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It was almost morning when she woke up in cold sweat. She slowly opened her eyes as to adjust fully to the bright light that filled the room. To her shock she found herself in an all white room surrounded by tubes leading inside of her filled with blood and other liquids. She had no recollection of what happened, but she quickly realised that she were in a hospital. "What happened?" she wondered, full of panic and agony. She tried to move, with great difficulty she finally reached the help button that called for the nurse.


A tall blonde woman in white quickly approached her and to her relief, she had all the answers. The doctor informed the young woman of the accident she had some time ago, leaving her in a state of coma and that it was a miracle she ever came out of it. "No one had been expecting it except your husband", the nurse explained and continued: "he was the only one insisting we kept you on the life support, never losing hope."


"My husband? Gerald? Where is he?" the young woman who could barely talk replied in shock and utter confusion. The thought of him again filled her mind, becoming the centre of all concerns even though it was she who were in a state of danger health-wise. "There is no need to worry Miss Vanessa I have already informed him of your recovery and he is on his way here" answered the nurse in a soothing tone as she examined her.


Twenty minutes later and he was already there. "What took you so long to return to me?" he asked with a tender look in his eyes. They embraced and their hearts beat in unison once more. The confusion had by now faded, it was all a bad dream and the love of her life was alive and well and they were together, what more could she ask, she thought. It was as if life had given her a second chance and she would use it wisely.


She gradually got fully well and lived many more happy years, with many moments of joy and she was content, but there was always that "if" in the back of her mind, hunting her, as she felt like she were destined for greater things, just like all humans are. She never forgot her journey, her leap of faith in that distant alternate universe, the book Gerald never wrote in this version of reality she woke up to and the euphoria of being connected with the source of life. She never forgot the person she could have been... 


It is a world of endless possibilities, she thought and it is never too late, after all it is our experiences that malt us into who we are and it is up to us to take the chances life presents us with, realising that each moment is an opportunity...


Are you the person you could have been?


© 2011 TheOther

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Added on October 18, 2010
Last Updated on July 20, 2011



Nicosia, Cyprus

I'm Christina Christodoulou at the age of 17. My native language is Greek and I live in Cyprus. Awards: Red Instinct Award (5th) Aug 13, 2010 * The Thanatos Award Contest * Beneath.. more..

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