To All My S***s Out There

To All My S***s Out There

A Story by Mr. D

Don't read if you're easily offended or a PC crybaby


Note: This will be a lengthy topic, so if you don’t have some time on your hands, you probably won’t want to read. PC p*****s need not apply either. I’ve included a small TL;DR section at the bottom for those of you who are too lazy to read this entire document. Please feel free to skip it if the truth hurts too much.

This might come as a complete shock to all of you, but did you know that s**t-shaming is a practice that I wholeheartedly endorse? Now while I know that Jesus did not shame Mary Magdalene for her ways, let me also say that Mary Magdalene also had the sense to CHANGE HER WAYS, which I’ve noticed a lot of you lack out there.

No, this is not a poem this time in the form of a story. This is a scathing, bitter, “The Reason You Suck” Speech (See TV Tropes if you want to learn more about that) to all the people out there who think that being promiscuous is somehow the greatest thing since canned bread. (It’s not).

I get it. You all lack self-control. It’s hard not to want to put something in something else. I totally get it. You’re addicted to oxytocin. You know, the feel good chemical that incites MOST people to stick something into something else? Yeah, I wouldn’t know, and wouldn’t give a s**t if I did. None of you have the brains to think about the consequences for what you’re doing, and there are s***s of both the male and female variety.

To all my male s***s out there, how’s that child support check working out for you? Oh, that’s right, half of you wouldn’t know because you’re too damn busy spending that money on useless s**t like the next iPhone or CBD oil from your local cannabis dispensary. I guess you’re all too baked to understand what you’re doing, am I right? Yeah.

To all my female s***s out there: how’s those multiple babies working out? Cause I know some of you get pregnant intentionally in order to play off the system and never have to hit a lick in life. Kind of like your ex-baby daddies who come around, bust in you once in a while, and leave you with yet another child that everyone else will raise. Yeah, you’re not special, so stop pretending you are. Learn some common f*****g sense and keep your legs shut! The world’s crowded enough as it is.

Now if you’re married and had children after you got married, obviously I’m not talking to you or about you. You had the sense to do things the right way, good on you. No, I’m talking to the people who think that it’s OK to jump into the sack with the first person you meet ten minutes after you’, wait, people don’t even wait THAT long anymore. It’s pathetic when the time it takes people to jump in the bed with each other is shorter than most dude’s dicks.

Here’s a newsflash, folks: being s****y is NOT A VIRTUE! Do you thick-headed numbskulls understand that? I don’t think it’s possible for me to slice it any other way. Take a good look at all the single moms you see roaming around these days. If you’re a single mom, maybe you should stop and examine WHY you’re a single mom. Is it because you let smooth-talking snakes seduce your clothes off? If it is, well, there’s your problem right there.

Look, guys, there’s this thing called self-control, which I know most of you wouldn’t have if it bit you on your gym bred asses, but the truth is, STD’s are a thing, you know. There’s a reason why cervical cancer exists. Or prostate cancer. Go ahead, mock me, call me an incel or whatever the hell you want. I’m celibate and I am celibate BY CHOICE. Hell, how could I not be with all the nasty a*s s**t you morons are doing these days? I don’t even want to TOUCH a woman these days. I’m not a skirt-chaser. Too many things have been under them.

People it’s not rocket science. Even if you don’t believe in God like I do, you still shouldn’t be out there propagating promiscuity, yet people these days wear their sexual endeavors like they were some sort of badge of honor. There’s nothing honorable about dishonoring your body like that, people. You’re just damaging your souls and your hearts by doing so. Why bother getting married if you’re going to do that? You won’t have anything to offer your spouse because you offered it to every other f*****g person on the block. Disgusting. I shiver and shudder at the mere THOUGHT of touching another woman these days. I can only imagine what diseases they’re carrying. I’m not gay so I wouldn’t touch the men either, but the same story applies to them as well.

In an age where celibacy is mocked as some sort of disease, I stand proud in the fact that I am not s****y. Learn self-control, people. But you won’t. It’s just like that idiotic CBD oil that you all claim is for “stress relief.” No, it’s for moronic stoners who just want an excuse to light up. Guess the morons in government gave you one, eh? Yeah. That’s another story altogether.

TL;DR: Promiscuity is not a virtue and anyone who engages in such foolishness is disgusting and should be ashamed of themselves. You’re not doing anyone any favors.

© 2020 Mr. D

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Every word tells it how it is. Just a ruddy shame those that supposedly 'count' won't stand up and tell the truth, which warts and all, this is!

Mind you, they're just mostly a venal bunch of wankers.


Posted 1 Week Ago

Mr. D

1 Week Ago

Like I said before, the truth doesn't always comfort. Sometimes it cuts like a sharpened knife.
read more
It is not the greatest thing for sure...and I know I have been guilty as well...There are often times I wish we could go back to an older time...when giving up virtue was at least worth some trauma of conscience.
May not agree with all here....but the honest thoughts here can hardly be debated...It has been said...and those who read may certainly reflect.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Mr. D

1 Week Ago

I think if we did go back to an older time, the things would stay the same. Sexual immorality has be.. read more
Someone had to say it and you did. Good on you D!

I believe in God and it’s written in the Holy Bible that the wages of sin are death and I wholly and truly believe in it. There are some kind of sins that are the deadliest and that’s why not just cervical cancer but AIDS has also been around for the last 40 years.

I’m not saying I haven’t sinned and I won’t condemn others who have. I’m only saying I am aware of the consequences of it and being a s**t, male or female is absolutely not doing. There has to be some fear and prudence

I am always amazed at how some people are proud of their sexual escapades and flaunt them in others faces!

This writing certainly wasn’t long for those who see your viewpoint and I certainly do!

Posted 1 Week Ago

Mr. D

1 Week Ago

Indeed. I suspect I will never marry nor will I breed any offspring, a fact I'm perfectly content wi.. read more

1 Week Ago

All the very best to you, D. Be happy with your choices. It’s our life anyway.
Mr. D

1 Week Ago

Life isn't about happiness. Not for me, anyway.
I wonder why people always see the simple things in such Shallow way but without to look the true meaning behind of it...

Yea ofcoz they have never experience what others have. becoz within the only scope of their abilitys that just what they decided to see.
and also becoz there is no before example so its hard to believing in any difference in whats now and future.
is this called humanity ?​

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

ai, if I were piss off then I will say stuff with piss weak justification, am I, I want to give a ot.. read more
Mr. D

2 Weeks Ago

I didn't say piss off. I said what you said was a piss weak justification of promiscuity. Know what .. read more

2 Weeks Ago

if only from your point of view I accept it 😌

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