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I was in a dark empty room full of dust. How did I get here? The last thing I remember was that I had walked out of my best friend's party to get some air and then..., then I was here. This room gave me the creepsit felt like at any moment a monster could jump out of the darkness and grab me. I wanted to shout and scream just so someone would hear me, but I was too scared. What had happened? I did not drink any alcohol at the party, and I had no memory of the events afterMaybe Darya was playing a trick on me, she always likes to pull small pranks and scare the living s**t out of me. But this was a little extreme, maybe she was drunk? 

“Darya?” I finally built up the courage to call her name. No one answered. I was now standing in the middle of the room not knowing if this made me stronger or more vulnerableI took a step back and tried to get a better look at the room, but it was too dark to make out a door or even a window. “Darya quit playing!” I now said with my voice shaking, not really knowing what to expect. Suddenly a loud creaking noise could be heard from the left side of the room. Whatever had caused the creaking was now walking towards me and I panicked. What should I do? I kept walking backwards until my back was pressed against a wall. Now there was no escape. I was flooded with fear.  

The thing was getting closer and closer to me. I tensed up trying to breathe as quiet as possible when suddenly the thing was standing right in front of me! It was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen in my life. It was a walking corpse slowly decaying, so seemingly unhuman but still recognizable. It´s breath stunk like death and the look on its face was truly terrifying. It grabbed me, pulling me to the floor and started to scratch my face and body with its abnormally long claws. I screamed in pain and tears were streaming down my face wishing this Nightmare would stop. Then the corpse had stopped and crawled on top of me like a giant spider, smiling at me with its nasty distorted face and then... I woke up. 

The next day I could still feel the terror from the night before, wondering how any of that insane s**t could form inside of my head. On my way to school, I heard someone call my name “Hey, Quinn!” it was my Neighbor Adam. “Oh hey, I thought you were Darya.” I spoke. “Who´s Darya?” he asked, “Your Cousin dumbass!” I laughed at him. He just looked at me with utter confusion on his face, but I ignored it. He was just playing dumb, right? At school everything seemed normal again. I went to my English class where I sat next to Darya. “Hi” I heard someone say. “Hey.” I turned around expecting to see Darya but it wasn´t her, it was Millie. “Uhm, your seat is next to Jordan Millie” I told her. “No, we always sit together in English” she said. I was getting annoyed with everyone playing dumb and went up to the teacher's desk. Mrs. Rousse looked at me sternly and asked, “Is there a problem Quinn?” “Yes, Millie is bothering me and taking up Darya´s seat!” I said, not being aware of how loud I was speaking. “And who might Darya be?” she asked. Ugh, why did everyone keep saying that! “Darya Millet!” I shouted at her. “I´m Sorry Quinn but there is no Darya Millet in this class” she looked me dead into the eye. She was serious. What was happening? 

The End 

© 2020 Mads

Author's Note

Yeah soo just imagine *dramatic music in the background while reading the last part and... I hope you´ve enjoyed my Story!!

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OOh, spookkkkkkyy never disappoint my fun friend! Keep writing darling and don't let anyone talk wrong to u! Love, ur gay friend kay lol

Posted 2 Months Ago

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2 Months Ago

Yay, thanks I´m happy that you liked my Story!
And you also keep writing!
Love you t.. read more

2 Months Ago

yay! blows kisses
Dang, this story had no business giving me chills. The last part is really interesting and I really want to know what happened to Darya.

Posted 3 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

yeah, i was also wondering if I should write a second part... thanks for reviewing my story!
.. read more

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Hi I´m Maddy! I am 13 years old and I like to sing,cook,watch movies,write (obviously) and much more! I haven´t really accomplished a lot yet but that is why I would really appreciate it.. more..

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