There's No Such Thing as Synthetic Pleasure

There's No Such Thing as Synthetic Pleasure

A Poem by TheLastEclipse

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There's No Such Thing As Synthetic Pleasure


Everything that I feel,

Is created.

Everyone I know,

Makes me feel hated.


And now I can assume that the crushing blow was ending me and you.

And now I assume that you have the plans of what to do.

Just stay whole!

Crush me! Crush me!

Pour me in your glass,

Pure and clean tonight.

I will be your ecstasy.

Let everyone know that your happiness is me.


            Synthetic bliss,

Disguises her happiness.

She never knows where she is.

I'm so sick of this.

Moments are growing forever tense.

This drug battle is getting harder!

Let go and just hold on to me tonight.

Let go and close your eyes, I'll protect you even if I have to fight!


And now, I can feel your shivers sending me into tears.

And now what you are producing is my worst fears.

Just stay whole!

Don't leave me again!

Love me! Love me!

I will fight until the end!

Pure and clean tonight.

I will be your ecstasy.

Let everyone know your happiness is me.


                                    Oh I feel a fear brewing...

                                    Oh dear what is this your doing...?

                                                I'll find you in the bathroom floor.

           Your worn out body can take no more!

           What is this that you oh so adore!

           Such a drug could not last forever more!

                                    Oh I feel a fear brewing!     

                                    Oh my darling what are you doing?

           Collapsing like my mentality.

           Your body is so scarred and bloody.

           What am I to stay in a mess.

           I feel like I have tried my best.


            So I sit here,

            By your convulsing body until it stops moving.

            Can you hear me?

            I see your body sweating.

            I pray that you are not inside.

            I want you to know what I sit beside,

            Is not the beautiful thing I fell in love with.

            Now you're some creature.

            Stoned and ignorant...

            Hopefully it's dead and maybe this time you'll see.

            It's drugs or me!

© 2013 TheLastEclipse

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I was wondering what your inspiration was for this, but it became clearer through out. It has a really good flow and structure. But, it's also personal, which is even more empowering. Kudos.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 16, 2013
Last Updated on May 16, 2013
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