What about the Condition of the Battleground?

What about the Condition of the Battleground?

A Poem by TheLastEclipse

Everyone only thinks of the warriors, not the ground on which they brawl.

The person you thought I was
He has a matter with you to discuss.
I have changed 
I have none other to blame
But the person that I am now,
Oh, but how- oh how?
How can someone who had yet to exist
Add injury and death to a character’s events?

I will tell you, “friends.”
You see, who said when he begins?
You all only assumed he was just born
But he has been here the entirety of life.
He has watched with disdain and scorn
Awaiting arrival at the appropriate time.
He did not plan to murder;
But he did plan to hurt her.

Now, the two battle within
Making the heart their battleground.
One chooses delight and sin as his weapon
And one chooses a nobility so profound.
I’m scared that both shall fall to leave
Me a hollow shell, once carrying, now empty!
All  I need is a rescue
And I have tried from you.

It seems I will decay soundless.
I will fall bruisless.
You see, we all admire destruction
The beauty of ruins crumbling
And all of the smoldering smog of dust
And all of the imploding trust.
We enjoy seeing something else suffering,
So long as we don’t have to go through pain.

Now, I am the one suffering,
And I have realized the error of my ways.
Now that I am the one suffering
I am praying that you save me!

I have become a no man’s land, 
Not even spared for myself
Because I have been divided
And now there is a war that passed.
I have done what I can
But every portion of me lays dead
All in the field with weapons by their bodies
And sadly, no one will ever see me.

I am the battlefield that will forever remain scarred.
I just wish I could forget who you all are,
But I will bleed here, knowing
That all of your avarice and vile sickness is showing.
Though you are exposed, no one can see.
That is why they will never find me.
They are blind to the damaged if it was once damaging.
But I was just a blatantly exposed battlefield, abused.

I was taken advantage of- had no choice.
I was just a boundless expanse with gentle breezes as my voice.
Trees of integrity were my guardians,
But they were motionless in any defense.
No here I rest, in that near-death trance.
Thank you for offering to bury my bodies in me,
Because (me) there was no hope in saving,

© 2014 TheLastEclipse

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Added on September 28, 2014
Last Updated on September 28, 2014
Tags: Destruction, Humans, Evil, Good, Good versus evil, Hatred, Sickness, Abandoned, Alone, Desolate




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