14,000 Miles (Bruce Banner X OC oneshot)

14,000 Miles (Bruce Banner X OC oneshot)

A Story by T.Marie

I don't own Bruce (if I did.....) but Claire is MINE. I like to write fanfiction so why not just put it here i guess. I usually use quotev for this stuff though.


It's so hard to try not to love someone when all you want to do IS love them. Like a dagger to the heart every time Bruce see's Claire his heart wrenches and he has to almost verbally hold the Hulk back. The Hulk doesn't want to hurt her but wants Bruce to go after her, Bruce knows he can't.

He's a monster a beast, she's the beauty. She's supposed to finish college marry a wealthy man and have tiny versions of herself running around. He can't give her that, at least that's what he believes. He is to action packed despite his calm appearance. Part of him aches with envy when he see's Steve or Barton making her laugh. The other part wants to watch her laugh and smile all day.

Eventually he can't take it anymore, he can't kill himself so the only option he had was to run away. He left a note for the rest of the Avengers telling them he'd be back and would be there if Loki tried to take over Earth again. The only one who knew his intentions was Tony and as promised he actually kept his trap shut. Natasha knew that he knew and tried interrogating him but that only resulted in Tony being…..Tony.

At first Claire was a bit bugged by his departure but within 2 weeks she was nuts. Worried, sleep deprived, a mess. She interrogated Tony beyond anything Natasha tried and eventually Tony gave up just a little. He said Bruce went to Oregon and planned on hopping on out of there as soon as he got there. He didn't know where he went after that.

It took her an hour and a half to pack her back and another hour to be on a plane to Oregon. She got some sleep on the plane, mind resting a bit knowing she was cross country closer to Bruce. Upon arriving at Portland International Airport she proceeded to interrogate nearly every one despite citizens. She knew they were just there for a plane and wouldn't have seen Bruce anyways.

Upon showing 3 cashiers and 5 airline workers his picture she finally caught wind that he bought a ticket to Denmark. Repeating her process she traveled to said country and then to Ethiopia, and finally Tuscany. That was were she finally found the doctor.

2 am, bench outside an inn. “Why?” he could feel her presence as soon as the slow footsteps approached. “Why'd you leave? Answer me!”

“I didn't want to hurt you….”

“BULLSHIT! I love you it would have been a privilege to have my heart broken by you!”

“Your 23 you don't know what love is.”

“You do understand that I just traveled nearly 14,000 miles to find you. I'd call that love. I love you! I love your face! I love your personality! I love your genius! I love the Hulk! Ya it'd be nice if he'd stop crushing cars and throwing Thor into walls but I still love YOU!!”

He could tell she was running on empty when it came to sleep and was about to lose any lucidity she had left. He can't keep doing this, truth is he wanted to go back the whole time he was gone he wanted to see her face again. He was choking on his own soul, managed to take in a shaky breath and just as he was going to speak he felt a slender hand rest on his shoulder blade.

He turned to look at her, tears streaming down his face. Having lost his glasses she was a bit blurry but he could make out her stained white T shirt and baggy sweatpants. Working a pair of sneakers and a hair bun her face was also tainted with tears. He could tell she cried much longer before then, her face still had stains from previous tears.

“When was the last time you ate or drank anything….” he asked voice cracking a little.

She giggled and replied out of breath he didn't know she had lost “Corn dog Ethiopia. It was pork well at least I hope it was. And I've actually been drinking a lot. No water I ain't drinking no water from Ethiopia. Maybe Denmark but its mainly been juice and caffeine.”

“…..That's good”

There lips met quickly but the kiss itself lasted a long while. The single street light that sat near the dirt road they were on gave out. “Seems they need to replace their light bulb.” he whispered to her. She giggled knowing that the previous argument wouldn't be over but no doubt he was coming home again. To receive an earful from Fury and Natasha most definitely.

They made love that night at the inn right next to them. It was slow and passionate, Bruce still had to keep his heartbeat tamed but knew the hulk wouldn't take over at a time like this. He was watching on the inside….perv.

They hold each other close that night and dress in there previous clothes from the day before. He changed later as he received his bag from his room considering he stayed in her suite that night. She was out of clean clothes so as soon as they got to an airport she bought some from a gift shop and changed quickly.

They traveled back to New York together, this time as a couple. A car full of a lonely Tony was waiting for them. Apparently Pepper didn't understand his 'science talk' and left him devastated, realizing he was no he was the only truthfully smart one in the tower. He complained the whole way home and proceeded to steal 'his man' from Claire. Taking off to the lab while she was questioned about the land of Ethiopia by Thor and explaining that Tuscany was not a meal to said muscle man.

This is how she wanted it, and now she has it. Finally she has Bruce and Tony has his science bro and Natasha has her attitude. Barton has his perch and Thor has his pop tarts. This was the way things needed to be and she hoped they'd stay that way forever.

© 2015 T.Marie

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Added on April 28, 2015
Last Updated on April 28, 2015
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