A Taste of Daisies

A Taste of Daisies

A Poem by Gerri Tucker

My first and only date meant a lot to me... but not for the reasons you'd think.

My first taste of freedom
Came in the form of a stranger
Who had stolen my seat
Your eyes I'll never forget
Such a liquid color
Such a lovely voice
It took three weeks
For me to find a time
When I could sneak away and let you take me
Somewhere, anywhere
On that odd red bicycle for two.

We talked for hours
You stood me up twice
The texts came and went
Until I found the time
You brought long-stemmed daisies
And I laughed
Could I feel any more awkward?
We tied them to the front of the bike
The banner for our strange procession
Two young adults on bike meant to be shared
Oh how the people on US-1 stared!

I didn't understand why you had chosen me
I know other girls would have been better
But you let the awkward teenager try
To learn how to relax
And flirt on the side
The conversation was serious
The chatter light
We stayed until dark in the third park
(The first two had been closed)
And I let you hug me at the end.
I was too shy to let your lips touch my cheek.

I have never known love of either gender
I still don't understand what it was I should have done
Flirting, dating, it all escapes me, just like you did
You never called back, never texted, never appeared
And I let it die, but with a small smile
Because you let me feel under the stars on that one bike ride
That I was my own person,
I was I
And there was a future to be had.

All because you gave me

A taste of daisies.

© 2011 Gerri Tucker

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Thank you for the review. Haha, conjunctions are my weakness. I'm not really a poem person, but I'll remember that when I attempt to rewrite this. Again, thank you, and I'm glad I could bring back memories. I hope they are sweetly remembered ones.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Gerri Tucker,

We all can take a learning lesson from our first-love or so we call it... A lesson of what to do, what not to do, and possibly what we are searching for? Sometimes, what we learn from them is no one else compares. (as blurred as that vision can sometimes be).

This is a rather nice write, it takes passion to put into words a poem-story like this. You have done well, the only thing I would suggest is to work on those darned conjunctions (they have a way of sneaking into poetry).

You brought back memories of my own, thank you.

Have a wonderful day,


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 4, 2011
Last Updated on May 4, 2011
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Gerri Tucker
Gerri Tucker

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