The Person In The Scarf <3

The Person In The Scarf <3

A Poem by SmileBig :)

I had a friend a while ago, who eventually moved back to Pakistan, whom wore a traditional head scarf. She was the sweetest girl I have ever met, but no one realized, and she got made fun of a lot,

You talk but no one hears you 
You cry but no one see's 
You listen but you don't respond, 
This is how you'll always be. 

People don't care about you, 
They don't care what you say, 
And when you're crying? 
They don't wipe the tears away. 

They pretend you don't exist, 
Because you're only trouble, 
They trip you while you're walking, 
So they can see you stumble. 

They laugh when you're screaming, 
Because they love to see your pain, 
They harass you with bad words 
 "Go back to where you came!" 

You wear a scarf around your head, 
To cover up your hair. 
This is the only reason, 
People bring you this dispair.

They don't bother to know why, 
You do the things you do, 
They just think its strange, 
So they make fun of you.  

But really, they're just jealous, 
Of the person that you are. 
To me atleast, you're not only, 
The person in the scarf. 

You are beautiful and smart, 
You don't care what people say, 
You're proud of who you are, 
Day after every single day. 

Perfect in every single way.

© 2012 SmileBig :)

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Something that scores a critical hit with society and i love it! loved the tribute to your friend you brought out the best in her =)

kudos =)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very beautiful :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

SmileBig :)

11 Years Ago

Thank you :)
 Soul Fire

11 Years Ago

You're welcome
Title grabbed me, and differences often attract attention, sometimes of the wrong sort cause the bully has insecurities or just be inherently cruel....

love how she keep to her values and is proud of that, great poem :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

SmileBig :)

11 Years Ago

Thank you :D
Alienation that ends on a positive note I like that and I liked the overall sadness that oozes through each line which makes the ending pop out at you and leaves you feeling all fuzzy. Good write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on July 21, 2012
Last Updated on July 21, 2012


SmileBig :)
SmileBig :)

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