The (w)Hole (a poem from my book, Seasons Come, People Grow)

The (w)Hole (a poem from my book, Seasons Come, People Grow)

A Poem by Craig Rozniecki

The (w)Hole

Emptiness I feel inside,
A numbing sensation from head to toe,
I thereby seek all around me,
To find what can make me feel complete, secure and (w)hole,

I can't find this through family,
I can't find this through faith,
I can't find this through friends,
I can't find this through me,

I need to be filled up,
To regain all of these lost feelings,
Whether it be through love or lust,
Even if only for a few minutes,

A temporary fill-up,
I need more of this,
So I don't go back to feeling numb,
So that I may temporarily feel more complete,

It was only temporary,
It was only through lust,
The numbness has overtaken me,
To the point of me not feeling anything at all,

Please, come and take me,
Wherever you may be,
Come and mend my broken heart,
Make me whole and complete.

This book and my three others can be viewed and/or purchased at the following site:

© 2011 Craig Rozniecki

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Added on August 18, 2011
Last Updated on August 18, 2011
Tags: poem, poetry, lost, void, empty, hollow, searching, fill, complete, whole, hole, pleasure, denial


Craig Rozniecki
Craig Rozniecki

Columbus, OH

I'll be honest (like this is something new for me...), I'm not sure what to write here. It's not a singles ads, so even though I like long walks on the beach, I don't see much point in mentioning that.. more..