Don´t be human

Don´t be human

A Poem by Mads

A poem, or just a writing about how Society keeps telling us what to do. (Do not let anyone tell you what to do go live your life and be your happiest self!!)


Don’t be human 


Begin the day with hope and joy, 

Be nice, be honest but don’t you dare raise your voice. 

Because as a woman, a man, a girl or a boy you don’t have a right to say,    

“I have a choice!” 

Just listen to the small voice in your head that says,  

Be like her, be like him before you go to bed. 

You're too fat, you're too thin, you will never fit inn! 

Don’t do that, don’t say this, don't act like a b*tch, 

Please him and please her, no matter how much it hurts. 


Be perfect be nice, always apologize and even if you are right... 

Let “them” have the spotlight because you're too young, you're too old.  

You're too loud and too bold you have no friends, no voice and also no choice. 

Why can't you be like them? 

Don’t love her, don’t love him or don’t call them, them. 


It's so simple to just listen and do as you're told there is no need for your rights,  

no need to be bold. 

Take care of this and take care of that but don’t act like you know better then that.

Don’t be rude, could you wipe that awful look off your face? 

“Just be perfect it's as easy as that,” is what they say

Don’t dress like him and don’t act like her, but  

“Don’t be human, be this, be like us” they say.  

“Don’t be human but be this be like us” they say. 

Don’t be human 



© 2020 Mads

Author's Note

Sorry if a few grammar problems snuck in..
Feel free to correct me and give tips for my next poem or story!
Love you all.

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it was too good. yeah, bit synonyms could have been used and bit, a little more ryming lines would have made it better. DO read my book's first chapter too. if you will click on my photo, you will reach there.

Posted 2 Months Ago


1 Month Ago

Ty for taking the time to leave a review!
Such a sweet inspiring little poem! I see you struggle ryhismg with (Like I do lol) Heres a link you can use to help: Have a great Thanksgiving! Love, Kay

Posted 3 Months Ago

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3 Months Ago

Im really happy that you liked my poem and thanks for the link!!

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Added on November 23, 2020
Last Updated on November 25, 2020
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Hi I´m Maddy! I am 13 years old and I like to sing,cook,watch movies,write (obviously) and much more! I haven´t really accomplished a lot yet but that is why I would really appreciate it.. more..

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