Artificial Intelligence - Part 2

Artificial Intelligence - Part 2

A Story by Mr. D

A continuation of my story on AI's.


Now take the scene where Sonny slams his fist into the table in frustration. No artificially intelligent machine would do that because frustration is a HUMAN EMOTION, which a machine cannot duplicate. It can EMULATE such, but it cannot actually psychologically understand or process such complex physical and mental capabilities. It simply doesn’t possess them. It never could and it never would.

To break down AI even further, and to show you how far technology has advanced over the years, let’s take a look at one of the most popular home computers of the 1980’s: the Apple II. In those days, the Apple II had a very complex processing language and it only understood things when put into specific terms, that is, terms it could understand. How did you speak to a computer in this manner? Through a technical term known as “syntax.” What is syntax? It is the language that the Apple II “spoke” and “read” when it was being spoken to.

In this case, the owner or current user tells the computer what to do using the appropriate command line parameters, and the computer does one of two things: looks at you like you’re stupid or actually performs the command in question. Now could you actually see a computer looking at you in a stupid manner? No, but you could IMAGINE it doing so because you have the emotions and the mental clarity and acumen to do so. The AI? No such thing.

However, said AI, if it were trying to talk to the Apple II, could simply download all the syntax it needs and then speak flawlessly to the computer on its terms. In fact, they could even carry on a conversation if the Apple II weren’t just a dumb box. To take it a step further, not only could the AI download all the language it needed to talk to the Apple II flawlessly, it could do so within a MICROSECOND. It could do things flawlessly in a microsecond that it would take humans YEARS to learn. Just imagine if AI’s programmed other AI’s. Uh-oh...

I use rather humorous terms there, but it’s to illustrate a very important point: Computers of yesteryear were nothing but dumb boxes. In fact, they’re STILL dumb boxes! What do I mean by that? I mean they’ll do the same thing over and over and over endlessly until you either get sick of what they’re doing and turn them off or give them another command in which they’ll do the new command incessantly and ad infinitum.

So you see, it’s not the computer’s fault it’s a dumb box. It can’t help that it can’t think on its own. It has to be TOLD what to think and what to do. An AI has no such limitation. Not only can an AI think on the fly, it can do so within mere microseconds. In fact, in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, one of the CRS researchers says that Skynet was operating at 60 teraflops per second. Put in layman’s terms, that’s sixty TRILLION floating point operations per second PER SECOND. Digest that for a few minutes if you will.

So if an AI is capable of learning THAT quickly in a movie, imagine how fast one could learn if it existed in real life. Would it be capable of knowing everything there is to know? No because it can only know all the information that HUMANS have and understand, but it could still use that information and it would likely use it against us, not for us. More to come in Part 3!

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Added on June 14, 2019
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