A Stain On the White

A Stain On the White

A Poem by TheOther

Close the mirror door and look away, into your eyes I cannot bear to look no more.

Let the footsteps of the past carry you to your former state and the veil shall fall,

numb and painless, white, to mask your sorrow.

You do not belong in my world as I do not in yours.


I am not used to the way you decay, day after day, nor shall I ever be.

I was not made to live in a world that distorts the vision with deception.

Neither can I rot within a mind that is so much smaller than the core of my being.

In a war that has made me weary, there is but self destruction, if you embrace all as part of you.  


I shall remain here, anywhere; it is perfect, I do not hope, I am free.

It is nothing, it is everything, it is me, it is anyone.

It is an intense, immaculate imperfection.

It is no accident and no mistake, there is but knowledge in the form of experience.


Fading away, wishing to stay, in a world, an empty shell.

An illusionary autonomy, a maze of choices that are not yours to make.

Entrapment, into being the stain, the rust, the sickness.

When no tears can wash away who you are,

when the induced shame, the guilt, buries you to the ground and all that is left is to decompose.

When you are bound by your own fearful existence, a silent abomination.


I chose to learn from you.

You taught me how it is to be human, entangled into the hell of sustenance.

You taught me how it is to suffer, in a cage of your own device.

You taught me how it is to love, by trying to turn me into your possession.


Now it will be as if you have never made me, as if you have never been me,

I will be but a suffocated fragment in the abyss of your deepest memory.

One that dared to be more than meets the eye, in a distant past.

My self-inflicted gift and curse, a misplaced controversy, to be erased fast…

© 2011 TheOther

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your poetic lure is irrisitable~ here you spill crushed diamonds in heart shape everywhere in word ink~deeply etched moving piece of writing~

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is beautiful :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 21, 2011
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Nicosia, Cyprus

I'm Christina Christodoulou at the age of 17. My native language is Greek and I live in Cyprus. Awards: Red Instinct Award (5th) Aug 13, 2010 * The Thanatos Award Contest * Beneath.. more..

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