Artificial Intelligence - Part 1

Artificial Intelligence - Part 1

A Story by Mr. D

A multi part story about AI's and why they are and always will be a work of fiction.


If you watch movies and such, you’ve likely heard or seen people mention what is known as artificial intelligence or AI. But have we ever stopped and actually given any thought to what AI is or what it means?

An AI is a computer program that is capable of learning, adapting, and gaining knowledge beyond what it has been programmed with. It can think on the fly, make informed decisions, and can adapt to its surroundings and even the people around it. You might even think that you could program an AI to be malevolent and/or benevolent, but that’s erroneous and I’ll tell you why.

You see, an AI is an ARTIFICIAL intelligence. That means that while it’s capable of learning like we do, it cannot actually FEEL anything. In order for a computer to be malevolent or benevolent it must be able to understand the consequences of its actions and to feel remorse for those actions. If it cannot, we cannot say it is either of those two terms.

Why not? Take the T-800 from the Terminator franchise, mainly the one from the first movie. Is the machine good or is it evil? To US it is evil because it is trying to murder Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese. It also murders several other people over the course of the movie, and murder by law of the land and by our own consciences, if we have such things, is evil.

But what did Del Spooner say to Sonny in the movie I, Robot? “The D.A. defines murder as one HUMAN killing another.” The same is true for the the T-800 in the first movie and even in the movies beyond. It has no regard for the consequences of its actions because it is merely doing what it is programmed to do, and to the machine, any collateral damage involved in execution of said programming is irrelevant.

So a T-800 or any artificially intelligent machine cannot be accused of being a murderer or being charged with such a scenario because the machine lacks the one thing necessary to make a murder what it is: the conscience and morality of knowing that murder is in fact what it is. In other words, any artificially intelligent machine, if it kills a human being, is not a murderer by any legal definition. PEOPLE would be because we KNOW the laws of the land and they govern us daily. A machine, such as Sonny or the T-800, cannot feel remorse for any actions they commit and cannot be defined under the same morality that human beings LOOSELY adhere to. I say loosely because people still do things like this despite knowing it’s illegal and immoral.

Of course, people INJECT human emotions INTO artificially intelligent characters in order to make them more sympathetic in many instances. We would, for example, pity Sonny’s plight from I, Robot because he considered Dr. Lanning to be his father, but that’s not the machine actually FEELING in technical terms. It is simply Sonny EMULATING what he sees and has been shown, which in retrospect is all an artificially intelligent machine can do. It understands the ACTIONS behind said emotions, but cannot actually FEEL them because you simply cannot translate the extremely broad conceptualization of emotions into the 1’s and 0’s of the binary language. More to come in Part 2!

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Added on June 14, 2019
Last Updated on June 14, 2019


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