Heart Behind A Wall

Heart Behind A Wall

A Poem by Mr. D

Behind a wall is the safest place to be.


Keeping one’s heart behind a wall

Is the safest way of all

To avoid all the pain

And loving in vain those who do not love you in return

You feel the burn and your stomach turn and churn

The safest way to live

Is to have nothing to give

And nothing to take

My heart is all askew

Because I tried to give it to you

And you gave it back

With a complete lack

Of concern

I’ll leave the pieces on the floor

I like them there much more

Where they cannot cut me again

Where I don’t have to mend

Them back together.

You didn’t love me, that’s fine

I will not cry or whine

Or ask you why we had to fall

It doesn’t matter at all

So I’ll stay here behind my wall

To my walls I will adhere

It’s only safest here

Behind them I will not fear

My feelings disappear

I will not shed a tear

You never loved me anyway

© 2019 Mr. D

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I agree with this piece. Sometimes blank empty walls bring more comfort than a hollow cold heart belonging to another human. But that's just me. I prefer my walls.

Posted 1 Week Ago

I fish with my own flesh. But I get why some prefer another avenue of interaction... I think its kinda silly but most of what I do is borderline retarded so what the f**k do I know? Cats are more interesting than dogs on the average.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Mr. D

1 Month Ago

Yes, I prefer the company of pets to people. I've never owned a dog. Always been a cat man, but I co.. read more

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Added on July 13, 2019
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Mr. D
Mr. D

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