Artificial Intelligence - Part 3

Artificial Intelligence - Part 3

A Story by Mr. D

The third part of the story.


Now let’s take a look at the technology of today. What do we have on our phones? Cameras, calendars, the INTERNET. Of course, we’ve had the Internet since about the mid 90’s, right? Nothing really impressive about that, is there? Oh, there is, and more than you know. After all, did YOU ever imagine you’d be taking photos of you and your friends at the beach, at the lake, or even at your latest family get-together with your cellphone? Of course you didn’t, and neither did anyone else.

OK, so maybe computers aren’t as dumb now as they were back then, but they’re still boxes nonetheless, and they still have to be told what to think and what to do. But you don’t have to talk to them in this archaic and mind-numbing complex linguistic system that will leave you ripping your hair out when it throws that exception again for the umpteenth time because you didn’t put a comma at the end of every one of your programming commands correctly, at least, not if you’re not a programmer…

And that leads me to my next point: programming an AI. The simple fact is that no one in the world has the knowledge or the mental faculties to come close to something like this, and that’s a good thing for if they made something like that, I fear it’d be exactly like Terminator where the supercomputer takes over all military operation, and exterminates the human race, and that’s probably exactly what it would do.

To program an AI you would literally have to sit at your computer for years on end, and type out possibly BILLIONS of individual lines of code. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt no one has the patience or the aptitude to do anything of the sort. Plus, that code would have to be self-expanding, self-maintaining, and self-observant. Not possible, not even with the technology of today.

Now some people would stop me there, sit me down, and say to me, “Mr. D, we DO have AI’s in this day and time. We have Siri, Cortana, Alexa, etc.” to which I’d respond, “That’s all well and good, but you know those aren’t AI’s, right?” They would then look at me in a puzzled manner, and I’d nod and say, “No, it’s true, they’re not AI’s.” Most of you, and especially you programmers out there among us, already know that, don’t you? “So, Mr. D, if they’re NOT AI’s, what are they then?” these people would ask.

They’re search engines. Interactive, voice activated search engines. A list of words is recorded into each one, updated daily, and constantly modified to be ready at a moment’s notice to find what it is you’re searching for. But they’re not AI’s in any sense of the two words. They cannot adapt on their own, they cannot think beyond what they’re told to think about (the thing or things you’re searching for), and they cannot learn beyond what they’re programmed with. AI’s can do all that and more. That is to say, they cannot do these things ON THEIR OWN, which is what separates an actual functioning AI from an interesting and even hilariously entertaining on occasion search engine.

Now let’s talk about an actual AI for a change. Nope, not Sonny and not the T-800. Let’s talk about the old 1982 science fiction flick, Tron, and it’s ultimate villain, the Master Control Program, or MCP for short. Is the MCP REALLY an AI? Yes. In every sense of the terminology. It can think on its own, is self-governing and self-sustaining, can learn beyond it’s programming, which it does to a massive and destructive degree, and is the entity responsible both for overseeing The Grid and for properly digitizing Users into the computer world from the outside world.

Watching this movie gives you probably the best example put on film, besides Terminator and Skynet of course, of what would happen if you set an actual AI loose in the real world. The MCP starts taking over as soon as it becomes self-aware, threatens to expose Ed Dillinger’s unsavory dealings if he tries to stop it, and eventually, they have to travel into the system and manually stop the rampaging monster before it can destroy the entire computer world.

However, once they destroy the MCP, access to the computer world is cut off due to the loss of what are known as the “correction algorithms” or the computer code that allows a person to be safely and properly digitized into The Grid. Just to give you a great example of just how impossible it would be to actually write a functioning AI program, it took Alan Bradley TWENTY YEARS to rewrite them after their destruction, and he had to have help from Ma3a in order to contain and house them. Twenty years. It would probably take longer than that in real life just to make the code VIABLE. Even if it were viable, how do you make something that learns like that? Virtually, it’s impossible. The technology of today simply doesn’t allow it. Even if it did, one person couldn’t do it. It would take possibly hundreds, and maybe even thousands. Fourth and final part to follow!

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• Let’s talk about the old 1982 science fiction flick, Tron, and it’s ultimate villain, the Master Control Program, or MCP for short.

You HAVE to be kidding. Any connection between the "computer" in that film and what goes on inside an acual an actual computer is nonexistent. It was a joke when it was made, and still is.

• The technology of today simply doesn’t allow it.

Of course it does. There are AI applications everywhere. I know people who work in the field. No one has either need or the desire to create true intelligence in a computer. The cost wouldn't justify the return. And the idea that if a computer that was intelligent would mimic the other characteristics of the human brain is, in a word, silly.

As someone who designed computers for forty years I have to say that you are WAY out of your depth. You're making guesses based on screenplays. But the one thing you can be certain of is that those who write them, and approve the scripts are NOT science people. In Hollywood, if they want to make a mystery they hire mystery writers. If they want a cowboy story they hire western writers. The same goes for most fields. But,,,if they want to write sci-fi they hire a western writer, or a mystery writer, or...

Posted 4 Months Ago

Mr. D

4 Months Ago

Perhaps they are mere guesses. It's impossible to know what would happen outside of the realm of fic.. read more

4 Months Ago

• Perhaps they are mere guesses.

You didn't present them as guesses

.. read more
Mr. D

4 Months Ago

Man, it must be exhausting to be you. :)

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