In The Zone(continued)

In The Zone(continued)

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

Because Yazzy wanted this story next updated :) so short little chapter for you guys!


In the Zone(continued)

 Recap: Yasmine successfully rescues Siana from the Order and they go to pick up Gaara from Sarah's house whereupon they realize that Gaara has met Rachel who has been being hidden in the house by Jack. The Earl hates how important the girls are becoming to Neah and Tyki and fears the threat they may cause especially because he is convinced that one of the four is the Heart. So he devises a plan to get them all killed.

So it begin's Again!        


“You have to me veeery carefully, ‘kay Gaara?” said Yasmine kneeling before the little redhead trying to keep her voice calm even as her heart raced inside, “Can you show me where you saw your aunty?”

            “Sure!” said Gaara brightly grabbing Yasmine’s hand and leading her through the halls. Behind her she could hear Siana muttering vicious things against Jack and trailing back even further Sarah who’s waves of anxiety over her lover’s potential treachery was almost a tangible thing. Sadly, Yasmine wasn’t in the mood to offer comforting words since she herself was battling a blinding fury.

            Gaara led them to a small room where stood alone an upright piano against the wall. The rest of the furniture was covered in sheets. Her little redhead let go of Yasmine’s hand and pranced forward to joyfully bang his little hands against the keys, all the girls wincing slightly at the disunite sound. Then, to their shock, a panel of the wall slid aside.

            “Aunty Chaichel! I bring friends!” Gaara announced running through the door, “Aunty! Where you go?”

            “Damn, she already left…” cursed Siana as they stepped inside the empty room… well, almost empty; books filled up every possible space aside from a narrow pathway that led to a cramped mattress on the floor.

            “The blankets are still warm; she must have just left…” commented Sarah kneeling on the mattress, “I wonder why… she has to know we aren't a danger to her… maybe something else spooked her?”

            “Damn it!” hissed Yasmine, forgetting to edit her speech around Gaara, punching the wall and making everyone jump as wood and plaster splintered and cracked, “why couldn’t she have stayed for five more minutes?! Damn it all…”

            “Yasmine…” said Sarah trying to lay her hand on her shoulder but Yasmine shock her off.

            “I know, I know. It’s just… we were so close!” said Yasmine in frustration.

            “I’ll go get us some tea…” said Sarah awkwardly leaving muttering quietly about everyone needing to calm down.

            “I don’t want to sit and have tea.” Said Yasmine staring at Siana, eyes burning, “I want to raise this house to the ground and find Rachel. Hell she just left, she would still be in the building!”

            “Yasmine-!” Siana said sharply who had been strangly quite for the past while.

            “It just drives me crazy! She’s like my sister; why would she be running when it’s just us?” ranted Yasmine.

            “Yasmine! Look at your kid!” said Siana. Yasmine wheeled around and focused on Gaara, who’s eyes had gone half lidded and around which the dust in the room was starting to swirl.

            “Gaara? What’s wrong?” asked Yasmine at once.

            “Blood… There is blood in the air…” whimpered Gaara.

            “What?!” yelped Yasmine and Siana.

            “Downstairs…” said Gaara starting to cry. Yasmine clenched her fist as she and an alarmed look… reason’s for Rachel suddenly leaving; possibly found.

            “Gaara, I need you to stay here.” Said Yasmine firmly, “No matter what you hear downstairs please don’t come out unless me or one of your aunty’s come get you.”

            “Okays…” whispered Gaara surrounding himself in a cocoon of hard sand.

            “Let’s go, I have a really bad feeling about this.” Said Siana grimly as the two quickly ran out of the room and down stairs. Both reeled back when they reached the entryway; servants lay in pools of spreading blood and twitching limbs.

            “Sarah!” Yasmine called out frantically.

            “Shh! You idiot! We don’t want whatever is here to find us before we find them!” hissed Siana pulling her back.

            “To hell with that! I am going to rip whoever did this to shreds!” Yasmine snarled back her claws starting to elongate.

            “Oh, I wouldn’t do that~!” came a lilting voice that chilled both their blood. Turning together they saw the Earl perched on the banister, not in his usual suit of Akuma but his actual ashy Noah skin, his crazed gold eyes glinting down upon them. But even more shocking was the crumpled form laying at his feet speared through with his sword.

            “Sarah!” shouted Yasmine surging forward blindly with Siana hot on her heals. The Earl giggled and snapped his fingers. A third(the half exorcist/Akuma) that Yasmine hadn’t notice creeping behind her suddenly lunged forward at their backs. Eyes widening Yasmine managed to knock Siana out of the line of fire but was slammed against the wall herself. Wincing she let her skin harden into almost scales to protect herself, though not enough to be noticeable to the human eye… though not to an Akuma eye she realized a little late as the third lunged towards her and stabbed her with a syringe right in a chink of her armor. Fire licked through her blood  and her vision swam as she screamed and blindly lashed out feeling the satisfying weight of her fist connecting with the third’s body and sending them flying through what must have been a window from the crash with her extra dragon strength… a strength that seemed to be draining from her at a rapid pace.

            “You b*****d!” she faintly heard Siana scream and telling ping as one of her knifes was deflected.

            “Just as planned~! ” sang the Earl in a voice that grated upon her ears so much that Yasmine managed to somewhat pull herself out of her stupor trying to focus her vision, “But don’t worry! I won’t kill you! Neah and Tyki-pon would never forgive me! No, no, no! You two will be killed by someone much more deserving of their wrath!”

            And with a laugh he dodged another one of Siana’s knifes and disappeared out one of his Ark door’s.

            “@#$%!!” cursed Siana whirling about keeping another knife at the ready. Yasmine warriely groaned and turned over only to realize she had fallen next to Sarah who was no longer being speared by a sword but was still bleeding profusely. Even if they had all of the medical attention in the world right now Yasmine knew enough about wounds to know that there was nothing that could be done at this point. Sarah stared at her, seeming to be trying to tell her something but all that came out of her mouth was more blood. Helplessly, Yasmine watched as the light seemed to disappear from her eyes.

            “No…” whispered Yasmine.

            “What… why are you- what?! Hime-!!” came a chocked voice from the door.

            “Jack!” gasped Yasmine as Siana whiled to stare at the frozen blond man in horror as well as his eyes remained fixed on Sarah with the most devastated expression Yasmine had ever seen.

            “I got a message saying that people were attacking the manor so I came as fast as I could…” he said hollowly. A cold feeling settled in Yasmine’s stomach as Jack’s gaze finally settled on the two of them; Yasmine covered in both her and Sarah’s blood and Siana standing poised to fight with her knife.

            “That b*****d Earl!” screeched Siana as they realized what was going on.

            “You killed her! Didn’t you! How dare you!” screamed Jack seeming to snap.

            “Damn it Jack let us explain-!” said Yasmine trying to get up only for pain to zing sharply through her senses and collapsing limply. Realizing that not only could she not defend herself like this, but that had been the whole point of the Earl’s attack.

            “I’ll kill you!”  Jack snarled drawing his blade and charging Yasmine.

            “Hold on you idiot! We weren't the one’s who killed her!” shouted Siana  managing get between them and catching the blade with her own. But Jack bore down on her still and Yasmine knew her friend was at a dreadful disadvantage from both the close quarters, her weapon, and most of all the height and weight the man had on her as he quickly forced her to her knees.

            ‘Is this the end?’ Yasmine wondered as last of her strength seemed to disappear from whatever poison she had been given and blackness consumed her vision.  Just before she lost consciousness she though she heard an inhuman roar of rage and the deafening force of the sound barrio being broken with all the dissonance of a devil’s band.


Yasmine dreamed of darkness and light. Her feet felt heavy and she was ankle deep in blackish water on what seemed to be a strange sort of chess board. The eerie music that had been haunting her for ages now played even more clearly here but she could not see where it was coming from.

“Yasmine…” came a soft voice from somewhere in the darkness.

“Sarah?” asked Yasmine confusion, “Where are you?”

“It doesn’t matter. You have to stop Jack. I am not dead and the Earl will just use him to destroy everything!” said Sarah’s distressed voice.

“He think’s I killed you! He’ll never listen to me! If you’re not dead then why don’t you tell him?” demanded Yasmine.

“I can’t…” said Sarah’s distressed voice, “Not yet. Once I have enough strength I will try and gather some help for you guys. Try to hold on just a little longer…”

“What are you talking about?” Yasmine tried to say, but the dream had already shifted; a intricit door stood before her carved from bone and a glass-like blackness. Even as Yasmine stood still a wind blew at her back and tugged her ever so much closer.

Come little dragon. Let us hear your roar! Mocked an awful voice from behind the door. Yasmine tried to speak, to do anything, but her throat seemed to have swollen shut.

“Yasmine!” she faintly heard her name being called.

Yes, yes, bring your friends too! The more the merrier~ Come let them see the beast within you. Cold tendrils of smoke curled around her and seemed to seem within her. Her body and mind screamed and the dragon within her soul writhed in a crazed frenzy.

“Yasmine!” this time Yasmine’s eye snapped open as she gasped mouthfuls of clean air and blinked rapidly as Neah’s anxious gold eyes came into focus.

“Neah-“ she began in confusion but she was cut off as Neah cupped the sides of her face and kissed her desperately. If her mind didn’t feel like mush before it certainly did now. Strong arms pulled her close as Yasmine became aware of just how heavy and achy her limbs felt. But it hardly seemed to matter as Neah was holding her tight enough for the both of them as he kissed her between desperate murmurs of her name.

“Neah- what the hell?” muttered Yasmine dazedly as Neah laid kisses on her cheeks and eyelids and anywhere he could reach.

“I am never letting you go again, you hear me? Never!” whispered Neah brokenly holding her tightly.

“Neah- hang on! Why are you kissing me!? Stop just a moment!” said Yasmine grabbing his face and forcing it away from her’s so she would try and assemble her thoughts… which was proving quite a task under Neah’s smoldering gaze.

“You nearly died on me.” Said Neah solemnly.

“Well- wait what?” asked Yasmine blinking. The last thing she remembered clearly was flying off to rescue Siana. The rest was a dark haze blur of wild emotions and throbbing pain.

“That bloody Vesalius prince poisoned you! And then he tried to stab you when you were down.” snarled Neah a dark look of hatred on his face more intense then Yasmine had ever seen it…

“Why- what- no…. is that really what happened?” asked Yasmine rubbing her forehead. That didn’t seem quite right, but everything hurt and Neah’s hand was smoothing soothing circles on her back turning her thoughts fuzzy.

“I saw it, Yasmine.” Growled Neah, “If it weren't for your friend Rachel’s frantic call he would have killed both you and Siana.”

“But why- wait Rachel called you?!” her thoughts finally latching onto something.

“Yeah, she was at the manor too trying to defend some kid on one of the upper levels from… well I didn’t get a good look at what was attacking her. All I know was there was this weird green mist that suddenly turned into an image and told us that your two were in trouble and gave us the location… We came through the ark immediately but we were still almost too late…” mumbled Neah holding her closer as if just to reassure himself that she was really there.

“Is Rachel here too then? What about the kid?” Yasmine was almost certain it was Gaara, she had a vague memory of telling him to stay out of danger, “And Siana, you said she was there too? What happened? Are they all right?!”

“Your friend and the kid were already gone when we searched the house later, but there was no blood so they’re probably fine. Vesalius,” Neah hissed the name with hatred, “gave Siana a deep shoulder wound that would have cut her in half if we hadn’t gotten there just in time. It’s deep, but there was no serious damage other then all the blood she lost… Believe me she’s fine; you can hear her shouting at Tyki right through the wall because he won’t let her get up yet.”

“I want to see her.” Yasmine demanded trying to get up but finding a wave of pain a dizziness washing over her making her go limp again in Neah’s arms.

“No way! You’re still hurt.” Said Neah firmly as he worriedly tilted her head up look at her pain filled eye, “I am not taking any more risks with you…”

“Neah, stop…” Yasmine grumbled as he kissed her again softly, “this is weird. I thought we agreed that we weren't going to kiss each other again.”

“No, you agreed. I kept my distance all this time because that’s what you wanted, but because of that you weren't near enough for me to protect you. I am not making that mistake again.” Growled Neah possessively.

“I can take care of myself.” Said Yasmine grumpily.

“Clearly not.” Neah disagreed kissing her again as he lowered her back on the bed before stretching out beside her. Yasmine was still not sure exactly what happened but she pretty sure that if she had been able to shift into her dragon form all the way she would have been fine. For one thing she was a lot stronger then and the poison wouldn’t have affected her half so much. The thought also brought back the realization that Neah hated dragons. He would never hold her so close like she was something precious if he knew.

A pity; no matter how she denied it to his face, Yasmine rather liked kissing Neah.

© 2014 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

And the plot thickens! I had forgotten how detailed I had made this plot! Looking back at my notes I got all re-excited about this story.

Yes, don't you worry, Neah was not mistaken; Gaara is safe with me.

All shall be explained in due time my lovelies~! Hope you enjoyed!

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FOR A SECOND I THOUGHT THE EARL ACTUALLY KILLED ME OFF (it was a little bit of denial like: "No- no I can't be dead, I can't be. Nononono.) but then I was reassured when Yazzy went into her dream state mode *wipes away tears*

Looking forward to more~ ^w^

Posted 9 Years Ago

UGH I WANTS MORE!!! i love my husband!!! WHAT WILL HE THINK OF ME IN DRAGON FORM AND STUPID JACK!!! i don't have the heart to kill a school friend ~all teary eyed~ okay, im done with my rant.
Dude i loved it and can't wait for the next part AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! so many inspirations and so little time!!! Keep it up sista~~~~!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Technically I haven't actually killed anyone either... You've probably guessed by now that your drea.. read more

9 Years Ago

dah!!! but it worries me for the future:/ oh well, i leave it to the writer:3

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