Once Upon a Time II

Once Upon a Time II

A Poem by Addie P Abbott

Poem inspired by one of my favorite poems ; Once Upon a Time by Gabriel Okara But of a Walk down memory Lane


I write this Letter,

At an age where I'm supposed to know better.

Where I'm supposed to be clever.

Where I'm supposed to be smart.

Intelligence dictates that for me to enjoy the gift of the future

My past is where I should start.

And I should ignore the present...

For now I am flowered with a Love that’s been rooted in thorns.

Smiles no longer warm my soul,

But scorch my feet through a stride of hypocrisy,

And a laughter that pierces my ears like horns...

rose to be a Liar.

Forgetting to stand up for what I believe in.

Meaning Morals and Values were no longer intriguing.

Faith, Was just not worth believing.

Yet I swore I was always doing right.

Success never left, she just succeeded in deceiving...

Miss Direction became Miss Leading.

Engaging me in a polygamy that centered on me cheating...

That told me my Love should be shared,

So why from the ladies of the world my secret I was keeping.... ?

I never knew I needed to be shielding....

I write this letter,

at an age where I didn't know better.

I didn't comprehend weather.

Didn't realize that I was subject to the reign…

Predicating my sentence,

But not changing my story.

For the novelty of hypocrisy meant there was never sincerity in me saying "I’m Sorry"

Never good wishes in a wave,

Never comradery in an embrace.

For compassion had long drifted,

Chivalry had long been martyred.

And the blood of Love had been tie-dyed into religion.

Where for Respect, Sacrilege had been bartered...

Feelings became Colours.

Colours distinguished races.

Races raised racists.

Men of Love became sadists.

Spontaneity raised Rapists.

Premature deaths became the latest...

The basis:

Where envy breathed life into a generation,

And heart-felt comments were poisoned with a hatred painted by the greatest...

I write this letter,

To the Age where I hope things are better.

Where things are clearer.

Where Society remembers not how to smile with a heart as Cold as a Sheffield December...

Because I remember…

All a little too well.

And I pray you don't drown in the search to quench your thirst,

For remedies to cleanse your heart and remove the hurt...

Ash to Ash

Dust to Dirt.

Understand Love,

Understand Worth,

For As I Write this letter,

I aim to show you to be earnest;

Targeting the good in people.

To take Shots to raise the bar!

Not just crowd it,

Crown it.

And the irony is I’m writing to myself

For the ink of My Past leaks...

Onto the pages of my Future...

But not affecting My Present...

For the Gift that you are, My Son,

Is one treasure that I will never regret.

For who you are now,

Is who I was…

Once Upon a Time.

© Addie P. Abbott

© 2012 Addie P Abbott

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Added on September 4, 2012
Last Updated on September 4, 2012
Tags: Poetry, History, Facades, Honestry, SpilledInk, Fantasy, Fatherhood


Addie P Abbott
Addie P Abbott

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

So basically I'm an aspiring Poet from St.Lucia at University in England. I love reading poems of all kinds and it's kind've become the only way I feel like expressing myself. And I figure that's what.. more..