Coins - Part 2

Coins - Part 2

A Story by Mr. D

A continuation of Part 1


1. 1955 DDO Lincoln Wheat Cent (Probably THE most valuable Lincoln cent in existence. You can tell when you have one because the number 1955 as well as several words on the coin will have the appearance of doubling, making it look as though you’re seeing double. You can look up an instance of the coin on Google if you’re curious. Don’t expect to find these. They’re very rare and almost impossible to find. Only a few known existences have been found.)

2. 1982 No Mintmark Roosevelt (An extremely rare and extremely hard to find Roosevelt dime. Almost every Roosevelt (hereafter referred to by their nickname “Rosies” has a letter on it to denote the mint it was minted in. This coin and all its instances, however, do not have one. It is an error coin. If you find one, you can likely get a few hundred dollars and maybe even thousands if you have one that’s in excellent condition. Check your dimes carefully!)

3. 2005 Kansas “In God We Rust” State Quarter (Another error coin that only seems to affect Kansas State Quarters from 2005. Due to an error in minting, the T on the word Trust in the motto is illegible or not pronounced. The less pronounced it is, the more this coins is said to be worth. The T is still THERE on the coin, it’s just VERY difficult to make out because it wasn’t engraved properly. These are pretty easy to find if you search enough coin rolls, but don’t get disappointed if you don’t. They’re not worth a lot unless they’re in excellent or Mint State (MS) condition 65 or greater.)

4. 2004 Wisconsin Extra Leaf (in high and low varieties) (This is without a doubt one of THE hardest to find, at least for me, quarters in existence. This quarter, due to a minting error, has what appears to be an extra leaf coming off the corn husk. This can appear in high or low varieties, and each one is worth a good chunk of change to the right collectors. Instances can be Googled if you want to see each variety. If yours doesn’t have the chip on it, you don’t have one. Too bad.)

5. 1943 Lincoln Steel Wheat Cent (Use a magnet to check. Zinc pennies (affectionately referred to as Zincolns by the collector community) do NOT stick to a magnet. A steel cent, however, will stick to one every time. I can confirm it because I actually have an instance of the coin in question).

6. 1943 Lincoln Bronze Wheat Cent (This is an error coin, and like its copper and zinc cousins, it doesn’t stick to a magnet. The only real way to know for sure is to have it examined by a professional coin grader. Watch out for sticky-fingered people too. They’re just as likely to steal this sucker as they are to grade it. The highest paid known instance of one went for $1.7 million AT AUCTION. I say at auction because if it isn’t in mint state condition, you won’t get nearly that much for it.)

7. 1943 Lincoln Copper Wheat Cent (it isn’t as valuable as its bronze brother, but this coin is still worth a lot due to the fact that it was minted with a PURE COPPER planchet instead of the usual zinc/steel/copper alloy that was customary for its time. Remember, copper doesn’t stick to magnets either. Check your coins thoroughly!)

8. 1909 V.D.B. Lincoln Wheat Cent (The engraver engraved his initials on the coin, much to the consternation of the U.S. Mint. Mint instances of this coin can go for as much as $2,000. You probably won’t find one unless your grandparents had a coin collection with one in it. Almost impossible to find.)

Other coins to look out for:

1. Mercury dimes of ANY year. (These were minted from 1916-1945. They are 90% silver, so if you find one, DON’T THROW IT AWAY OR SPEND IT. These are rare, but they are out there. I’ve found several. Check coin rolls at the bank or CoinStar machines. Just make sure it won’t get you fired if you work for the company!)

2. Dimes, halves, and quarters minted 1964 and earlier. (These are also made of 90% silver. If it is minted from 1965 and later, it is NOT silver, EXCEPT in the case of halves minted from ‘65-’70. It MUST be from 1964 and earlier. You can tell a silver quarter from a nickel/zinc/steel plated one easily. It will make a distinct sound when dropped onto a table. Check your dates carefully! Halves minted from 1965-1970 are only 40% silver. Still, be on the lookout!)

Error coins. (In addition to the ones listed above, there are many others out there for you to find. Some are rarer than rare, and others are fairly common. Check car washes and car wash bays, storm drains, and others.)

Good luck, and happy hunting!

© 2020 Mr. D

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