A Chapter by TheOther

Pondering is an infinate sea of arguments.
Arguments are contradictions.
They contradict what it has been said.
Contrast between differences.
A bridge between two worlds.
And our world is made out of words.
A word is a picture, but a picture is one thousant words.

Not all is reveiled.
Not knowing the hidden mercies of our adversaries,

not knowing it's our own selfs we fight.
An inaccurate calculation of the future

where dreams and hopes sow their seeds.


The mathematics of a heartache,

the possibilities of guilt,

but most of all the pain...
I miscalculated...




Somehow words are never enough,
somehow the meaning gets lost in translation.
Anyone can read words,
the difficult part is reading the silence.
Most people are afraid of the dark,
so few seek its guidance,
so few find its wisdom.
The dark is the unseen,
the silence the unspoken.
The beauty of seeying what your eyes can't see.
To perceive what all your sences fail to.




Leaving behind,

all I ever loved

all I ever wanted

all I ever dreamt...


Empty and numb,

I've even walked away from the pain

and  I still walk now...


Somehow it feels good,

nothing to care,

nothing to lose.


The ultimate freedom...

Do I really want it?

It doesn't really matter...

I never got to chose for myself

'till today...


A newborn sensation

having no limits

restricted by no danger...


For once in my life I'll be the risky one,

the unrelieble.

I've stepped out of my cage

and now I'll step beyond my station,

turning back is not an option anymore...


I'd like to feel the adrenaline to it's maximum,

spread the terror to the hearts of the petty people,

those that live under the reign of fear of loss.

After all I used to be one of them...

Maybe I can even "cure" them,

exactly like they did to me...

© 2010 TheOther

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Nicosia, Cyprus

I'm Christina Christodoulou at the age of 17. My native language is Greek and I live in Cyprus. Awards: Red Instinct Award (5th) Aug 13, 2010 * The Thanatos Award Contest * Beneath.. more..

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