Tear the Dress

Tear the Dress

A Poem by TheLastEclipse

Continue this screaming, so that I can forever remain bleeding

You scream his name,
Laying on your back and in vain
You scream!
You scream!

It’s a nightmare
In which I turn and toss.
A dream!
A dream!

But it could never be more true.
I keep seeing you, tangled in sheets.
And I can see his hairy feet.
And I can hear you scream.
It’s a nightmare
And it is so unkind-
So unfair.

Oh, why dear God?
She screams his name while I think of her
She screams his name and thinks of nothing.
All I can do is feel the tightening in my gut as she screams.
Oh, God! Oh my God!

Can nothing ever feel wholesome again?
When I see her face I cannot pretend I do not know.
Everything I have heard and felt and seen will show.
And when she sees the twisting of my face, she will understand.

With your dress torn
You will scream his name.
What a shame!
What a shame!

I can feel it twist within my body
And feel my own love become faulted.
Not again! 
Not again!

Sweet God, is there no release from such pain?
She is doing it again? She is doing it-
And I will wear the lust as a coat.
It makes me impossible to grip.

She will take me by my lip,
Like a fish she will have hold
And she will force me to lose my breath
And I will choke on nothingness to death.

You will just allow him to take what is mine!
Where is your sense of honor you wretched swine?

Oh I mean not the angry words that sway
I just want my beloved angel- the w***e- to stay!

© 2014 TheLastEclipse

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Added on September 15, 2014
Last Updated on September 15, 2014




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