The odd one out

The odd one out

A Story by Mads

A short Story about how sometimes people discriminate us because we look different.


The odd one out 


was always different. I was a little strange but you couldn’t hate me, right? When I was 4 years-old I started to notice that people looked at me differentlyI asked my Dad if there was something wrong with me but he never answered, probably because he had left me, I never really knew why or when but one night he just wasn’t there anymore. Fast forward to my first day of Kindergarten, I had thought that I could finally make some new friends of my age. At home I only had an older Brother who unsurprisingly treated me like s**t. At Kindergarten one specific person stood out she was a pretty girl always surrounded by two or three friends; I think her name was Thalia. I wanted to be her friend too. But I was never good enough, that realization hit me once I had walked up to her to ask “Can we sit together? Her friend snickered and whispered into her ear “Come on Thalia, let's go sit somewhere without Ally”. Ouch, that hurt my poor young children heart when Thalia answered “yeah”. I was really dramatic back then, come to think of it I probably still am because from that moment on I hated the idea of becoming friends with any of these snobby little bastards. So, picture-day came and I was the only child with no friend, until a random girl volunteered to be mine but I rejected her. Still, I was forced to take a picture with her and that was that. Well, not for my stubborn little head! Because on the same day I walked up to where our pictures were hung and scratched of my poor “friends” head. Little girl probably didn’t know what hit her when she saw our picture the next day, in fact no one did because why would I do that to my dear friend.... right? I didn’t want a friend I had said. But actually, I had just feared to be rejected once more so I had pushed away a girl and hurt her feelings for no reason and that with only 4 years-old. I was always "The odd one out". When I started attending grade school I was scared. Scared to be judged by my looks, once again. But no one did. There were kids from all around the world. Everyone looked and acted and talked different. I had friends, real friends who accepted me and liked me. I was happy.

(I guess REAL friends don´t care if you´re the odd one out.)



© 2020 Mads

Author's Note

Again,so sorry if there are a few grammar problems and please tell me your opinion about this story. *edit: I changed the last part a bit.

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A very inspiring story about differences and racial profiling. Although, I wish thefre was more to this story because the ending is a bit "blah". Beisdes that, wonderful story! -Kay

Posted 3 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

ty for the review i´ll try to fix the end! (:

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Added on November 23, 2020
Last Updated on December 3, 2020
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Hi I´m Maddy! I am 13 years old and I like to sing,cook,watch movies,write (obviously) and much more! I haven´t really accomplished a lot yet but that is why I would really appreciate it.. more..

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