Fourth of July

Fourth of July

A Story by TheEverHungryOne

So for the record I am extremely un-patairiotic, however, I love any excuse to celebrate to the MAX! so... story time!

The Fourth of July

"It's time to Par-Ty!!!!" exclaimed Rylie leaping into the pool, narrowly missing Jaya on her floating chair.
"Rylie!" complained Jaya kicking a wave of water into her face.
"OoOoH! THIS MEANS WAR!" Rylie screeched, "Siana! Alana! you're on my side!"
"You can't have Siana AND Alana!" complained Jaya.
"Sure can! you have Yasmine! and you can use Bethany or Rachel too!" said Rylie, "Besides they want to be on my team!"
"Huh? what's happening?" asked Siana surfacing.
"You and Alana are on my team in a water war against Jaya and Yasmine!" said Rylie.
"Uh, Okay." said Alana.
"Let's do this!" said Siana.
"Traitors!" exclaimed Jaya and Yasmine.
"Bethany! help us!" commanded Jaya.
"...gurgle... meow..." said Bethany grinning between bubbles observing them with her eyes at water level.
"STOP PRETENDING TO BE A CAT FISH AND HELP!" screeched Jaya getting her hands on a water gun.
"Hiss!" was Bethany's response before ducking beneath the surface again.
"Ahahaha! we're winning!" yelled Rylie triumphantly.
"What's going on here?" said Sarah coming back outside after a short bathroom break.
"Shh! don't make you presence known!" hissed Rachel from under the food table .
"What are you doing...?" asked Sarah blinking.
"...avoiding death..."
"But why under the food table?" asked Sarah.
"I thought that was a given..." said Rachel blankly as she sneakily stuffed her face.
*a while later*
"What now?" asked Siana as they happily ate watermelon wrapped up in their towels.
"Well the boys are coming later... and at some point we're supposed to get a chocolate fountain." said Rachel glancing at the clock.
"CHOCOLATE!?" exclaimed Yasmine.
"Gaspeth! chocolate! chocolatechocolatechocolATE~!" sang Yasmine dancing hyperly about.
"...On second thought I don't think we should give you chocolate..." said Bethany.
"NOOOO! CHOCOLAAAAAAAATE!" moaned Yasmine dramatically collapsing on the floor.
"You'll live." assured Siana patting her head.
"Besides," said Sarah trying to cheer her up, "Isn't Neah supposed to-"
"CHOCOLATE!" screamed Yasmine leaping to her feet and dashing to the door and flinging it open startling the young man on the other side.
"Uh-" he began.
"YOU'RE NOT CHOCOLATE!" Yasmine accused slamming the door shut in his face. Then she paused, "Wait a sec... that was Neah... EVEN BETTER!" she threw the door open again and tackled her boyfriend.
"How has she not killed him?" asked Bethany in mild interest while most of her friends tried to contain their laughter.
"Better question: how has he not gone deft?" asked Rylie.
"Wait, if Neah's here... then that must mean... ALLEN!" screamed Rachel leaping off the couch and over the couple still greeting each other on the floor only to trip and fall into her beloved Allen's embrace.
"On second thought... how have they all not gone deft?" asked Bethany.
"Give it time." Siana assured her, "None of us are exactly quite when it comes to these things."
"Hey can some one help me with this?" called Jack from the door picking his way around the people in the entree way  his arms full of packages.
"Oh yes of course!" said Sarah her checks flushing as she fluttered over to relieve him of some of his load and get her greeting kiss. 
"The rest of the food is in the car." said Allen setting Rachel back down on her feet, "It's taking longer because Tyki is being lazy and won't carry anything and Kanda thinks the way to solve this is to try and hack him into little pieces."
"Oh dear." said Alana.
"For the record even if Kanda is your boyfriend Alana, if he cuts up my Tyki he shall not be able to escape my wrath." said Siana.
"I'll be sure to warn him." said Alana smiling as they made their way out the door.
"You kidding me? since when does Kanda listen to warnings?" laughed Siana.
A little later they were all laughing happily out side in the back. Charlie, Kyuhyun and Sasori had turned up a little later with the chocolate fountain where Yasmine and Neah currently resided across from the food table where Allen and Rachel held their court. The others sprawled happily in the grass or in the pool as they all watched the fireworks.
Life was good.

© 2012 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

heres your Fourth of July present! Man I haven't written anything in a while! this kinda sucked! oh well. hope you enjoyed!

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That was epic and creative and hyper and awesome and fantastic and so NOT a waste of my time!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Omg! Awesome! YeahTyki~gorgeous as always

Posted 10 Years Ago

Aw! I loved this so much! >///<

HA! Love how Yasmine slambs the door into Neah's face, soon relizing it was him. FUNNY!

Yes, yes, I'll come help you with those boxes Jackie-pie! (Heart)

Posted 10 Years Ago

aw thanks Rachel-chan XD if this review were from my phone i'd write to u in japanese!! but alas i can't:) this was really cute, loved the part where i slammed the door in Neah's face....only realizing it was him. But really makes me wonder how my husband will still have the ability to hear when we marry (shrugs) oh well, the future will reveal when ready. Five stars, i loved this!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I LOVE FOOD! other then that I am a Renaissance girl (aka I have a lot of hobbies all of which I do intensely) and i am Dyslexic.... so if my writing gets confusing thats why. Oh and I go to a M.. more..

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