Why We Choose To Continue

Why We Choose To Continue

A Poem by TheLastEclipse

Why We Choose To Continue//


Show me the story on your skin.
I want to know how you feel within.
These letters on me are for you.
What I am talking about is no tattoo.
It's just scars that trace over me.
They are sure to be visible for all eyes to see.
These scars on me,
Represent it love. They represent what I'll be.


I know that it's crazy.
I watch your mellow eyes dazing.
Your head leaning on my shoulder.
My breath growing bolder.
I see you lips begin to purse.
I watch you sleep and realize this could be worse.
I look at my hands, knowing that the marks mean nothing.
I'm done with this pity, my soul shouldn't be shoving!


I'm letting go of scars.
What they see is not who we are.
These scars you see,
They will never represent me.
Just because I've done some things that I'm ashamed of,
Doesn't mean I wouldn't give anything for your beautiful love.
I'm done with the past.
I've shed my last mask.


You see my face.
What a disgrace huh?


Sssh Don't say such a thing!

You are mine!
I love you all the time.
Even at your worst.
You could never have me hurt.
Only when you talk down about yourself is when I-


But why-



Fingers to the lips.
And our story continues with a kiss.

© 2013 TheLastEclipse

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Added on January 17, 2013
Last Updated on January 17, 2013
Tags: Holding On, Loving, Living



Crossville, AL

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