The Game

The Game

A Poem by TheLastEclipse

This is the truth that insanity has revealed to me. So play the game with me.

My tongue no longer affects the words that emanate from my mouth.
If I do not silence the muttering, soon nothing should come out.
Not for the love that I carry, not for the passion that I own.
All that I will find is myself made a statue and a statue alone.
I have often tried to rise from the darkness because the light is overhead,
But when I do I can often feel a lightness in my aching head.
The pounding coerces me and pacifies as I lay back down.
But I know it is so wrong to stay on the cold, comforting ground.
I can only find myself being comforted in this sickness,
By the sickness’s singing songs of a place of solace.
I beg to the sickness, in a fit of hysteria. Oh, in a fit.
“Where is this place- a location where I can find it?”
The hysterical song stops and I am left alone again.
The ray of light shines above my head, 
Oh, I am only inches between the arrays of life and sweet death,
But if I begged for death, I would only be wasting my breath.
You see, it is the sickness’s goal to hide me here and to taunt me
The sickness is demented and will never allow me to be free.
It is as if the humor in which I find myself contrasts greatly
From the default humor of the laughing sickness who is insanity…
Insanity, as overused as the term love, has been
Insulted by its over usage and has risen
To take his leave, grabbing his coat from the chair.
Now that we have been cruel and compared him to crazy, he will not be fair.
That is why I live in the gray world I am among now.
It is not about the sadness of a lost lover, but how
About the insulting of insanity rather than knowing the difference
Between the cruel being that is insanity from the simple craziness.
My apologies, dear insanity, you have won the battle.
You have left me scoffing on the ground, baffled.
I have understood your comedy within the tragedy.
The joke is that I shall never be set free,
You will evolve me and I shall become you.
That is the game and I will be the number two,
Only to trick the insulter as you did me
And make him insanity number three…

© 2014 TheLastEclipse

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Added on September 13, 2014
Last Updated on September 13, 2014
Tags: Insanity, Craziness, Havoc, Unrest, Restlessness, Death, Life




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