My Brother's Not-girlfriend 2

My Brother's Not-girlfriend 2

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

Finally! I have internet!


Chapter 2


            Yasmine looked up from her canvas as she heard Allen sigh quietly for the 11th time in almost as many minuets. She barely contained a smirk as she surveyed her friend as he dragged his hand through his hair in frustration and unwittingly streaking his white locks with colorful paint. They were working together on their final art projects for a class they shared. Her own piece was going wonderfully… however she was finding herself crunched for time when it came to finishing it… she definitely hadn’t procrastinated at all… no… never. Allen on the other hand had started his quite early but was getting nowhere with it. He’d been having that problem a lot lately… well since Spring Break that is. This time Yasmine could not hold back a snicker at the thought of Rachel’s brief visit(Neah was being an insufferable prick the entire time so she had forcefully deleted his presence from her memories… memories that she ended up spending far to much time thinking about anyway-but not the point!) over Spring Break and it had been clear to Yasmine that Allen had become even more smitten with her friend then before.

She had been fiercely frustrated that their relationship had not progressed at all during Winter Break. Allen had declared that he would not make a move on his brother’s girlfriend when Yasmine had confronted him about his obvious crush. It was so annoyingly sweet and noble of him. His brother certainly didn’t have any respect for their own fake relationship if the way he shamelessly flirted with her was anything to go by. Either way, after several more encounters with the couple, it was clear that Allen was definitely pinning for his lovely-stuck-up-arrogant-irritating-good-looking-dreamy(Stay away from those thoughts Yasmine! She reprimanded herself)-brother’s girlfriend… rather, his brother’s not girlfriend.

            “Stop snickering to yourself.” Said Allen sparing her an annoyed glance from around his canvas.

            “What, I can’t enjoy my own thoughts now? Don’t tell me what to do fool!” grinned Yasmine pointing her paintbrush at him threateningly.

            “I certainly can and will if you’re thinking what I know you’re thinking- which by the way is totally untrue- so please stop it.” Said Allen not looking all too concerned by his impending death-by-paintbrush.

            “What is this?” gasped Yasmine dramatically, mostly because she really didn’t want to work so she decided to harass her wonderful love-sick friend some more, “You can read my mind now?! Have you been conspiring with Rachel or something?”

            “No!” said Allen his cheeks turning pink, “I am not sure what you’re even talking about , but R-Rachel certainly hasn’t mentioned anything to me about mind reading.”

            “Wait,” said Yasmine blinking, “Since when have you been talking to Rachel?”

            “She- uh- apparently stole my number from Neah and started texting with me.” Said Allen ducking his head.

            “Since when!?” demanded Yasmine.

            “Er- a little after Spring Break?” said Allen looking a little guilty. Good. He better be feeling guilty.

            “Gah! The two of you! You guys never tell me anything! Here I am working my hardest to get you two together and-“

            “Yasmine!” interrupted Allen his face positively crimson, “It’s not like that with us- or before you say anything; it’s not like that for her. She’s my brother’s girlfriend… Rachel doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl who would date a guy this long if she didn’t really love him… so there is no way she likes me.”

            ‘well that’s true… but she’s not really dating him! And I am sure she really does like you!’ Yasmine wanted to scream. Aw, now she felt bad; Allen looked like he had depressed himself with his own thoughts. Quick! Think of something to cheer him up! An idea began to form…

            “Yeah, well, Neah is a a*****e who doesn’t deserve her.” Said Yasmine breezily watching Allen closely, seeing the quiet agreement in his jealous eyes, “It’s obvious they’re not going to work out, so…”

            *hint hint**nudge nudge* Allen~

            Apparently he caught on because his head snapped up to look at her sharply.

            “Yasmine! No way! I can’t believe you would suggest that! She’s your friend!” said Allen looking angry and Yasmine had to wonder who he was really mad at; her for suggesting it, or himself for wanting it?

            “Yeah, I am her friend, and as such it is my duty to try and protect her if I think it looks like some guy is going to break her heart.” Said Yasmine stubbornly.

            “Yasmine… I can’t think about that stuff right now,” sighed Allen, though Yasmine was willing to bet that was almost all he thought about… aside from food, “Just… work on your project.”

            “Fine. But you’ll have to think about it soon; they’re coming back in a week.” Yasmine reminded him.

            “Four days…” Yasmine heard him quietly correct her under his breath and rolled her eyes. Yes, Allen Walker was doing as stellar job at convincing her that he wasn’t totally obsessed with her friend. Shaking her head she turned back to her drying canvas. That is until her phone buzzed.

            ‘Thank god! I really didn’t want to do work right now!’ thought Yasmine grabbing her phone.


TheEverHungryOne �" Hiya! Just finished my last final! Packing up my room now!


Imagination-mage �" Yay! Congrats! I though you weren't done for four more days?


TheEverHungryOne �" Technically my last final is due online in three more days but I finished it early and I already turned it in. We’re going to try and leave after Neah’s last final tomorrow; it should put us back in town early the next morning.


TheEverHungryOne �" Neah keeps trying to convince me just to stay over at his house and crash on the couch so we don’t have to unload at 4am but I think his dad would flip a lid considering we’re supposed to be dating. So I am forcing him to help me unload my junk.


Imagination-mage �" flipping a lid over you sleeping at his house when you two aren't married or flipping a lid over the fact that his son is making his “cute little girlfriend” sleep all by herself on the couch~?

TheEverHungryOne �"Oh gosh I never even know with that man(he actually kinda creeps me out sometimes) which is exactly why we are not even going to bother.


Imagination-mage �" (yeah me too) well that’s good.


Imagination-mage �" so how goes the packing?


TheEverHungryOne �" Good, I don’t actually have that much stuff so it’s pretty easy. Neah’s stuff on the other hand… oh my goodness. I am not even sure how it's all going to fit in the car; we’ll have to play Tetris. I don’t think he’s fully grasped yet that he won’t have a bunch of servants doing all the cleaning for him this time around… I’ll probably have to bother him later tonight to make him start packing.


Imagination-mage �" ahahaha that’s what he gets for being spoiled.


TheEverHungryOne �" So how are your finals going?


Imagination-mage �" ugh! Don’t speak of such things.


~ thatshortangryperson has come online ~


thatshortangryperson �" Yay Rachel’s coming back! I have a new series I want you to read (Yasmine won’t read it!) and I need someone to rant with!


thatshortangryperson �" Ah Neah, that rich bum. His cousin Tyki is equally annoying; he’s been showing up to the library (while normally I would think that was really cool, it’s not like that!) but he doesn’t read while he’s there! He just sits and stares at me! I tried to tell the manger who went to talk to the arrogant b*****d and he totally charmed the pants off them! Now all my co-workers think I am just being shy while my ever so dedicated and handsome boyfriend waits for me to acknowledge his existence! They believe him over me! AGH! MAKES ME SO MAD!!!


Imagination-mage �" I keep telling you; just go kick his @$$! Or let me!


TheEverHungryOne �" I would love to read/rant with you!


TheEverHungryOne �" Is he just always there or only when you are? And if so how does he even know your hours? Sounds kind of stalker-ish O.O


thatshortangryperson �" Yasmine I can’t let you do that if I don’t want to lose my job or get arrested (remember that guy’s family is rich as… well they are REALLY rich)


thatshortangryperson �" And yeah he got my hours from Road(she’s apparently his niece… his older brother/her father is a lot older… and has quite a daddy-complex if the stories are to believed) the little traitor thinks this whole thing is funny. UGH!


TheEverHungryOne �" Is he just being annoying or do you feel unsafe? Either way I can try to talk to Neah. Apparently his father is head of that whole family and his word is law. Neah is especially good as sweet taking his father into things.


Imagination-mage �" except talking him out of unwanted marriage arrangements which require a fake girlfriend to get out of >:/


TheEverHungryOne �" Apparently… *sigh


thatshortangryperson �" Nah, I don’t feel unsafe. He’s been annoying and creepy but he has respected my personal space so far. Road says that if he ever doesn’t she’ll stab out his eyes with candles(I think she’d actually do it… I am pretty sure that girl is a psychopath) so yeah…


thatshortangryperson �" Oh yeah I almost forgot you were still playing Neah’s girlfriend. Do you do that at school too? Will you be doing it this summer as well?


Imagination-mage �" Yeah I was wondering about that too! You should stage a break up with him!


TheEverHungryOne �" We told his father that I was too shy to go public with our relationship at school so we wouldn’t have to go through the drama of being campus gossip(you know how small schools can be) so no we’re get to act normal at school(thank goodness, keeping up the pretense is exhausting) Still, I don’t think Neah wants to end it soon because he thinks the moment his father thinks he’s single he’ll get back stuck in an engagement with Lullabelle again.


Imagination-mage �" why not pretend he’s too heartbroken over you to move on?


TheEverHungryOne �" we talked about that… but for one we think his father would just set him right back up under the pretense of “getting over me faster” and for another we think that if there was any indication that I might have broken his heart it is quite possible that they’d come for revenge on me and that whole family is quite scary, you know? We just decided that I would pretend to date him until he found someone he wanted to date.


Imagination-mage �" Ugh! But I want you to date Allen!


TheEverHungryOne  - Yasmine!


thatshortangryperson �" Man that sucks! Yeah that family is pretty scary…


thatshortangryperson �" Yeah, you and that white haired cutie should definitely get to together!


TheEverHungryOne �" guys stop being crazy. No one has ever been interested in dating me for real and I am okay with that. Allen is a sweet heart but I really can’t see him falling for yours truly J


TheEverHungryOne �" now I have to finish my packing so I can go help Neah be a responsible human being. Toodles~


~TheEverHungryOne is offline ~


thatshortangryperson �" Ohoho that’s not her usual independent reply~ I think she liiikes him~


Imagination-mage �" Riiiight???!!!


            “Yasmine, weren't you the one who was just complaining to me that you didn’t have time to finish your final project?” sighed Allen glancing over at her again.

            “Hang on! I am plotting your demise!” said Yasmine grinning and waving her hand absentmindedly in his direction while she texted with the other.

            “I don’t even want to know…” sighed Allen.


Imagination-mage �"Gotta go! I’ve got annoying teachers to appease ;p


thatshortangryperson �" me too… good luck!


Imagination-mage �" You too!

~Imagination-mage is offline~

~thatshortangryperson is offline~


**Three Day’s Later**


            “Neah, I told you not to crash here.” Sighed Rachel wandering out early the morning after their all night road trip. Her friend merely groaned and turned over and buried his head further in the couch cushions. Muttering under her breath Rachel wandered out to the kitchen where her mother had been kind enough to stock with her spare key to the small house. Critically observing the contents of the fridge Rachel began to make a large breakfast for the two of them while she grabbed her phone with the other. Yasmine would still be asleep at this time and probably couldn’t drive over here anyway same with most of her DMS friends, her own mother was definitely out of the question as were Neah’s parents, so that left…

            Hello?” asked a groggy voice on the other end.

            “Hey Allen, anyway you could come over and get your oh-so-lovely brother to leave my house? Between finals and our all night drive I think he wore himself out. I’ll drive his stuff over later.” Said Rachel throwing some food in a pan before pausing and doubling it, “I’ll even make you some breakfast~”

            I’ll come!” said Allen hurriedly and Rachel thought she heard something crash on the other end before he hung up. Laughing, Rachel abandoned her phone on the counter and set about making the small feast. Between going through all the things she needed to do in her head and making the food it seemed no time at all before there came a tentative knock on the door…. And then an obnoxious banging. Frowning as she turned off the stove, Rachel went to open the door to find Allen and to her surprise Yasmine.

            “Friend!” Yasmine greeted her grinning and pulling her into a bone creaking hug.

            “Yazzy! I thought you’d still be sleeping!” Rachel managed to gasp out as she was set back down on her feet.

            “Neah is really nasty when you wake him up… so I decided I needed back-up.” Said Allen apologetically.

            “Oh on! It’s totally fine!” said Rachel warmly, she hesitated awkwardly; did she know him well enough to greet him with a hug? How was one supposed to act around one’s fake boyfriend’s brother? That was always the question when it came to Allen.

            “Right! Do you have a hammer, Rachel? I need to wake the princess!” said Yasmine marching inside.

            “A hamme-? Yasmine wait!” said Rachel hurrying after while Allen laughed behind her… he had a nice laugh, she thought absentmindedly.

            “Actually that food looks delicious! Let’s eat first.” Said Yasmine catching sight of the food on the table.

            “Help yourself,” said Rachel in relief. She really didn’t need to be figuring out how to remove hammers from Neah’s head quite so early in the summer.

            “May I come in?” asked Allen hesitantly from behind her.

            “Oh yes, yes, make yourself at home.” Said Rachel hurriedly stepping out of the way. Allen mumbled his thanks and brushed past. Rachel’s heart fluttered slightly but she assumed it was just a side affect of the adrenaline rush Yasmine had given her.

            “On second thought, he looks far to peaceful.” Declared Yasmine leaping on top of Neah on the couch.

            “GAH!” screeched Neah as he was suddenly awoken, “Who dares- arh it’s you!”

            “Yup! We’re here to drag your lazy bum out of Rachel’s house before your father releases a whole search party for you.

            “Have you ever heard of waking people up normally?” groaned Neah falling back on the cushions.

            “Allen says normal methods don’t wake you up.” Said Yasmine frankly.

            “Thanks for that, little brother.” Said Neah glowering at Allen.

            “Anytime.” Responded Allen sweetly.

            “Okay you two, argue later, eat now; the food will get cold otherwise.” Rachel scolded them trying to suppress giggles. With much grumbling from Neah and lots of enthusiasm from Yasmine and Allen they did just that. Rachel watched with a smile the way Yasmine and Allen interacted from over her food. To ignorant people who didn’t know either of them she could see how people might mistake them for a couple; they were definitely closer than what you normally see in casual friendships these days. But Rachel had known Yasmine a long time(and Allen a little, but still enough that she could tell that wasn’t the case) and she smiled as she perceived that Yasmine had merely adopted Allen as a brother-who-is-not-her-brother-and-also-friend. It looked like Allen had done the same, though she could tell he wasn’t as familiar with the whole friends-who-become-as-close-as-family business. Rachel barely contained a giggle as she realized that in this case Allen was the “little brother” Yasmine was taking under her wing. Glancing over at Neah she really did snort into her food at the look he was giving the pair across the table. Waving off everyone’s concern as she finished choking and then nearly hacking up a lung like the graceful lady she was, Rachel snuck her phone out from under the table and messaged Neah.


TheEverHungryOne �" If you glaring at them like that Yazzy is going to realize how smitten you are with her~


Neah glared at her after he read the message and Rachel smiled inoccently and continued her conversation with Yasmine and Allen about their upcoming HTTYD2 plans and theories. Neah furiously typed out a reply.


NoahOfDestruction �" Well they shouldn’t be acting so disgustingly flirty in front of people!


NoahOfDestruction �" And I am not smitten so there is nothing for her to notice!


TheEverHungryOne �" The only one dumb enough to think those two would flirt is your lovely jealous self…. And possibly your father. But let’s face it; he thinks we look like a good couple so clearly his sense of perception is off.


TheEverHungryOne �" And suuuuure Neah, whatever you say. The fact that you haven’t shut up about your brother’s “girlfriend” all semester is totally convincing me that you aren't obsessed with my friend~


            “I am not obsessed.” Neah hissed quietly at her as Rachel raised her eyebrows skeptically and grinned in response.

            “Obsessed with what?” asked Allen frowning at them with a odd look in his eyes as he watched their interactions. Rachel had noticed he did that a lot.  It kinda looked jealous. Maybe he was jealous that his older brother who barely seemed to spare him a thought was lavishing his attention on someone else? But he didn’t act that way when Neah was swooning over Yasmine so… Maybe he didn’t think she was good enough to be his brother’s girlfriend? …That seemed quite possible; he was all too clearly bitter about their relationship. Rachel felt her heart tighten painfully as she managed to hurt herself with her own thoughts.

            ‘It’s fine’ she told her self, ‘I am not Neah’s girlfriend so he doesn’t actually have to worry about me breaking his dear brother’s heart… Neah is so blind not to see how lucky he is to have Allen as a brother.’

            “Obsession? What? What? What is the little prince obsessed with?” asked Yasmine eagerly with a wicked gleam in her eyes, clearly planning to find new blackmail material.

            “He is actually really obsessed with Toothless and I was scolding him for pretending that he wasn’t interested in the topic when he practically has a HTTYD shrine at his house.” Said Rachel quickly bring up the first of Neah’s many obsession that she could think of that wouldn’t get him into trouble with Yasmine… well at least not the bad type of trouble.

            “Rachel!” gasped Neah in horror, his face flushing under his dark skin.

            “It’s true!” said Rachel defensively.

            “It’s is!” agreed Allen laughing, “He even made dad get him this genetically modified creature that looks just like a nightfurry for Christmas.”

            “Yeah, and you made him give you a weird a*s golden ball with wings.” Neah shot back.

            “Y-Y-YOU MUST TAKE ME TO SEE THIS MIRACLE!” Yasmine yelled with eyes so wide it looked like she might explode, “RIGHT NOW!”

            “Well I suppose we were going over to our house anyway…” said Allen trying to keep a straight face at Neah’s dumbstruck expression as Yasmine gazed at him as if he held the keys to happiness.

            “I kind of wanted to do dishes first…” Rachel sighed looking at the dishes that would become gross if left until they got back from what was sure to be a long outing.

            “NO! WE MUST GO NOW!!!!!” said Yasmine jumping up and down.

            “Okay, okay, why don’t you three go ahead and I’ll finish cleaning up and then bring the rest of Neah’s junk with me in a bit?” suggested Rachel laughing at her friends excitement. Actually, she was fangirling on the inside too(she was going to lecture Neah later for never telling her about having such and amazing pet. He probably thought she would have teased him about it, which she will, but mostly she was just super excited).

            “That’s not fair to make you do all the work.” Allen interjected.

            “I’ll be fine.” Said Rachel waving off his concern.

            “No, I’ll help you.” Allen insisted.

            “GUYS WE NEED TO GO NOOOOOW!!! MY HEART WON’T MAKE IT!!!” Yasmine exclaimed waving her arms around.

            “How about I take her right now and you two catch up with us?” Neah suggested seemingly to have recovered slightly from his shock and now seeming a bit eager to show off.

            “I don’t know…” said Rachel looking cautiously in between the two of them.

            “We’ll be right behind them.” Allen assured her.

            “Okay…” sighed Rachel worriedly.

            “Alright Yasmine, lets go find my little dragon.” Grinned Neah triumphantly twirling his keys.

            “YES!” Yasmine cried exuberantly leaping into Neah’s arms and giving him a back creaking hug before darting off, “+100 POINTS FOR YOU!”

            “+100 points… that’s good right?” said Neah hopefully turning to Rachel.

            “Yes, it’s much more generous than Yasmine usually is.” Agreed Rachel chuckling at his expression, “Congratulations, this means you should only be in -1000’s now~”

            “When did I get that low?” asked Neah looking dismayed.

            “Spring Break.” Replied Rachel and Allen simotainiously.

            “Ah…” said Neah looking down trodden.

            “COME ON PRINCESS WE’VE GOT DRAGON’S TO SEE!!!” yelled Yasmine from the car. Neah sighed, then smiled ruefully before turning to go.

            “Wait Neah!” said Rachel suddenly grabbing his arm. He looked at her questioningly and she gave him her best serious glare, “Not one finger on her.”

            “As if I would.” Scoffed Neah.

            “I mean it Neah.” Said Rachel warningly.

            “Isn’t she a jealous little girlfriend? Look at her; she had no faith in me!” Neah complained to Allen.

            “Smart girl.” Allen shot back, though Rachel noticed a slightly pained look behind his eyes.

            “Neah, I am not joking.” Said Rachel glancing at Yasmine bouncing in her seat.

            “I promise I’ll treat her respectfully while I am out of your supervision.” Said Neah solemnly with a bow. Though his eyes looked honest so Rachel relented slightly.

            “We’ll be there as soon as we’re done.” She promised.

            “See you then.” Said Neah saluting her and trotting off to the car.  

            “Do you really think he’d cheat on you?” asked Allen quietly from behind her after the other two had driven off.

            “Huh?” said Rachel jumping slightly, “Oh I don’t mind if they get together eventually, actually Yasmine would be good person for him; she’d knock him right in shape, but right now neither of them are ready for that and I don’t want him to take advantage of her excitement. Not that I think Neah would ever force her into anything… just that I don’t think he realizes how much he likes her and I don’t want him doing anything stupid at this stage.”

            “But… he’s dating you. He should be in love with only you. Don’t you mind that he’s interested in this other girl while he’s dating you?” said Allen looking extremely bothered by this notion.

            Well I would be if we actually were dating; it would be unacceptable and I’d break up right away and switch to being just friends. But as it is…

            “It’s a little complicated. But if Neah is willing to finally admit that he likes her then I’ll make sure that we “break-up” so he can pursue her properly.” Smiled Rachel slightly thinking of her two friends oblivious love towards each other.

            “H-how can you say that?” demanded Allen his hands clenched angrily at his sides, “Don’t you love him? How can you be okay with him going off with another girl?!”

            “I do love him” as a brother “and it is because of that that I want him to find real happiness, which he probably won’t find by my side.” Said Rachel slowly and actually truthfully, “I love Yasmine and wish that for her too, which is why if they find that happiness in each other I will not have objections… other then the fact that they’ll have to work through a lot of problems first. I mean, Neah still has -1900 points after all~”

            “Rachel…” Allen said softly and Rachel turned back from where she was about to go back inside to the dishes. He had an intense look in his eyes that made her heart thud quickly for reasons she was not ready to examine just yet, “Rachel if… If I was your boyfriend I would never play with your feelings like this. You are worth much more than that.”

            “Allen…” Rachel murmured as an indescribable feeling bubbled up in her chest.

            “I just… wanted you to know that…” said Allen suddenly looking embarrassed and quickly brushing past her to go start on the dishes. Rachel clutched the front of her shirt as her heart hammered and she felt the heat start to flare on her cheeks.

            Rachel! Get a hold of yourself!,’ she reprimanded herself, ‘just because he is a decent guy, it doesn’t mean you need to fall all over him! Don’t get your hopes up; he probably didn’t mean it the way you want him to…’

            Sighing, Rachel returned inside to help with dishes.


CrownClown �" you’re an a*****e, brother


Neah frowned at his phone as Yasmine bounded up the steps ahead of him. He already knew he was an a*****e, he wasn’t sure why Allen suddenly felt the need to remind him.


CrownClown �" You should break up with Rachel. She deserves better than you.


Oh, so that was the reason…


NoahOfDestruction �" Deserves who? someone like you? You’re such a hypocrite little brother; lusting after some other girl while you have your own girlfriend. Don’t make me laugh.




Oh but he was, he had Yasmine all to himself and couldn’t seem to see how lucky was. Instead he seemed hell bent on taking away one of the only real friends Neah had ever managed to make. If that didn’t make him rotten Neah didn’t know what did. But no, he was sure both girls thought Allen was a perfect little angel like the rest of the world. Well he would keep them away as best as he could. Allen had a million chances for happiness, he was not permitted to steal Neah’s.


NoahOfDestruction �" Oh but you are and you know it~


NoahOfDestruction �" And for the record Rachel’s mine~ (Well she was his friend) and I am not going to let you take her.

CrownClown �" You’re such a selfish b*****d! You don’t even love her! You’re just going to hurt her!


Neah felt anger well up within him. Rachel was practically a little sister to him, he would rip to pieces any b*****d who ever thought of hurting her. And he would never dream of hurting her himself. Allen was the b*****d, thinking he could say these things while he played with Yasmine’s feelings. Yasmine, who loved so passionately and so purely.  Yasmine, who was starting to mean the world to him.


NoahOfDestruction �" You don’t know s**t Allen! I would never hurt either of them! That’s more than I could say about you you little @#$%%^&&**(#


            “Neah? Are you okay? You’re making a really scary face at your phone.” Said Yasmine cautiously.

            “Huh?” blinked Neah quickly schooling his face into a charming smile, as he turned his phone off even as it buzzed angrily with whatever reply Allen gave. It didn’t matter any more. He had made his decision as he opened to the door for her into his house, “Let’s go see my little Toothless~”

            “Yes!!!” said Yasmine joyfully dancing her way inside next to him as if that was the only place she wanted to be in the world right then. Neah’s heart fluttered and he knew he had made the right decision… not knowing that across the city his little brother was thinking the same thing.

            I’ll protect both my friend and this girl I’ve fallen in love with. I’ll protect them even if it’s from you brother.

© 2014 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

Yaya! I've had this forever but haven't had any internet to post! It's going a little angsty but I am just in that mode right now, y'know? Hopefully getting this up will motivate me to get back into the swing of writing.

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Haha! I loved this! XD
Looking forward to the next chapter~

Posted 9 Years Ago

ARGH!!! WE'RE ALL IN A RUT!!! i was laughing so hard i had to take a break from the storyXD!!! lol i would be super excited!!! I WOULD DEMAND A TOOTHLESS OF MY OWN!! or if i could be the mommy of his toothless:3 ugh Earl for jebus sake CANCEL THE MARRIAGE!! OBVIOUSLY UR SON LOVES ANOTHER!!! okay all done ranting, i loved it!!! can't wait for the next chap!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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phx, AZ

I LOVE FOOD! other then that I am a Renaissance girl (aka I have a lot of hobbies all of which I do intensely) and i am Dyslexic.... so if my writing gets confusing thats why. Oh and I go to a M.. more..

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne