Old Discontinued Foods and Drinks - Part 2`

Old Discontinued Foods and Drinks - Part 2`

A Story by Mr. D

The second half of the story.


Surge �" At the top of this list is a soda I used to drink religiously in my middle school and teenage years. At least, I remember it that way. Surge is one of THE most caffeinated sodas you’d ever drink, and recently they brought it back with aplomb to people buying cases of it and selling them for ridiculous prices on eBay. Opportunism at its finest. Although I don’t know if you can still find any of this stuff floating around, I’m sure eBay or Amazon have some for sale. Be warned, the taste is...wonky, and it has THREE TIMES the caffeine of a normal soda.

Pepsi Blue �" One of the best Pepsi’s I’ve ever drank, Pepsi Blue was a combination of Pepsi and blueberry that surprisingly works. At least, it did for me. Most other people didn’t seem to like it, and this lack of popularity quickly led to its demise. If there’s any of it floating around out there now, I’d be shocked. It’s an acquired taste, however, so don’t be shocked if it isn’t your thing. Then again, I have a habit of liking things other people don’t. That’s just me.

Vault �" This is a soda I think I drank when I was younger and fatter than I am now, but honestly I couldn’t tell you what it tasted like. I think it might’ve tasted almost like Mello Yello, and Mello Yello is disgusting beyond belief. That’s about all I can tell you beyond the obvious fact that it isn’t made anymore.

Citra �" Back in my high school days, when I attended an old youth church that sadly didn’t last very long, I would usually always get a bottle of this stuff. It was basically a kind of grapefruit soda, I think, almost akin to what the soda Wink used to be ( they now call it Squirt). I don’t remember if I ever drank an entire bottle of the stuff (the taste catches up with you after a while). It’s got a fairly strong flavor to it, and it didn’t appeal to many, which is probably why it’s gone now.

Sprite Remix �" Sprite is probably one of the most vile sodas you can drink, simply because it tastes like sludge and the fizz doesn’t last but about a day or two out of the bottle. But this soda I drank like clockwork when I was younger and fatter. But it was only slightly LESS disgusting. I can’t say anymore because my memories of this soda are fuzzy, and I have only the slightest recollection of its taste which wasn’t much better than regular Sprite shivers in disgust

That’s all the ones I mainly drank. Which ones do you remember? Leave a review if you want and let me know! Keep those keys a burning!

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Added on July 15, 2019
Last Updated on July 15, 2019


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