Liquid Influence

Liquid Influence

A Poem by SmileBig :)


The smooth and bitterness of the contents in my glass runs down my throat and

brings me to warmth,

and as I drink the magic faster than i should,

i’m reminded of memories before.

as I drink,

my mind and my body become as smooth and clear

as the glass that im drinking from, and i start to forget how to look back,

i start to forget how to move my hands in the ladylike manner that I’m supposed to,

 i forget how much i need this drink to bring me to a place of peace,

 i forget that everything isn’t even close to being ok,

 i forget everything…

and as my refills become faster,

 and i create more spills on the table,

as i forget where i put my drink in the first place even when its in my hand,

as i wonder about things that i will not remember the next day,

 and as i cry without tears

and scream in pain without the noise,

i finally begin to feel numb enough.

 i might not get to sleep until 3am on a Tuesday night,

 and i might drink too much of my small fragile body to handle,

 but at least…

at least for the time being,

i can smile and it doesn’t have to be fake,

at least i can sleep at night,

 without lying awake,

 where my dreams are nothing but nightmares that came true.

© 2017 SmileBig :)

Author's Note

SmileBig :)
I would just really love some comments on this. I worked really hard.

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Nice flow. You can see the scene in your head.

Posted 6 Years Ago

As always very good work. If you are talking about alcohol is it actually worth it? After living with one for yrs on end I don't believe it is. Smiles that are fake I can really relate to much!

Posted 7 Years Ago

I think that emotion is the hardest thing to wright about. You do a great job of it here

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on May 6, 2017
Last Updated on May 6, 2017


SmileBig :)
SmileBig :)

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