little blur of brown and white came barreling down the stairs and tackled Yasmine around the middle.
"Aunty Yazzy!!!!!" squealed Zander dangling from her waist and letting the rest of his body go limp. 
"Zander!" grinned Yasmine ruffling his white streaked brown hair, "How are my favorite nephew twins?"
"Wonderful!" declared Zander happily as his mother handed Neah Ray with a backpack of supplies.
"But Aunty Yazzy, aren't we the only nephews you have that are twins?" asked Seph frowning as he made his much slower decent down the stairs with a bag that definitely didn't have only two books inside.
"All the more reason to love you!" declared Yasmine with a smile.
"Can we go now?! I want to see Natsu!" said Zander excitedly. 
"Yes, Yes we're going." laughed Yasmine scooping Seph up in her arms and taking Zander by the hand before heading out the door with a smile at Rachel and Allen. 
"I'd advise having Timcanpy stick close to Zander and Natsu. They love him and he can act as a sort of supervisor for when they try to sneak off. Which we all know they will. Plus you can use to his play-back memory to double check whatever mischief they'll get themselves into." grinned Allen as Timcanpy fluttered onto Neah's shoulder.
"Yeah, those two are quite a dangerous combination aren't they?" laughed Neah hitching Ray up more comfortably at his side, "Well enjoy your night."
"Call us if you need anything." Rachel said coming to join her husband at the door.
"Will do." grinned Neah waving over his shoulder as he trotted off after his wife and the twins.
"Be safe." called Rachel softly feeling the anxiety she always did when Seph ventured off somewhere without her. She knew Zander, who although he was a trouble maker to the MAX, could take care of himself quite well. And Ray was fairly calm and would probably give the little Noah-Dragon family very little trouble. Seph though...
"Nya, don't worry heart; I am going too." said Cheshire nuzzling Rachel's shoulder. Rachel smiled fondly at the wild cat-boy and the way he had naturally become part of the family. Gone were the days when Allen and Cheshire would work themselves into fits of jealously over who got more of her attention. Much like the case had been with Toothless they had excepted the men in the girls life when their first child had been born. Cheshire was particularly bonded to Seph because of the boys health issues had kept him in bed with the cat more often than Zander. Even now the cat almost always trailed after the less outgoing of the twins. There were no words for how that comforted the young parents.
The mischievous cat-

(And I never wrote more on this but decided to post it anyway because I probably never will and I reference it enough in my other writing and drawings that I decided I should at least post this much)

© 2014 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

The special languages of the Wilder-Walker kids:
Zander- Russian
Seph - Arabic
Ray - French
садиться - (said) sadit'sya - sit down
Да мать - Da mat' - yes mommy
كيف تجدك؟ - (please note that if I was writing this whole thing in Arabic then it would be one the right side of the page, but I thought it might make reading this story hard) - how are you feeling?
أنا الأم غرامة - I am fine Mommy

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i enjoyed it none the less:3 we're so savvy to each other:D

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phx, AZ

I LOVE FOOD! other then that I am a Renaissance girl (aka I have a lot of hobbies all of which I do intensely) and i am Dyslexic.... so if my writing gets confusing thats why. Oh and I go to a M.. more..

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne