Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

A Chapter by Blue Ivory

"Sooo, I kinda have a surprise for you..." Melissa told Tommy merrily, hiding a scroll of white paper behind her back as she closed the door.


"Someone's in a good mood today!" he flirted, putting his hands on her waist, "What's the surprise?"


"Well, you know how you've had a problem with me being sort of distant with you? I decided to make it up to you."


"What's in that paper?" he asked, stretching his neck to get a better view at the object peeking out from behind Melissa's shoulder.


"You'll see." she giggled, "I'll show it to you when we reach the park."


"Noooo!" he said pretending to be devastated, to which, Melissa responded by casually pushing him. Tommy mimed falling over, and then caught himself mid way. He was adorable in Melissa's eyes. She couldn't believe she had found someone like him. He was good looking, funny, acted cute, and he was older. That's the part she didn't understand. Melissa hadn't known herself to be all that mature. Or attractive, for that matter. Tommy's presence just made her feel elated.


On reaching the park, melissa revealed the little present she had brought for her new boyfriend. It was a charcoal sketch she had made of his eyes. She did it on her night alone, after she got back from the hospital. He was all she could think about. She knew she didn't want to think about what was to happen with her mother. She had tests to study for. But when was the last time she actually studied? Her needs to procrastinate were great. But this wouldn't do. She had to get to work.


When was the last time I had some peace?


"Woah! Your friends weren't kidding when they said you're incredible...This is amazing! Who is that?" Tommy exclamined.


"Umm, you..." she said, her cheeks tinted pink.


"Thank God! I thought it looked like me, but I didn't wanna sound self-obsessed. This is really amazing!" he said laughing embarrassed.


"It's for you. I want you to keep it." she told him, extending her hand which was holding the picture towards him.


"Really? Thanks!" he said, continuing to marvel at the portrait of his eyes.


There was something special she had done to the drawing. It was a sketch made of charcoal, but she couldn't resist not keeping the colour black and white. His irises just screamed electric blue. She had to color them. But she didn't have that color... Realzing the only form of dye that would match Tommy's eye color was a blue eyeliner she had. She ran and fetched it. Opening the cap, she hesitated for a while before using the pencil, as she had a policy about not wasting make-up. Then she used it anyway, only making gentle strokes to put a slight hint of blue on the already grey shaded irises. She broke her rule.


She couldn't decide if she really liked him, or if she was just falling head over heels for him because this was the first time, she was with a boy. Whatever the case, she would have to be rational, and not start slitting her wrists like most other girls did. Life had much more to it than relationships. She wouldn't be all grapes are sour about it.


Melissa apologized to Tommy for not being able to make much time for him in the past. She told him how she really cared about him, and she would try to give him more importance from then onwards. They sat there in that park for a couple of hours, and then Melissa decided it was getting dark. And in this time of the year, darker it got, the colder. Being sensitive to low temperatures, she knew she had to leave, though she really didn't want to. Like always, he walked her home. Only this time, he looked slightly upset.


"Aren't you gonna invite me inside?" he asked her expectantly.


"I would love to, but..." Melissa said, feeling doomed, and trying to think up an excuse.


"You said, you were gonna be more open." he said, looking into her eyes. On seeing her reluctance, he put both hands on her shoulders and said "Hey, it;s okay. Whatever it is, I'm okay with it. I won't judge you." he told her earnestly.


Melissa looked down. At that moment, eye contact was making her heart thump against her ribcage.


She sighed.


"Oh...alright." she surrendered. She opened the door to her house, with her shoulders dropped, turned around at him and offered "After you!"

© 2013 Blue Ivory

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I like it, very good, a nice development

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Good writing!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Blue Ivory

9 Years Ago

thank you!

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