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Thinking thoughts does no good. Your thoughts are not yours, all you do is repeat accumulated knowledge. You have all been programmed by the society to have certain views and ideas, about what is acceptable, what is reasonable, what is normal, what to expect in life. You end up following a pattern that you have been brainwashed into it without even realising it.


The most common is the endless pursue of money. And what for? Money cannot buy happiness and therefore you end up unhappy, because you live a "normal" life pretending to be happy because that is again "normal". You also make sure that you keep yourself busy at all times as to avoid facing the truth.


Now all you need to do is break free from the patterns and make your own way through life. Dare to be different and do for once what you really want. Remember the dreams you had but this time do not give up on them, fulfill them. Fight for what you believe in for once and stop thinking about what other people will think, what they will say, they are victims of brainwash too.


All you have to do is feel, without letting your emotions overflow you. That is you, here and now in between all lines that restrict you. That is real. Whenever you feel confused or unable to take decisions just stop and inhale deeply, empty your mind and the answer will reach you. Listen to your heartbeat, enjoy every breath, surrender to it and cherish the miracle of existence. Learn how to be silent so that you can listen. Just listen, without any expectations, to what your own inner self has to tell you. You are not who you think you are, neither who others think you are. Dare to be free.


She slammed the book shut with bewilderment and placed it back to her library shelf, proud of being in love with such a bold person who dares to write his ideas freely, afraid of none judgement. Still fascinated with what she had just read, she strived to learn from him, but it was already time to go to work, she was an architect. She never liked her job but she did it anyway and this fact alone made her ponder endlessly, provoked by the reading material she was resently exposed to. The young woman spend all her free time in search for answers to the ultimate questions of life, she was hungry for the truth. She searched for her soul, the perfect part that lies in every human; that which is made by the loving energy that surpasses all and is everything.


She strive for freedom, to make a change, to take a stand; she owed it to him for all the attempts he had made when he was still alive. However she knew that it all starts from one person who is brave enough to take the initiative and talk about new ideas, then they are spread vastly like an infectious disease called fashion. Exactly as it had happened with her while reading her husband's book from which she had been provoked into this journey. She first had to transform herself and then the change would take place in others too.


She hurried to work promising to herself that she would not use her job as a means of escape, rather than her way of earning money. She tried to focus on the here and now, promising herself to find a way to make reality a better place to live in, or at least her perception of reality, since she knew that each one of us lives in an other version of it, a personalised construction.


Which version was the true one? None and all at the same time, she thought as she recalled what he used to say to her: "Your imagination is the reality you live everyday. Your reality is affected directly by your beliefs, views on anything and as the quote suggests your imagination. The most common mistake that most people make is the false belief that imagination is not real. Just because it is in your head, it does not mean that it is not real. Your thoughts have power, your thoughts send vibrations, they are energy and have the ability to alter the universe, or at least your universe, your reality"


By that time she had already reached her office as if in an automatic mode lost in the infinity of thoughts, that is where she snapped, reminding herself that she was trying to learn to live for the moment, to be the moment, to be enraptured by it, but her colleague called up to her, to her utter disappointment taking her fickle mind off it: "Vanessa you are late again, the boss wants to see you!"


Vanessa walked into the main office to meet her boss, shutting the door behind her as to avoid any public denouncement, if that was necessary. He stood there bald and tall with an indignant yet strict look on his face. He tapped his foot on the floor and looked at his watch exchanging a glance with the young woman as she first noticed her presence in his office. He cleared his throat and started to speak in an officious manner: "Where is your sense of responsibility? You are late again! What is your excuse this time? This is the last time this happens! Next time it will cost you your job!" She then calmly replied with a newfound light in her eyes: "I quit."


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