Be My Baby2

Be My Baby2

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

this is a mini-mini chapter. Just one part of what was going to be three. Oh well, I decided to post since I actually had internet even though it wasn't done.


Chapter 2


            “I need to speak to the principle right now!” said Yasmine fuming as she stalked into the office where Natsu, Toothless, and Crona went to school.

            “Mam, unless you have an appointment then I am afraid you can’t-“ began the receptionist at the desk.

            “I don’t care, he will meet with me right now!” said Yasmine fuming. The girl in front of her wisely didn’t argue anymore and buzzed her into the back.

            “Ah… it’s you again.” sighed the Principle setting down his papers when Yasmine marched into his office, “What did those boys do now?”

            “I am here to make a report of Toothless’s abomination of a teacher.” growled Yasmine plopping down in the chair facing the desk.

            “Miss. Lambert,” sighed the Principle rubbing his temples, “Mr. Dragur is not an-“

            “He is cruel, deranged, and takes pleasure in tormenting my son.” growled Yasmine.

            “I am sure that is not true.” said the Principle sharply seeming to struggle with being polite, “Your son is an incredibly unruly child. Thus, more severe discipline is permissabl-“

            “Bullshit.” snarled Yasmine, “Toothless is a challenging kid, but that is not the issue here.”

            “Your son tried to eat the class pets.” said the Principle flatly, “The other children were completely traumatized. I think that warrants a little more then challenging.”

            “He was living in the wild up until a year and a half ago! He is still learning proper human behaviors and fish were the main type of food he lived off of before.” said Yasmine angrily, “Yes, I know that it was not okay, but you don’t f*****g remove his leg and make him hop around for the rest of the day. Do you have any idea how painful it is to detach and reattach prosthetic limbs?! He’s five for gods sake! It’s just sick that anyone think that was okay!”

            “Miss. Lambert,” said the Principle in an attempt at a placating voice, “We have addressed that incident with Mr. Dragur already. Since then he has been very good about using the punishments that have been school approved-“

            “He made him run 50 laps today for speaking out of turn. Not only is that illegal in phoenix since it’s 113 f*****g degree’s out there, but my son is a f*****g amputee! I do not care what you tell me, I am removing Toothless from his classroom and I am filing charges against that teacher. Someone like that should not be in charge of children.” snarled Yasmine.

            “We do not have any opening’s in any of our other classes.” said the Principle through gritted teeth looking like he was trying not to strangle Yasmine.

            “That’s fine, if this is the policy you have for treating amputees then I don’t think I want him going here any way.” Yasmine shot back standing up and marching out. The lady at the front desk jumped when she slammed her fist on the counter, “I’ll have both my kids paper work with me next time I come in, I am taking Natsu out as well since you guys have been horrible about following his IEP anyway.”

            “And what about the other one? You have another kid here too don’t you?” she asked trying to recover her composure and Yasmine tried to remind herself that she was just doing her job and that it wasn’t her fault the school was s**t.

            “She’s actually my friend’s daughter. So whether Crona stays or not is up to her.” said Yasmine shortly as she walked out the door and down to the nurses office where Toothless was swinging his mismatched legs on the cot and giggling tiredly at whatever the blond nurse was telling him, “Toothless, we’re going.”

            “Have him take these, and keep giving him lots of water,” instructed the blond handing over some pills, “He has a bit of heat exhaustion so you’ll want to try and keep him indoors for the rest of the day so he doesn’t get heat stroke.”

            “Thanks, I’ll have my friend check up on him later just in case; she’s a pediatric nurse.” said Yasmine gratefully taking the pills and scooping up her hot and tired son, “I haven’t seen you here before, are you new?”

            “Oden, no. I wouldn’t ever work at this awful school. I actually work at the school down the street as a gym coach, today I was just subbing for a little extra cash. I am Astrid by the way.” she grinned reaching forward to shake Yasmine’s free hand.

            “Yasmine. What school is that?” asked Yasmine warmly, “I am taking my kids out of this one.”

            “Not that I blame you, it’s awful from what I’ve seen, but did something happen?” asked Astrid frowning. Yasmine launched into the shortend version of the story/reasons why her adopted children wouldn’t be staying and was slighty smug to observe that Astrid looked equaly outraged.

            “That’s ridiculous!” she exclaimed, “My Fiancé is a amputee as well and that kind of behavior is absuluty intolerable. Actually he is a kindergarten teacher at the school where I work, and he’s really good with difficult children. You know what? Let me give you the info.”

            “Thank you so much.” said Yasmine feeling the dread of having to go school hunting so soon after finding a new job seeming to lift from her shoulders.

            “His name’s Hiccup, go ahead and contact him. It’s a bit late in the season for accepting new students but I am sure he’ll pull some strings for you guys once he hears your story.” grinned Astrid tucking the paper into Yasmine’s hand.

            “Thank you, I hope to be seeing you soon then.” grinned Yasmine back.

            “Bye, it was nice meeting you Toothless.” Astrid called.

            “Thank you for giving the nice water and ice pack, Miss Astrid.” Toothless grinned back.

            “No problem, Bye~” she waved at them as they left.

            “I am leaving school early?” asked Toothless looking hopeful.

            “Yes, in fact I am taking you out of this school. We’re gonna find you a better school sweetie, one that actually treats you right.” said Yasmine firmly and she helped buckle him into the car.

            “Oh good, Mr. Dragur scares me.” admitted toothless ducking his head worriedly before perking up again, “Are Natsu and Crona coming home too?”

            “Later.” said Yasmine as they drove home, “For today I want you to rest and drink lots of water like Miss. Astrid said.”

            “Yes Moma.” said Toothless as the arrived and she helped him settle onto the ground with his mismatched legs before limping inside.

            “So how did it go?” asked Rachel as she typed on her Computer when Yasmine came in through the door.

            “Awful, I hate that school. I’ve decided to take bother Toothless and Natsu out of there.” sighed Yasmine plopping down on the couch exhausted.

            “Yeah, I think I am going to remove Crona too. She hasn’t said anything to me directly but I think she’s getting bullied there and the teachers are not helping at all.” agreed Rachel stopping her typing and swirling on her chair to face her.

            “What?! I’ll beat the s**t out of them.” snarled Yasmine.

            “Yasmine, you can’t beat the s**t out of kids.” sighed Rachel.

            “Still, if they’re messing with my little niece…” Yasmine let the statement trail off threateningly.

            “Yeah I know, I feel the same way. Especial after all Crona’s already been through.” said Rachel unhappily, “I am actually thinking of sending her to Waldorf. The school drives me crazy, but they do a pretty good job with the lower grades and Crona might need a gentler environment for a while.”

            “That’s an idea. I think I may have found a place for the boys too. It sounds almost too perfect, the Teacher is even an Amputee! Anyway, I’ll check it out later this week and decide for sure.” Yasmine informed her.

            “Well that’s good,” smiled Rachel about to turn back to her work when they both caught sight of the little boy shyly peeking out from around the corner, “Hey Nico, what’s up?”

            “Nothing…” said the little boy unconvincingly as he ducked his head, “But Little Bob was thinking he might need some hugs.”

            “Little Bob, huh?” said Rachel seriously as Yasmine tried not to grin. Little Bob was Nico’s stuffed skeleton cat that he carried with him almost everywhere. A few months ago they had discovered that sometimes when Nico couldn’t ask for what he needed he would tell them through little stories about Little Bob, “Well then we can’t have that. Why don’t you come sit up here with me so we can both give Little Bob lots of hugs.”

            Nico’s dark eyes brightened and he nodded eagerly as he climbed up onto Rachel’s lad to cuddle. Yasmine laid down on the couch and grinned tiredly at the two of them as she listened to Nico tell Rachel all about how sometimes, sometimes, Little Bob got a bit lonely when Crona and Jack went to school but he had to stay behind with Nico because they were too little. Yasmine decided that while Gaara was undoubtedly still napping and Toothless was still peacefully engaged she would take advantage of this calm moment to take a nap. She had barely decided upon this when her lids grew heavy and she fell asleep.


© 2014 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

What can I say? I was having a lot of Nico feels. And HTTYD too... and I know how stupid schools can be at accommodating people with extra needs after working for hours with both my students, deaf cousin, my brother, and of course my own experience.

Yazzy would be the dragons mother coming marching into the principle's office for justice :D

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Oh gosh! The principal acting like everything is fine about treating Toothless so horribly (♯`∧´) Grrr! But then when Astrid was mentioning the school she works at with Hiccup *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* I couldn't help imagining Hiccup and Toothless being all cute and Hiccup being Toothless's favorite teacher~ *bubbles at the thought*

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

yeah me too! :)
and breath fire on all s****y teachers to whom i deem unworthy!!!! i loved it:D this was so cute and i was getting upset just reading that part! take after my mom when s**t gets real!!! YAY I MET ASTRID!! can't wait for part 2!!!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne