Insperational Story #1

Insperational Story #1

A Story by SmileBig :)

Hope you like it!

She doesn't know how to breathe.

It should be easy right?

Wrong. Not when her hearts broken.

Not when she's depressed.

Not when she doesn't want to ever wake up again.

She has to force herself to breathe,

And it's painful for her.

It's painful for the people around her too.

But she doesn't know that. To her, no one cares.

To her, no one would even notice if she was gone.

But I would notice.

I'm the one that doesn't talk to anyone,

The one that watches people but never says a word to them.

I'm the one that hides in a corner in the back of class,

So no one can see me, or laugh at me.

I'm the girl who still gets ridiculed.

Im the one who only hangs out with outcasts.

People wonder why;

You really want to know?

Because I believe that people who are depressed,

Are special. If they are still alive, they are strong.

Strongdr then anyone else.

That girl I mentioned?

She's the nicest person I've met in a while.

Her moms in a mental institution.

She tried to kill her only daughter, who was only 10.

This girl?

She's 17 now. Brain injured from the gun shot,

But she is not dead.

This girl who has trouble in life, even with breathing,

Is still fighting.

Do you want to know why?

Because life is worth living.

She still suffers.

She cuts herself to feel something other then pain.

She gets called fat daily; she's anorexic and bulemic.

Shes always 'the ugly one' and she wears makeup to try and hide it.

But today?

Today is a new day for her. A new day to breathe,

A new day to wonder and dream about the future,

And a new day to forgive.

So everyone out there;




And simply be yourself.

Because I love you just the way you are.

© 2013 SmileBig :)

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:'( :) :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 27, 2013
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SmileBig :)
SmileBig :)

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