A wonderful Soul I cannot let pass into the Mortal coil, unannounced.

A wonderful Soul I cannot let pass into the Mortal coil, unannounced.

A Poem by John Holmes

I have the pleasure

Of knowing many wonderful souls

And even some Sirens.

But, there is one Siren

A dark haired Siren

Who deserves a special mention

In the long pages of History

So many will one day know this Siren

But for those who will never know her,

Know her now, as best as I may present.


She is a Siren of Fire and Flame.

Burning bright, burning everlasting

a rising sun in the darkest Night.

A strike into the abyss

Striking life into death,

A sword wound upon despair

And yet,

She is as gentle as faded memories,

The dying embers of a long dead fire

Whispering of a by gone night

Never to be forgotten.




Black mist and silver light shines forth from her soul.

Her eyes, windows to such wonder

That one cannot compare such light

To even the light of life

Or the light of the Luminous Night.


Beautiful she is,

Of another age she could be

Or another world even,

With a smile as eternal as the Ocean Blue

Laughter of infectious starlight

And Eyes radiant with the touch of wonder

And the physique of desire herself.


And Still,

A warrior she is,

An inspiration to the minds of mortals,

A dancer of dazzling Burlesque.

A whirlwind of desire and joy.

A Revolver shot in the silence of Fear.


And still, a flower she is not,

Delicate she is not,

Nor a prize to be won

A force of Nature

She is certainly not

A Siren such as she

Cannot be confined to such earthly limits

Roots cannot be woven about her ankles

Rain cannot dampen her Fire

Nor the Ocean erode her resolve

She is a whirlwind of Life

A storm, carving through all in its path



She is no Angel

Or even a Demon

She is not perfect,

But that is what makes her a Siren.

And that is why I write

about this bladed Storm.

Her name is Veronica

Or friend to those most fortunate


I cannot allow such Souls to pass

Unrecorded beyond my blessed memories

She has left a mark upon my soul

It is only fair that I give to you

Loyal reader

A fraction of what Veronica has given me.


Never have I seen a Siren who so embodied what it was to live

Never again will I wonder what it is to live

I have seen its personification

Veronica Varlow. 

© 2014 John Holmes

Author's Note

John Holmes
This poem is inspired by my lovely friend veronica Varlow, and it is written in dedication to her.

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Added on August 14, 2014
Last Updated on August 14, 2014
Tags: Veronica Varlow, life, choice, chance, love, fate, personification


John Holmes
John Holmes

United Kingdom

Okay SO I am back everybody! Sorry for the long lapse in maintaining this account. I hope you're all well. Currently I stand at zero read requests, I came back to have far too many for me to ever catc.. more..

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