My Beloved Mirror

My Beloved Mirror

A Poem by TheOther

I haven’t missed you, not a bit.

Sleeping every night with your ghost,

holding you close and yet so far.

Your absence is almost unreal.

You are always next to me.

I know you better than anyone.

People used to remark on how alike we were.


Everything is about you, but not you.

You do not matter anymore, not really.

Yet to me you are all that matters.

It is not you that I miss after all.

It is me that I miss.

A self, carved in your image.


Back then, I never really knew you.

Everything I ever believed you to be

was my own perception deflected back at me.

Everything I ever accused you of,

I first accused myself.

It takes one to know one, they say.

I caused you pain, only to feel the pain myself.

All I saw in you was me.



We wore masks made of mirrors and we still do.

Mirrors of mirrors of mirrors…


It’s not my fault as much as it is not yours;

you never got to know me either.

We sacrificed everything that we were,

to be together, to be one.

We were never one,

we just couldn’t see anything but ourselves.


Everything you will ever see, is in you already.

Part of me, was in you already,

long before we even met.

What is love, no one knows.

Neither what it is that we truly lost.

Why all that pain,

for a person you never got to know?


I am alone, forever; as much as you are.

Nobody loves me; they love themselves.

It doesn’t really matter who I’m with;

he will never love me and I will never love him.

All I will ever see is me.

It doesn’t matter who I speak to,

I will only hear echoes of my voice.

I will only learn from them what I already know.


All I will ever experience is me.

I am everything in the universe

and the universe my perception.

© 2013 TheOther

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Its unbelieveable you're just 17 and writing so well..!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on May 7, 2013
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Nicosia, Cyprus

I'm Christina Christodoulou at the age of 17. My native language is Greek and I live in Cyprus. Awards: Red Instinct Award (5th) Aug 13, 2010 * The Thanatos Award Contest * Beneath.. more..

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