Be My Baby

Be My Baby

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

A lovely story inspired by Yazzy and my adopted little's. Includes Neah being a royal spoiled prat.


Be My Baby


“Ah… it seems I have fallen in love again.” Sighed Neah dramatically spreading his arms. His brothers ignored him completely as these declarations were not uncommon.

            “I know what you must be thinking! A lowly waitress is not worthy of my precious attention, but this one I tell you if different!” Neah said flopping down onto couch across from where his brothers were playing cards.

            “What happened to you?” asked Allen blinking as took in Neah’s appearance for the first time. The normally impeccably dressed and styled heir to the Noah fortune was drenched in what seemed to be wine and there was a red mark on his handsome cheek that was quickly turning into a bruise.

            “I told you! I fell in love!” said Neah cheerfully.

            “What the hell did you do to the poor girl?” asked Tyki chuckling as he set down his cards and turning to his little brother.

            “Nothing~ I just made a little pass at this cute hostess and the little waitress went absolutely berserk! It was absolutely breath taking! She was throwing all this s**t at me~ and then she got fired so I offered to hire her as a maid and she punched me!” sighed Neah dramatically shaking his head, “Not grateful in the least bit!”

            “I wonder why…” said Allen dryly rolling his eyes, “Do you even know her name?”

            “Nope! But I think I like her even more now~! She’s so fiesty~” sighed Neah dreamily.

            “Yeah, well I am pretty sure she hates your guts.” Said Allen putting away the cards with a sigh.

            “A minor detail!” said Neah waving away Allen’s concern, “I’ll have to find so way to see her again! Ah, but she doesn’t work at that restaurant anymore… I think I’ll hire one of father’s private investigators to find her!”

            “Neah! Leave the poor girl alone!” said Allen scandalized.

            “Allen, let it go; he is a lost cause.” Sighed Tyki getting up.


            “Look at it this way; If he get’s murdered we’ll know who to send thank you flowers.” Said Tyki with a sly grin.

            “Tyki you’re so cruel!” laughed Neah, “That little lady was just playing hard to get, she doesn't actually want to kill me!”


            “I am going to murder him!” snarled Yasmine, “I am going to rip him limb from limb and then burn the pieces!”

            “I know you’re pissed, and you have every right to be, but please don’t get arrested,” sighed Rachel unlocking the door the small house they were renting together, “I don’t think I could raise all these kids on my own.”

            “MOMA!!!!!!” came the deafening sound as a stampede of little feet came thundering down the stairs.

            “MY LITTLES!!!” cried Yasmine her anger temporarily forgotten as she knelt down and scooped the four little children running towards her in a bare hug.

            “Mommy? Hey mommy and Aunty Yazzy are home!” and with that three other children came hurrying out to latch themselves onto Rachel’s legs.

            “Hey guys! Were you good for Aunty Bethany and Siana today?” asked Rachel giving each a kiss on the forehead.

            “Well Nico, Crona, and Gaara were very good,” said Bethany coming out of the other room, “The others…”

            “Leo, Natsu, and Toothless kept trying to light things on fire.” Said Siana warily coming down the stairs giving the three in question a withering glance from where they were encircled in Yasmine’s arms, “That little table in the playroom? Yeah, it is no more.”

            “Boys! What have I told you about playing like dragons?!” Yasmine scolded them.

            “And little Jack here kept trying torment the kitty even though I kept warning him to stop, he got nicely scratched up for his trouble.” Said Bethany frankly.

            “Jack! You know better then to tease Cheshire!” Rachel sighed examining the little cuts.

            “But he’s so grumpy!” giggled Jack giving Rachel big puppy eyes from under his white bangs.

            “No excuse, you know better Jack. No extra reading before bed tonight.” Said Rachel firmly.

            “Awwww!” whined Jack.

            “Now go pop into you’re pj’s! okay guys?” said Rachel briskly, she met Yasmine’s eyes over the kids heads and they communicated silently for a moment before she nodded slightly, “That means all of you! Up stairs please, you’re going to get ready for bed with me; Yazzy has to talk to you’re Aunties real quick.”

            “You’ll come tuck us in, right?” asked Leo worriedly as Natsu and Toothless raced up the stairs.

            “Of course!” Yasmine assured him.

            “…Night light?” asked Gaara shyly.

            “Aunty Rachel knows how you like it.” Yasmine promised giving each a kiss on their foreheads and shooed them up the stairs. Rachel smiled over at her before scooping up Nico into her arms and taking Crona’s hand and followed them while Jack tried to climb up the banister behind her.

            “So why are you guys home so early?” asked Siana as soon the children where out of earshot. Immediately all of Yasmine’s earlier aggravation returned in full force and she began telling them about the arrogant, rich, pervert who had gotten her fired. Both her friends look absolutely appalled.

            “What a little s**t!” said Bethany, “Geez, I am offended on your behalf.”

            “And what’s worse, is after he left the owner made this big speak about how the guy’s family was really influential and that next time to make sure to give him whatever he wanted.” Snorted Yasmine in disgust.

            “What?!” exclaimed Bethany and Siana.

            “Yeah, so Rachel quit too.” Said Yasmine grimly.

            “What are you guys going to do?” asked Bethany.

            “Go job hunting I guess. Rachel’s probably fine since she had her online programming job too, but I’ll have to find something soon.” Sighed Yasmine, “I hate job hunting, it’s such a pain.”

            “You know, it’s people like that that just- ugh! So madding!” exclaimed Siana wringing an imaginary neck, “What is wrong with this world?!”

            “I know right?” said Yasmine in frustration.

            “Well at least he can’t come bother you again.” Said Bethany.

            “Ugh, yeah thank god for that.” Agreed Yasmine.


            “So I have the report on the ex-waitress you requested sir.” Said a man in a suit as Neah and Allen were sitting for tea one afternoon.

            “Wait you actually had her investigated?!” exclaimed Allen nearly spitting his tea all over himself.

            “Of course,” said Neah blinking not seeming to see what could possibly be wrong about that, he turned back to the man in the suit as his little brother shook his head in dismay, “Tell me what you found.”

            “Her name is Yasmine Lambert, the host that you mentioned meeting his her friend Rachel Wilder,” began the man handing over two files with pictures on the front of each, “She is X years old and currently interned at the Xxxxxx of Art and animation. She lives in the same house as Miss. Wilder and the two of them have begun a rather peculiar project together.”

            “What sort of project?” asked Allen curious in spite of himself, picking up the file on that Neah was not currently pouring over and examining the picture of the young brunette on the front,

            “They have recently adopted 7 children from rather horrific backgrounds. Together, with the help of their other friends, they are raising them as a family. Miss Wilder adopted; a 5 year old girl named Crona who had recently been removed from a abusive household in which her mother was preforming experiments on her, a four year old boy named Nico whose older sister and caregiver recently died tragically in an accident in a junk yard, and a 7 year old boy named Jack who was a homeless amnesiac who was found freezing to death in the snow last winter. Miss Lambert adopted; two 5 year old boys, Natsu and Toothless, who were found in the wild running with animals, a 6 year old boy named Leo who was rescued from a fire in which all his other family members perished, and 4 year old boy named Gaara who was removed from his family for severe abuse and neglect. All the children have many special needs and behavioral issues because of their backgrounds but under the care of the girls they have been improving greatly.”

            “Ah, so the children aren't actually theirs, I was wondering why they weren't black.” Said Neah mildly still flipping through the pages of Yasmine’s file.

            That’s all you got out of the report?!” said Allen giving his brother a disgusted look, “You’re just a spoiled prat Neah. These girls are doing something good and all you can think about is trying to- ugh! You’re the worst!”

            “I don’t see why you’re so shocked, you’ve known me for your whole life.” Said Neah board with Allen’s lecture.

            “Leave the girl’s alone, their lives are bound to be difficult as it is.” Insisted Allen standing up.

            “No… I don’t think I will…” said Neah with a lazy smile, “I am more intrigued then ever by my little lady.”

            “I hope she knocks out your teeth next time.” Snarled Allen stomping off, “Don’t expect me not to get in your way.”

© 2014 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

So this was fun to write. If I write more then I'll do more scenes with the kids being cute and whatnot. Neah doesn't stay so intolerable, Yasmine sets hims straight eventually.

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Short but very funny/cute~
I liked it a lot~

Posted 9 Years Ago

oh f**k i got fire.....JOB HUNTING FOR THE LITTLES!!! THEY R MY WHOLE WORLD!! i feel like if we did live together, we would adopt 7 little ones:3 ugh that would be so cute!!!! i loved this write!!!! it inspires me:3 until my computer is fixed lovely!!!! keep it up!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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phx, AZ

I LOVE FOOD! other then that I am a Renaissance girl (aka I have a lot of hobbies all of which I do intensely) and i am Dyslexic.... so if my writing gets confusing thats why. Oh and I go to a M.. more..

Sorted Sorted

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne